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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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Diet for a week is a great way to lose weight for those who want to lose weight quickly. But! This is a way to get rid of excess weight, in which the result will not be sustained for a long time. Only for a short time. And yet you can experience such a diet, then to go on to a longer healthy diet.

Duration - from 1 to 4 weeks

The result is minus 3-5 kg per week

Schedule for a fast diet

Monday (1st day of diet)


Perl porridge on water - 200 g

Carrots, onions and vegetable oil as a passage to the porridge

Black bread (1-2 pieces)

Tea without sugar with lemon


Grated carrots and onions in a salad dressed with corn or sunflower oil (150 g)

Soup with wheat and vegetables - 1 serving

Vegetable stew (200 g)


Carrots, grated on medium grater with crushed garlic and corn or sunflower oil as a filling - 150 g

Buckwheat porridge - 200 g (it is possible with vegetable oil)

Tuesday (2nd day of diet)


Salad from fresh cabbage with carrots, herbs and onions - 150 g

Pearl barley - 200 g

Tea with cranberries - 1 cup


Pickled cucumbers, cut into rings and seasoned with onions with vegetable oil - 150 g

Borscht on vegetable broth without the addition of meat - 1 plate (250 g)

Oat cutlet - 1 piece

Baked potatoes (2 pieces)


Beetroot salad with garlic and vegetable oil - 150 g

Porridge from wheat cereals, dressed with carrots, brawned with vegetable oil - 200 g

Wednesday (Day 3 of the diet)


Salad from fresh carrots, grated on medium grater with added garlic pressed - 150 g

Pearl barley porridge on the water - 150 g

Tea with cranberry leaves - 1 cup (without sugar)


Cabbage sauerkraut with canned or thawed (or raw) green peas - 150 g Bean soup - 1 plate

Baked vegetables with carrots - up to 100 g


Salad with cut potatoes and raw onions - 150 g

Oat porridge in water with a garnish of carrots with the addition of vegetable oil - 200 g

Thursday (4th day of diet)


Kefir fat-free or 1% - not more than 1 cup

Replacement kefir - 200 g yogurt

1 apple


Chicken thigh, cooked without salt and with skin removed

Vegetable salad with fresh lemon juice - 200 g

Tea without sugar (possible with lemon) - 250 g

Afternoon snack

Bread black (no more than 1-2 pieces)

Boiled beans - 150 g

Alternative beans - 2 pieces of boiled or baked cod with garnish of stewed or fresh cabbage

Tea without sugar


Cabbage stewed color (raw), sprinkled with grated cheese - 200 g

1 tomato

Haricot bean - 100 g

Apple baked without sugar, but with honey - 1 piece

Friday (5th day of diet)


Fresh cabbage with onions and carrots - 200 g

Buckwheat porridge - 200 g (you can add vegetable oil)


Cabbage Schnitzel - 100 g

Fresh tomato salad - 150 g

Rassolnik, cooked on vegetable broth - 250 g

Black bread (2 thin slices)


Vinaigrettes - 100 g

Plov (without adding meat) - 200 g

Bread black - no more than 2 slices

Saturday (6th day of diet)


Cabbage - 150 g

Pearl barley porridge on the water - 200 g

Tea without sugar - 1 cup


Cucumbers salted, diced or rings - 100 g

Soup from vegetables with cabbage (can be colored) - 250 g

Cutlets made on foie - 1 piece

Cabbage, braised on water with tomatoes - 150 g

Black bread (no more than 2 slices)

Tea without sugar, but with lemon - 250 g


Black radish, grated or sliced 150 g

Rye bread (no more than 2 slices)

Sunday (the 7th day of the diet)


Carrots, grated, with garlic - 150 g

Perl porridge on water - 200 g

Bread black (no more than 2 slices)

Tea without sugar - 1 cup


Salted tomatoes - 2 pieces (medium)

Potato soup with rusks 250 g

Vareniki steamed with cabbage - 200 g

Bread black (no more than 2 slices)

Tea without sugar, but with lemon


Fresh carrots, grated on medium grater, cabbage and fresh onions - 150 g

Wheat porridge with butter - 200 g

Bread black (no more than 2 slices)

This is a fast weekly diet (that is, calculated for 7 days). But there are so many useful and satisfying products in her menu that you can have 2 and 3 weeks on this food system - how much you want. Easy weight loss.

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