Fourteen conjectures about hormones

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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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Information about hormones is so much that it is completely messed up. What is not said about hormones: what is getting fattening from them, that they contribute to hair embolism, that with the help of hormones it is possible to increase the man's strength. What is true, but what about speculation about hormones?

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Hypothesis number 1. Because of the hormones grow stout

We will clarify

Hormones alone do not cause extra pounds. During the intake of hormones, your weight may fluctuate due to the fact that the level of some hormones may be insufficient, and others - excessive. This condition of the body is called hormonal imbalance. Most often it happens due to malnutrition or develops with age, during the menopause.

Doctors say that fluctuations in the weight of a person and fatty deposits are obtained due to the fact that there is an incorrect correlation between hormones. And not because, on the recommendation of a doctor, you take more estrogen or testosterone.

If you make tests for hormones and contact an endocrinologist for calculating the norms for hormone therapy, the imbalance of the body will be corrected. So, the weight will be normal irrespective of that you are now continuing to take hormones.

Moreover: with proper intake of hormones, a person can even lose weight, and on short notice.

Another fact is "for" hormone therapy for weight loss. When a woman after the onset of menopause takes the right combination of hormones, it helps her to improve the skin, improve hair growth, increase the strength of nails and most importantly - to normalize weight.

Studies of American scientists who tested different combinations of hormones for several groups of women showed the following. For several years, women of different ages, including after the onset of menopause, doctors have given different combinations of estrogens and progestin. After several years it turned out that women who took hormones on the recommendation of a doctor, normalized not only their weight, but also the pressure, and the level of cholesterol, hemoglobin, blood cells. The blood coagulability of these women has improved significantly, and the condition has become more stable. Many have had headaches, neck and back pain.

A group of women, who took empty pills instead of hormones, did not normalize their weight, and they also did not feel well. On the contrary, their weight increased.

This means that hormones in the right proportions can improve health and normalize weight, and not vice versa.

Hypothesis number 2. Progesterone promotes weight loss

We will clarify

Progesterone is not in vain called the hormone of pregnancy. It helps to store fat more intensively, because thanks to them it is easier for a woman to conceive and bear a child.

In addition, progesterone increases appetite, because it prepares the mother's body to ensure that she provides herself and the baby with a tasty and healthy menu. That is why a week before menstruation, we have a brutal appetite - the level of progesterone rises. When after the monthly progesterone is less, we are less hungry. So, conjecture is wrong.

Hypothesis number 3. Estrogens have the same properties

We will clarify

In the female body, there are three main hormones that belong to the group of estrogens: progesterone, estradiol and estrol

All these hormones have different properties and even different composition of molecules. Accordingly, and they affect the body they are completely different.

In addition, estrogens, which enter the female body from the outside, can be of animal and plant origin. They, too, can cause a different reaction of the body: to promote the normalization of weight, or, conversely, its loss or accumulation of extra kilos.

Hypothesis number 4. Hormonal drugs can provoke tumors

We will clarify

According to statistics, most women are affected by cancer in the post-menopausal period. But they have the lowest level of hormones, since the reproductive system is not so active, and the thyroid gland can also produce much less hormones.

Women of age, who also have extra weight, are much more likely to suffer from cancer. In particular, cancer of the uterus, mammary glands, gastrointestinal tract. But they also suffer from a lack of hormones. This proves that hormones can not provoke cancer tumors. Rather, on the contrary: with proper hormonal balance, cancerous tumors develop with less probability.

The fact: taking contraceptives with hormones in the composition can be an excellent prevention of two types of cancer tumors. That is, with a probability of 50% can protect against ovarian cancer and reduce the likelihood of developing uterine cancer by 70%.

According to some reports, cancerous tumors intensively develop because of high levels of hormones of progesterone and estrogen. But this is provided that the tumors have already appeared. There is no scientific evidence that cancers develop because of estrogen.

Hypothesis number 5. Progestins have the same effect on the body

We will clarify

Progestin hormones are hormones that are produced synthetically. They differ in their biochemical composition from the hormone progesterone, which secrete the ovaries.

Progestins have different nature and origin, and therefore, the effect on the body is different. Some are obtained by secretion from progesterone, others by testosterone, some progestins are called anrogen.

From the way progestins are obtained, depends on the effect on the appetite (it can rise or fall), weight (it may increase or decrease), libido (it can become stronger or weaken).

If the progestins are obtained with the help of androgens, in women this can cause male changes in the body: the chest becomes more flabby, the antennae and eels may appear on the face. All this, of course, occurs if a person takes progestins without taking into account the dosages and recommendations of the doctor.

Hypothesis number 6. From birth control pills with hormones recover

We will clarify

Contraceptive pills have different properties because of the different ratio of hormones to progestin and estrogen. In addition, the progestins, as we have already explained, also have a different structure and effect on the human body.

If the minimum of estrogen in the contraceptive pills and the maximum progestin, then the appetite will increase, which means that you will gain weight. To this may be added pain in the muscles, head, decreased libido, depressive states.

If the progestin is less than estrogen, the appetite may decrease, and you may have weakness, depression, irritability, blood sugar levels may go up.

In order not to suffer from these manifestations, be sure to check with your doctor which doses of progestin and estrogen are optimal for you. Perhaps you need to reduce or increase the ratio of a component in contraceptive pills.

Hypothesis number 7. Hormones, you simply do not control your appetite

We will clarify

If the body has an imbalance of hormones, then control the appetite is very difficult

The body requires certain components of food, and it is extremely difficult to combat this.

In addition, with imbalance of hormones, one control of appetite is indispensable.

Some ratios of hormones can slow down the metabolism, and then a person recovers regardless of what and how much he eats. Fats split much more slowly, the body lays them off at the waist and sides, even if you do not need this stock right now.

Therefore, with an imbalance of hormones less is not necessary, you need to adjust the ratio of hormones, and then the appetite and weight are normalized.

Conception number 8. Young people do not need to take hormones

We will clarify

Many women even up to 30 and suffer surgery to remove the fallopian tubes, ovarian resection is different. From this hormonal balance in the body is disrupted, female sex hormones are produced less and less. The reproductive system, reducing the production of hormones, can inhibit or, conversely, activate the functioning of the thyroid gland. And then it can produce hormones more or less than normal. From this, a person begins to suffer from autoimmune diseases: immunity becomes weak, the body is prone to infections, fungi.

To prevent this, you need to pass a test for hormones after 20 years. If the hormonal imbalance does not give you an opportunity to feel well and control your weight, hormone replacement therapy is needed.

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Hypothesis number 9. The level of MDC in the norm - hence, there is no hormonal imbalance

We will clarify

MSB is a hormone-stimulator that produces a site of the brain - the pituitary gland. It helps to stabilize the thyroid hormone norm, if they are produced too little.

The higher the level of MS, the weaker the thyroid gland works, producing hormones T3 and T4 in free, unrelated form.

If the level of MSB is normal, this does not mean that the rest of the hormones are normal. The level of estradiol, for example, can be significantly reduced, and it will be imperceptible if you do not check the balance of estrogens in the body. So, only MDG tests will not be enough to determine the current state of a woman's health.

Conception number 10. While there are monthly - with hormones everything is all right

We will clarify

This is far from the case. A woman whose estradiol level is significantly reduced, and the thyroid gland produces negligible hormones T3 and T4, can still menstruate.

True, the nature of the discharge can be used to judge the imbalance of hormones. For example, a small amount of estrogen and a poor performance of the thyroid give a darker blood discharge, and they are more scarce and less prolonged than with a normal level of estrogen.

But when a woman, even at the age of 35-40, the production of estrogens is almost at zero, then menstruation ceases altogether. Then you need to immediately take measures to increase the female hormones and the activation of the thyroid gland.

Be careful: the exact picture of hormonal balance can give not the presence of menstruation, but hormonal tests.

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Conception number 11. With a wet vagina, a woman has enough estrogen

We will clarify

It is good when the vagina is sufficiently moistened. This indicates that the level of estrogen in the body can be normal. But the word "maybe" worries. This is an inaccurate fact.

Estrogen can be enough to keep the vaginal environment moist. But estrogen may not be enough to affect the reproductive processes in the body and control over weight. In particular, for the normal operation of the brain receptors of estrogen, much more is needed than for the normal state of the vagina.

Therefore, only by the moisture or dryness of the vagina can not judge the norm of estrogens.

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Conception number 12. In the elderly, hormone therapy is useless

We will clarify

The older the person, the more he needs hormones. The body no longer produces them in sufficient quantities, so you need to take hormones from the outside.

If you calculate the correct dose of hormones of estradiol and testosterone, then the person's well-being and quality of life will surely improve. Even regardless of age. These hormones help to strengthen the tissue of bones and muscles, improve metabolism, sleep quality. Thanks to the right hormone ratio during hormonal therapy, one can significantly improve the state of health and the condition of internal organs.

The quality of sexual life will also be much higher.

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Hypothesis number 13. The hormonal level is constantly changing, so hormonal tests are useless

We will clarify

The development of some hormones and the truth, varies depending on the time of day. Therefore, the doctor assigns the exact time of analysis to hormones to make hormonal tests at a time when the hormone levels are the highest. In addition, there are hormones, the norms of which do not fluctuate very much during the day, and these are very important substances for the body. For example, the hormones that produce the ovaries.

If a woman has a decreased production of hormones by the ovaries, then this must be checked with hormonal tests.

By one symptom alone, one can not judge whether the reproductive system works well or not. The level of estradiol can be determined only by how much it is contained in the blood serum, and not by how the woman feels.

Hypothesis number 14. If you eat and exercise correctly, hormones are not needed

We will clarify

Hormonal imbalance can lead to disturbances in the body, even if a person does sports and eats properly. Moreover, the lack of hormones in the body affects the appetite, which rises, the metabolism slows down, and there is no way to control the weight.

With a deficiency or overabundance of certain hormones, it is very difficult to affect the amount of fat deposits, even if the person is reasonably nourished. Therefore, it is necessary to do hormonal tests in order to clearly see the picture of what is happening in the body and in time to prevent the development of diseases.

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