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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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There is a huge variety of diets. Some of them are effective, some not very. However, their essence is the same - there is as little as possible, while using only useful and quality products. But here, too, has its own nuances. What is suitable for one person will not necessarily be the ideal option for another. But some methods for losing weight are an exception. For example, the diet of Xenia Borodina, a member of the well-known in the post-Soviet space project "Dom-2". Xenia is familiar with the problem of excess weight, which, in addition, worsened her after the birth of a child. How many dieticians she did not address, no one could solve her problem. Then she decided to go her own way, having developed a unique and, as it turned out, an effective diet.


Diet Xenia Borodina: the main thing

The diet used by Borodin is called "cucumber". How should you eat if you want to lose such a hateful, annoying and annoying excess weight? Each morning, you must always start with a small piece of rye bread and several cucumbers, which must necessarily be very fresh, since only fresh produce contains enough vitamins that can positively affect the body. For lunch, always eat soup from vegetables, as well as a salad of all the same fresh cucumbers. By the way, the salad can be replaced simply with cucumbers. For dinner, it is strictly forbidden to eat anything other than cucumbers, since it is in the evening that the body actively absorbs toxins and wastes.

Among other things, the diet of Xenia Borodina assumes the mandatory exclusion of alcohol from the diet - not only is it unusually high in calories, so it is also harmful. Also, sweet drinks (especially fizzy drinks) are not encouraged. As a liquid, you can take green tea, freshly squeezed juices, and also purified non-carbonated water.

Especially recommended and cleansing curative enema (from purified by boiling water) before going to bed (one and a half to two liters), which will remove the remaining unfavorable substances in the body.

Diet Xenia Borodina - not only the right diet, but also physical activities, such as: work in the gym, as well as nature walks, which contribute to lifting the tone and feeling good.

Diet Xenia Borodina: effectiveness

Why is this method of losing weight so effective? Everything is very simple! It's all about the low calorie content of the products. Moreover, the whole diet is extremely useful. But for many, as Kseniya Borodina herself points out, the determining factor may not be a food, but a psychological factor. To lose weight and achieve the desired result, it is important, first of all, to want it very much.

The diet of Xenia Borodina, combined with your desire, will certainly help to lose those extra pounds. But it is worth remembering that the presented way to lose weight is suitable only for young people, because it is quite experimental and is associated with a cardinal change in the diet. Before using such a diet in practice, it is better, nevertheless, to consult a doctor and, perhaps, somehow adjust it (directly to the needs of your body). In addition, the doctor will be able to advise how to gradually "get off" from a diet. It is also desirable to somehow diversify the diet with the help of various fruits and vegetables - this will help to alleviate the stress of the body, which deprived the standard and such habitual for him diet.

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