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Many women with envy and admiration look at the famous singer Larissa Dolina. How can you not envy such a lady? She has a beautiful voice, beautiful appearance and, of course, a slim figure. His experience, how to achieve such results and stay all the time in shape, the singer shares with pleasure. And already everyone knows that the Valley diet is effective and very popular. The main thing is that you will have a positive attitude and believe in yourself.

Diet Valley: the essence and products

The diet is based on the use of a kefir product, useful for the body, which contains useful bacteria and microelements, rods and yeast. As a part of kefir it is a lot of amino acids and vitamins, he well raises or increases immunity. Intensive diet Valley gives the opportunity to lose about one week about 7 kilograms.

1 option

On the first day of this diet, the diet should consist of three glasses of kefir and a potato baked in the oven in a uniform (5 pieces). To distribute products it is possible how it is convenient.

The second day is the use of dairy products. This is 200 grams of sour cream and 3 cups of kefir.

The third day, similar to the second, you will need to eat cottage cheese in the amount of 200 grams, and also drink kefir in the amount of 3 glasses, throughout the day.

On the fourth day, you should prepare a chicken without skin (500 grams), it should not be salted, and 500 milliliters of kefir.

On the fifth day only vegetables and fruits are allowed to eat. For example, apples - they should be consumed no more than a kilo, prunes - 300grammes, half a kilogram of carrots and kefir - 3 cups.

Diet Valley, of course, not for weaklings. On the sixth day, you have to be satisfied with one kefir, you need to drink it 6 glasses, throughout the day.

On the seventh day it is necessary to drink only one mineral water, without gas. You need to drink at least one liter. Diet Valley in this version is very complicated. It must be kept very carefully for people with chronic diseases. Therefore, before deciding that the most appropriate diet is a diet Valley, you should think well.

The result of such a diet is quite fast, and many like it. But it is possible that after the diet Valley may have health problems.

Option 2

The next, more sparing version of the Valley diet, is called a moderately intensive kefir diet. She collected a large number of positive feedback from those who tried it on her. Diet Valley in this version is not at all complicated and the advantages are that after a week of diet, you need to take a break, and eat as you used to, but slightly reduce the consumption of flour products and sweets. Such a diet has a good effect on the body.

On the first day of the Valley diet, you should eat 400 grams of baked potatoes, you can not consume salt, and 500 milliliters of kefir 0% fat.

On the second day - cottage cheese 0% fat (400 grams) and 500 milliliters kefir 1% fat.

The third day - any fruit in the amount of 300 grams and 500 milliliters of 1% kefir.

The fourth day is protein: 400 grams of cooked chicken without skin and 500 milliliters of kefir.

The fifth day - 400 grams of fruit, better apples, and 500 milliliters of kefir.

On the sixth day, you should drink mineral water, preferably without gas.

Diet Valley on the last, seventh day, recommends consuming 400 grams of fruit, apples are the best option, and 500 milliliters of 1% kefir. After the first week of the diet, a loss of 3 to 5 kilograms in weight is possible, and in the second week - from 2 to 4 kilograms.

Diet Valley will work better if the food will be strictly by the hour. The meal should begin no later than 8 in the morning, then at 10 o'clock, then at 12, 14, 16 and the last reception at 18 o'clock.

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