Diet for the second blood group: how to lose weight properly?

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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Representatives of the second blood group should limit their diet, not including harmful products to them. And to comply with several important recommendations if you want to lose weight easily and feel healthy. And we will help in this useful information.

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Type of farmers: we prefer vegetables

Proponents of the origin of blood groups argue that people with a second blood group appeared as a result of the transition from a purely meat menu to vegetable. When instead of hunting they began to cultivate the land and grow on it vegetables, grains and greens.

Diet for the second blood group: how to lose weight properly?

That is why vegetables and greens are so organically perceived by the gastrointestinal tract of people with a second blood group. They are easily digested and digested, not stored in fat on the sides and waist and saturate the body with useful vitamins and minerals.

Slacks in the health of people with a second blood group

They sometimes suffer from the fact that their immune system is too open to all kinds of infections. Therefore, immunity should be strengthened by eliminating heavy meat dishes from the menu, it is also desirable to constantly prepare drinks with ginseng, hawthorn, and drink green teas that have purifying properties.

To exclude diseases of the liver, bile and metabolic disorders that provoke diabetes, people with a second blood group should eat correctly and competently, with the products recommended by the dietician and the principles of this diet. Namely - more to adhere to the vegetarian menu, than meat.

This will help to lose weight and improve the health of the whole body.

Sports and the second blood type

The sports correctly chosen will stimulate and strengthen the immune system, help the beneficial substances from the products to be better absorbed, keep you toned, and you - in a state of alertness.

Sports selected by a person with a second blood group do not necessarily have to be aggressive and debilitating. It will be enough to light loads, so that the food is well absorbed and digested, and you achieved your main goal - optimal weight.

What should I refuse to lose weight?


Spicy condiments and sauces, including a favorite mayonnaise

Salted (in particular, herring, pickled cucumbers and cabbage)

Sour berries and fruits (cranberries, orange, pomegranate, lemon and others)

Sweet pepper of all kinds

Chocolate of all kinds and sugar

If you do not abruptly, but smoothly switch to a new way of eating, which is more typical for people of the second blood group, that is, mainly vegetarianism, you will soon become slim, healthy and morally strong, as you will make a huge gift to your nervous and digestive system.

Lose weight easily and live happily!

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