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Last reviewed: 15.08.2022

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The creators of the Maggi diet made sure that it was balanced, and getting rid of extra pounds happened naturally. It is based on citrus fruits as a source of vitamins, and eggs as a supplier of protein and other necessary components. Products are selected to stimulate the chemical processing of fat, and carbohydrates are received in minimal quantities. Those who have checked the system on themselves note weight records: weight loss by 10–20 kg per month!


Protein diets, including Maggi, are designed for weight loss. This is the main aesthetic motivation of a person who decides to adopt this or that nutrition system. There are also medical indications for the appointment related to the state of health: excess weight has an extremely adverse effect on the body, leads to metabolic disorders and all kinds of pathologies - the heart, joints, and other organs.

The desire to be healthy and fit encourages a person to take control of nutrition in order to change his life for the better. Diet Maggi is ready to help everyone make this decision a reality.

General information of the maggi diets

Nutrition with the Maggi diet is selected according to the processes occurring in the human body. A low-calorie diet is used, and products are combined so that natural chemical reactions burn their own fats and remove waste in time. This is the essence of the diet, the calorie content per day due to this does not need to be calculated at all.

  • Food variety helps not to feel hungry, not to harm the body, not to waste time on constant counting, weighing and searching for exotic products or recipes.

There are subtleties, the knowledge of which helps the successful passage of the dietary period. Here they are:

  • Start the diet on Monday.
  • Choose a time without holidays and important events.
  • Women start on the last day of their period.
  • Sweet tooth sweeten drinks with natural substitutes.
  • Finish eating before 6 pm.
  • Control mood and emotions.
  • Enter weighing data and other information in the diary.
  • Drink more water.
  • Do not interrupt the diet, follow the selected regime (week, two or 4) until completion.
  • In the future, do not overeat, switch to fractional nutrition with healthy food.
  • Use the system no more than once a year.

Protein Diet Maggi

There are legends about the name of the Maggi diet. According to one version, it was developed for Margaret Thatcher, according to another, this is the name of the author, a nutritionist, well versed in biochemical reactions and processes.

The diet is designed so that the body itself begins to burn fat accumulation.

There are two options: classic egg and cottage cheese , in which eggs are completely or partially replaced with cottage cheese. It is used by those who strongly do not tolerate eggs or are allergic to them .

  • 1 egg corresponds to 100 g of curd mass.

A protein diet is combined with activity, walking, it is recommended to get enough sleep and rest. After the end of the diet, the stomach becomes smaller, so satiety will come from a smaller amount of food. The plus is that during this time there is a correction of taste and habits: less desire for sweet and fatty.

To maintain results, you should exit the system gradually so as not to drastically overload the body. Eat the same as before, to which a habit has developed. Introduce forbidden food little by little. Make it a rule to eat in fractional portions, often and in small quantities. This will be the key to health and a toned figure.

Curd Diet Maggi

When choosing a Maggi diet, the first thing you want to know is which of the two options is better? The essence of both types is the same: the rejection of a carbohydrate-fat diet and the launch, with the help of a maximum of easily digestible proteins, of the processes of splitting one's own lipids. First, glycogen is consumed, then fat reserves are “consumed”. Eggs or cottage cheese are chosen because both products are saturated with protein compounds.

Maggi's cottage cheese diet is suitable for those who do not eat eggs due to allergic reactions. Replacement is made in the equivalent: one egg is equal to 100 g of cottage cheese. The rest of the diet remains unchanged.

  • The main principles of the system are strict adherence to the menu, drinking plenty of water and eating fresh fruits, and satiation without overeating.

Several variants of cottage cheese diets have been developed: for 1 week , 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks. In any case, you can not eat sweet and fatty, including cottage cheese. You can drink your favorite tea and coffee, also without sugar. Under the ban alcohol, broths, conservation, cereals, pasta, fruits - grapes, bananas, figs, dates.

  • If you start with a weekly diet, then you need to tune in to the fact that success is impossible without meeting all the conditions. Products - according to the menu, 6 meals a day, drink 2 liters, physical activity, dinner two to three hours before bed.
  • 2-weeks - a shortened version of the classic Maggi. Breakfast consists of a 200-g serving of cottage cheese, and the rest of the meals are according to the menu of a particular day.
  • For those who managed to hold out for two weeks and want to get the maximum result, the next 14 days are scheduled, with their own characteristics.

Doubters should know that from the wide variety of products allowed by Maggi, many dishes are prepared that are not inferior in taste to ordinary ones. They will simply contain less fatty and sweet ingredients than usual, and more protein. Which is the driving force in our case.

Maggi's Egg Diet

28 eggs per week must be eaten by a person who has chosen the classic Maggi diet. They don't call it egg for nothing. This is a low-carbohydrate nutrition system, the effectiveness of which is explained by the biochemical processes occurring in the human body.

Maggi's egg diet requires the strict implementation of many recommendations:

  • hard-boiled eggs;
  • dishes are steamed, in water or stewed;
  • vegetables are not seasoned with mayonnaise and butter;
  • meat, minced meat is used without fat;
  • hot drinks are sweetened with stevia;
  • no matter what day you start, the menu is for Monday;
  • snack - fresh or boiled vegetables without starch;
  • taboo on sweet and fatty;
  • for vitaminization, add greens to salads, toasts, main dishes;
  • water - about 2 liters per day.

The diet works because the body receives a lot of protein and few carbohydrates. This forces him to function differently. The process of breakdown of fatty acids starts. Although a lot of energy is expended on the digestion of eggs, a person feels full. And if you add grapefruits or other citrus fruits, then the feeling of satiety increases. Egg carotene, together with the active ingredients of grapefruit, actively stimulates weight loss.

Of the two diet options - for 2 and for 4 weeks, both have some advantages. The longer one is more difficult, but it is more effective, and the last week is easier to endure, since it does not require a strict regimen. For not so stubborn people, a short option is offered, but you should be prepared for the fact that the weight will decrease not so drastically.

Maggi chicken diet

The egg version is called the Maggi chicken diet for good reason, because the diet includes not only eggs, but also dietary poultry meat. The essence of the system is a maximum of protein and a minimum of carbohydrates. The main requirement is the unconditional implementation of the diet.

  • When embarking on a diet, check out the daily menu, tables of allowed and prohibited foods. They are recommended to print and hang in a conspicuous place so that each time you do not look for the necessary information on the Internet.

The diet offers three meals a day, preferably at the same time. Snacks are allowed - in the form of raw vegetables (lettuce leaves, carrots, cucumbers). Eat dinner no later than three hours before bed. It is important to drink a lot, even up to 3 liters. Cooking method - stewing, dry frying pan, slow cooker, oven. Physical activity is a must!

Four weeks of the diet is like a kind of steps along which they go to the goal.

  • The first week is the restructuring of the body; excess fluid is removed.
  • The second is the habit of "eating in a new way."
  • The third is “shock therapy”; radical dietary changes.
  • The fourth seven-day period is the evaluation of the result.

Prohibited foods include canned foods, sweets, milk, legumes, mushrooms, high-calorie fruits, all fats, and alcohol. Of the prepared dishes, fried, smoked, salted are prohibited.

Maggi's buckwheat diet

Buckwheat is always present in the diet of all age groups, from children to old age. There are ways to lose weight using buckwheat as the main component, and lovers of this porridge can lose weight for their pleasure, combining business with pleasure.

Unlike buckwheat-type mono-diets, the Maggi diet does not provide for cereal side dishes and cereals. Maggi's priorities are eggs or cottage cheese. What unites buckwheat with Maggi diet products is that this cereal is also rich in proteins, and carbohydrates are absorbed longer than other popular cereals.

The benefits of buckwheat are manifold:

  • contains a unique set of amino acids;
  • has a low glycemic index, that is, it reduces sugar levels;
  • rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • improves digestion;
  • strengthens blood vessels.

Groats are steamed in a special way, nothing is added to the finished dish: neither spices, nor sweets, nor milk, butter, fats. The only way to improve the taste is to fry buckwheat before brewing. And if unbearable to endure the monotony, then add a little dried fruit.

The buckwheat mono-diet is very monotonous, because of this it is difficult to endure it for a whole week, and even more so for two. The technique promises weight loss up to 7 kg, and you should not continue further: long-term adherence to such a diet is fraught with harm to the body.

Maggi rice diet

Rice porridge has been on our menu since childhood and, despite the abundance of carbohydrates that many are afraid of, is a healthy product. The main thing is to use it correctly. And then it becomes a source of energy, trace elements, even vitamins. And although rice is not included in the Maggi diet, it can also cleanse the body of toxins and promote weight loss.

  • As for whether such a combination is possible, that is, a variant of the Maggi rice diet, nutritionists are still silent. Rice has its own tasks, and it copes with them quite well.

Fasting days, three-day cleansing, seven-day rice and 2-week diets - fans of the product have enough options to lose weight with their favorite product. And although rice mono-diets are very bland and monotonous, the effect is pleasing: both by losing weight and cleansing from stagnant water and harmful salts. Unpeeled brownish cereal has a particularly high efficiency.

In addition to rice, the seven-day menu includes kefir, boiled zucchini, apple or pear, nuts, lettuce leaves. Not every day, but every time one thing.

  • Some followers call such a menu "varied and not boring", but I would argue with them.

Moreover, in order to maintain a stable weight and subsequently, it is not recommended to return to tasty, but unhealthy food, sweets and large portions of any dishes. Otherwise, previous efforts will go down the drain.

Reduced Maggi Diet or Maggi Express Diet

One of the varieties of the Maggi diet is a two-week one. From the reduction of the term, the essence does not change: the system works thanks to a unique combination of products that trigger the natural burning of fats and cleansing the body of toxins. The reduced Maggi diet helps to lose weight faster, but for less weight. This option is suitable if you want to lose weight by a certain date or holiday.

The Maggi Express Diet is a protein food with an extreme minimum of carbohydrate components. In 14 days, you can lose up to 10 kg, and the result lasts quite a long time. A distinctive feature of the 2-week course is that the menu of the first seven days is repeated for the next 7 days.

  • Every morning starts with 2 eggs and a grapefruit.
  • For lunch, they eat eggs, grilled fillets, boiled chicken, fresh vegetable or fruit salads, fish, stewed spinach.
  • Dinner consists of steaks, eggs, toast, cottage cheese, grapefruit.
  • Portions are determined independently (unless otherwise indicated).
  • Unsweetened tea, coffee is drunk at will.
  • Water is unlimited.

Before embarking on such a diet, you should consult your doctor, especially for people taking medication for hypertension. And this is not an extra reinsurance, but a real foresight, because the diet menu is not suitable for the treatment of high blood pressure.

Meatless Maggi Diet for Vegetarians

An attractive feature of the Maggi diet is that it allows you to eat almost all foods and practically not suffer from malnutrition. It is possible to combine the tendency to lose weight with a sense of comfort thanks to a special diet that promotes the burning of lipids and the removal of decay products, including poisonous ones. You can remove some completely unloved products, but replacing them with imaginary analogues is not allowed.

  • A reasonable question arises: is it possible to remove the meat? Is the Maggi diet available for vegetarians?

The answer will disappoint people who do not consume animal products as a matter of principle. If you give up cottage cheese, eggs, meat products, it will not be a Maggi diet without meat, but a completely different nutrition system.

However, vegetarianism has several forms. For example, lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy and egg foods, so both diets are fine for them.

  • Many world celebrities prefer vegetarian food and, despite certain disadvantages of this way of eating, they feel and look great.

Almost a vegetarian menu - the third week of the classic Maggi, with vegetable days and fruit mono-diets . For many, it is the most difficult, but certainly not for people who prefer such food in their daily diet. Fruits, except for very sweet ones, are eaten fresh, vegetables are boiled in water or steamed. In this case, the maximum of useful components is preserved.

Portion in the Maggi diet

One of the items that makes it easier to comply with the conditions is a portion in the Maggi diet. In the sense that its size is almost never limited. This means that a person who is losing weight can eat plenty, but only allowed food.

  • When the number of products is indicated, then you should adhere to it and remember that it is impossible to change portions, like products.

The standard weight of the main product of second courses in catering establishments ranges from 100–200 g. In the Maggi egg diet, daily 2 eggs can be considered a serving.

If specific vegetables are listed on the menu, they are eaten together as a salad or separately. The word "fruit" means one kind at a time. Fruits are mixed only when "fruit salad" is indicated. These and other dishes are easy to prepare, do not require long standing at the stove and searching for overseas ingredients.

  • Portions of the liquid are also not regulated. It is recommended to drink more, up to 3 liters per day - high-quality water without gas, traditional drinks without sugar, herbal teas.

A separate line in the conditions is a warning about the inadmissibility of drinking alcohol, even in minimal portions, as well as smoking. Those who are unable to give up bad habits should look for another way to lose weight.

Detailed menu for every day

As already mentioned, the Maggi diet offers two versions - on eggs and on cottage cheese. In the first case, the main product is chicken eggs, in the second case, sour-milk soft cheese. Otherwise, the detailed menu for each day has no differences.

Both varieties are protein, low-carbohydrate and can last from a week to 4. Both promise weight loss of 10 kg in just 14 days, and twice as much in a month.

  • The offers are tempting and, importantly, quite real. In any case, the reviews confirm the figures of this order.

The technique is based on causing reactions that break down body fat and eliminate released toxins. Separately, it should be said about physical activity: “load” should be moderate, because carbohydrates - a source of energy - will temporarily be lacking.

  • It is strange that some authors consider Maggi's menu to be meager and limited.

Whereas it contains chicken and other lean meats, low-fat cottage cheese, fish, various vegetables, citrus fruits and other not too sweet fruits every day! Of these, the lunch and evening menu of the first week consists, only breakfast is limited, during which they eat an egg or two, as well as half a citrus.

The second and third weeks are a little stricter, and the last one is again more varied. Although, for the sake of truth, it should be noted that the recommended portions are quite small and the diet completely lacks particularly harmful fried foods, which, alas, almost everyone likes.

The right menu for the week

It's a little funny to read that Maggi's diet is somehow connected with the notorious bouillon cubes. Which are not always cubes in shape, but parallelepipeds. It is difficult to imagine what dietary benefits artificial flavor enhancers containing “chicken powder”, regulators and flavors can have.

  • Of the useful in obscenely advertised products, without which it seems that soup cannot be cooked, is perhaps dry parsley.

The diet menu is created and scheduled by day, so those who want to lose weight do not need to invent a wheel; it is enough to print the finished correct menu for the week (in the table) and hang it in a conspicuous place. For example, attach a magnet to the refrigerator, as is done in some families with notes and recipes.

  • Modern versions of the classic diet based solely on eggs and grapefruits have significantly expanded the list of allowed foods. There was a curd version.

Therefore, it is impossible to call this or that menu the only correct one. Obviously, this will be the one that gave the desired result to a particular person. Depending on individual characteristics, this result is 7–10 and up to 20 kg.

Diet Maggi by the hour

It is known that the effectiveness of the Maggi diet depends on strict adherence to its rules. In particular, eat at the same time every day, cook properly, drink a lot, do not be lazy to be physically active. In short, make dieting a lifestyle in which mealtimes play an important role.

  • If you write Maggi's diet by the hour, then meals in the morning and at lunch will be at standard hours.

Losing weight chooses when to have breakfast, and does it at the same time every day. You can’t, for example, have breakfast at seven on weekdays, and at ten on weekends, motivated by the desire to sleep.

More precisely, dinner is indicated: until 18 hours. A later time is also allowed, but no later than three hours before going to bed. Thus, the body gets used to eating at certain hours, which promotes digestion. The main thing is not to change the chosen time, and not to rearrange the dishes.

You can not change not only the hours, but also the days of the week, following the designated meal plan. If for some reason the regime is violated and the diet fails, then you can’t continue: you need to start all over again.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your kidneys working. Ideally, if you drink a glass of water every hour. Coffee, tea can be drunk at any time.

With this method of losing weight, you do not need to spend whole hours and days in gyms and swimming pools. But moderate loads are not only welcome, but mandatory. Walking, exercising, light workouts - these are the factors that contribute to the diet.

Diet Maggi during pregnancy

Although the Maggi diet is called an egg diet, it contains enough other healthy foods. Low-fat meat, fruits and berries, a vegetable group - everything is available for a person who wants to lose weight within a month for sure, but without experiencing excruciating hunger.

  • Most diets are not good for pregnant women, and it is clear why. The Maggi diet during pregnancy is not prohibited, especially if the expectant mother has gained more extra pounds than necessary.

Dietary nutrition plus light exercise can help you lose weight and keep fit in the future. But the first commandment of a woman in position is to consult a gynecologist in everything.

The basis of the dietary diet is eggs, cottage cheese, meat without fat. Almost all vegetables, except for potatoes, fruits - kiwi, pineapple, watermelon, plums, apples, melons, grapefruits, apricots, tangerines, peaches. Drink plenty of water, without limiting yourself, tea and coffee are allowed (without cream, milk, sugar). Chicken is skinned, boiled or steamed. Portions of any products are not limited.

Each weekly menu has some differences. The first half of the term is eaten with eggs with citrus (grapefruit or orange). During the third week, fruits and vegetables predominate. In the last week, a minimum of eggs is consumed.

It can be hard for a pregnant woman to stick to a strict eating schedule. But it should be remembered that in case of any failure, you will have to stop the diet and then, with a persistent desire, start in a new way. In order to avoid stress, it is worth considering whether it is better to postpone the course for later.

Diet Maggi for men

Why is there a separate Maggi diet for men? Because the menu takes into account the hormonal and physiological characteristics of the body, which are different in males and females. The dietary regime is designed for four weeks. This is enough to get rid of excess and normalize metabolism.

The Maggi diet in the male version involves three standard meals.

  • In the morning, the body should be saturated and energized. To this end, the menu includes various cereals as a fiber-rich product.
  • For lunch, traditional first and second courses are prepared. Light vegetable and fish soups, stew or boiled meat, preferably dietary, or fish with a side dish is exactly what you need.
  • Dinner is also light - low-fat dairy products, fruits, berries. Portions should be small so as not to overload the stomach.

The diet is strict, but there is good news: Maggie does not make you go half-starved, longingly look into the refrigerator and scrupulously count calories. And this is very popular with people who do not like to severely limit their desires.

Men resort to diets for the same purpose as women: lose weight. The amount dropped directly depends on the initial weight: the more “there is something to drop”, the more will be dropped. The result is accelerated if you flatly abandon unhealthy habits, move more, and after the end of the diet, continue to eat in moderation, properly prepared meals.

Dish recipes

Photos of the food recommended for the Maggi diet are pleasing to the eye and stimulate the appetite. Colored vegetables, meatloaf, salads, cheese, fish, soups, stews, chicken breasts - a full range of products and dishes is used. Recipes are also offered for the preparation of diet food. We must not forget about drinks, because the diet requires a lot of fluid: 2-3 liters per day. Water, tea, coffee, soups, smoothies are sources of intake of a component so necessary for the body.

Here are some interesting recipes:

  1. Chicken muffins: chopped breast is mixed with onion and protein, salted, laid out in molds, baked for 20 minutes. In the oven.
  2. Casserole: 2 egg whites with cinnamon, cut the orange into cubes, pour over the egg together and bake until done.
  3. Maggi rolls: we beat off the pieces of chicken fillet, sprinkle with spices, garlic, twist with rolls, put a slice of red tomato and pepper inside. Bake for about 20 minutes.
  4. Egg with orange: cut the boiled eggs, take out the yolks and mix them with orange gruel (use a blender). Stuff the squirrel halves with this mixture.
  5. Trout kebab: cut the fillet into slices, sprinkle with lemon juice, string on skewers. Bake in the oven on the rack. Pour water on a baking sheet so that the fat drips into the water, and does not burn on the bottom of the oven.


The main benefit of the Maggi diet is weight loss. There is a direct correlation: the more a person weighs, the higher the chances of losing more kilograms. The average indicators of the Maggi diet are as follows: minus 3-5 kg per week, minus 8-12 kg for the entire period.

The system is also important because it helps a person to realize the importance of a healthy diet, without frills and abuse of tasty, but useless food for the body. And perhaps take some recommendations as the basis of everyday nutrition after the end of the diet.

Benefits of the Maggi Diet

Balance is one of the main advantages of the Maggi diet. But not the only one. In support of the idea that it is important not to starve, but to eat right, the authors of the Maggi diet emphasize its pros and benefits, namely:

  • satiety;
  • efficiency;
  • budgeting;
  • the usual menu, without exotic ingredients;
  • suitable for both sexes of all ages;
  • does not bother counting calories;
  • allows many foods, healthy drinks;
  • does not force you to drink multivitamins;
  • for a long time corrects eating habits in a healthy way;
  • the results are durable, under the right conditions.

The active breakdown of fatty components is facilitated by a diet with a large amount of lipids and a minimum of carbohydrates. At the same time, poisons, toxins, excess fluid are removed. The system rearranges the chemical reactions so that the weight goes away without malnutrition and excruciating hunger. For many, it is also important that the diet does not prohibit tea and coffee, salt and seasonings.

How is the weight coming off?

Experts clearly explain how weight is lost with various diets. Usually everything is simple: consume less, spend more. Then the body turns on reserves and uses energy from fat depots.

The Maggi diet works a little differently, according to its second name - the chemical diet. Products are combined in such a way as to activate natural chemical processes. Everything is thought out, so the components cannot be replaced with each other. If the dish is not to your taste, then skip it, but do not look for dubious "analogues".

In order for the weight to really go away, the rules are strictly followed. It is forbidden:

  • overeat;
  • swap food, lunch and dinner dishes;
  • do not eat sugar, flavor enhancers, artificial seasonings;
  • do not add oils and other fats;
  • do not continue the diet if a breakdown occurs.

From what we can highlight the following:

  • drink plenty of unsweetened tea and coffee;
  • use sweeteners;
  • more water, including diet soda;
  • periodically weighed, after morning hygiene procedures;
  • use natural seasonings, onions, garlic;
  • cook on water, not on broths;
  • if the product is not dosed, it can be eaten without restrictions;
  • dull hunger with vegetables, 2 hours after eating.

According to observations, those who exercise moderately, lead an active lifestyle, but do not overdo it, lose weight faster. So that everything goes according to plan, easy activities.

What can and what can not?

With any method of dieting, the first question that should be clarified for yourself is what you can eat and what you can’t? The list of products for these items will immediately help determine whether such a diet is suitable for us. After all, it’s hard to believe that you can lose weight up to 10 or more kilograms per month, practically without starving and without suffering from the monotony of mono-diets. The Maggi diet is exactly that option.

  • While following this diet, you should drink a lot - water, coffee, tea without additives. Allowed dairy products, fruit and vegetable group (except for prohibited species), low-fat fish, meat.

To lose weight, you must completely abandon sugar, fat, salt, sweet fruits, corn and other cereals, canned food, lamb. Sweet sodas and alcoholic products are especially harmful. You should forget about cakes and high-calorie pastries, replace sugary fruits with permitted ones for a while. It is important to never overeat.

Those who really want to lose weight should psychologically tune in to strict adherence to the regimen and all nutritional conditions. Indulgences, even small ones, are fraught with a breakdown, which is very undesirable. Because it's harder to start over the second time than the first. Punctuality is the key to success.


The weight loss system, known as the Maggi diet, includes a variety of products. This is not a mono-diet and not permanent malnutrition. This is a complete diet, including all food groups, including vegetables. Vegetables are eaten fresh in salads, boiled, steamed and grilled. Only fermented, salted and canned foods are not allowed.

  • Some reviews criticize that there are few vegetables in Maggi, especially leafy ones.

Considering the menu table of the first week, we see that the vegetables in it make up at least 7 positions. The same is observed in the second week. The third week is entirely fruit and vegetable. For example, on Tuesday, all three meals consist of fresh or boiled vegetables. In the last week, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cabbage are present every day and not only for lunch.

  • The exception is potatoes, as they are highly starchy, that is, a carbohydrate product that does not fit into the diet. Corn, legumes are also undesirable.

The diet is facilitated by the fact that there is no need to prepare some intricate dishes from vegetable and other ingredients that take a lot of time and effort. Natural spices, salt, garlic give taste and aroma, stimulate appetite and improve digestion. The main thing is to take vegetable food strictly at the specified time.


Many are surprised by the dietary restriction of vegetables or fruits. It seems that there is never too much fruit, because they are all tasty, healthy and low-calorie. It is difficult to object to this if we are talking about a healthy person and a normal diet. In fact, not everything is so simple, and dietary nutrition systems take into account many nuances, first of all, the content of sweet components.

  • The Maggi diet, as a low-carb diet, divides fruits into permitted and prohibited. Banana, avocado, fig, mango, dates, grapes are prohibited.

Even such an exceptionally healthy product as dried fruit is also on this list. This is explained by the fact that during drying, the volume of the fetus and the amount of juice decrease, but calories and sugar remain unchanged. Even a piece of dried fruit can be equal to a whole fresh fruit, but it cannot saturate in any way. The exception is prunes, which can be added at the end of the second week (in order to facilitate bowel movements).

  • The most important fruits are grapefruit and orange. The diet includes apples, apricots, peaches, tangerines, pears.

If it is said that in any quantity, then it should be one of the listed fruits. So, the third Monday, Saturday and Sunday are recommended to eat only fruits, without limiting the amount.

Why the preference for citrus? Not only because of the low calorie content. The fact is that grapefruit suppresses appetite: if you eat half a fruit before eating, then less food will be needed to saturate. And if the whole, then you can hold out until the next meal. Fresh citrus for the coming sleep saturates and relaxes, promotes relaxation. Grapefruits also ferment fats and cleanse the intestines.

What can replace eggs?

Eating eggs every day, and so many days in a row, not everyone can stand it. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible and with what to replace eggs, probably arose immediately, when the Maggi diet gained popularity. The answer was found quickly: since the active substance of this technique is protein, nutritionists proposed a very popular product containing this nutrient in large quantities - home-made cheese.

  • A lot has been written about the benefits of cottage cheese today, but even before that, our housewives from time immemorial gave and give it its due. Dumplings and pies with cheese, soufflés and cheesecakes, casseroles and desserts - it's all about him.

Maggi also offers not only pure cheese, but also delicious cheese dishes that deserve the word "delicacy". This is probably the only adjustment allowed by the strict rules of the system.

But, for all its usefulness, the product is ambiguous. Yes, it supplies the body with calcium and proteins, gives saturation, promotes weight loss. But there is a “but”, which confirms that the pros are always balanced by the cons.

  • Cottage cheese contains the sugar lactose, which is not tolerated by some people.

Dairy products in such patients lead to digestive disorders, diarrhea, and swelling. And then the vaunted cottage cheese becomes an undesirable product, and those who want to lose weight have to either stop at eggs or look for alternative diets.

What to snack on?

Excess weight is unlikely to go away in the desired amount if we snack every now and then during the Maggi diet - whenever we want and with whatever. Many publications say that snacking is not allowed at all. No less authors mention snacks, but briefly, naming only products suitable for this diet: cucumber, green salad, carrots.

  • The question of snacking does not arise by chance. It happens that long breaks between meals cause severe discomfort.

Many people experience hunger from the unaccustomed to a dietary way of eating and limiting too satisfying foods. If hunger is felt very sharply, a snack is allowed. Otherwise, the threat of disruption of the diet becomes real. Therefore, snacking can be called the lesser evil, which is often chosen by people in various situations.

  • Let's clarify when and what to eat? Maggi recommends something light and very useful.

One carrot or fresh cucumber, 150 g of cabbage leaves - you can choose according to your taste and desire. Products must be fresh, not canned or pickled, containing excess salt. The only condition is that you can have a snack no earlier than two hours after the main meal.

Losing weight should remember that even minor deviations from the recommendations nullify previous efforts. Weight can stop or decrease to a minimum, for which it was not worth starting procedures.

Nutritionists also emphasize the inadmissibility of alcohol, even light white wine. Such strictness is explained by the fact that with dietary restrictions, a small amount of alcohol can cause great harm.

What vitamins to drink on the Maggi diet?

The principle of most diets is to reduce the amount of calories from food. For an organism accustomed to an abundance of food, this is stress, and it begins to expend its own resources, which are stored in reserve for the time being. But there is a downside: along with a reduction in the amount and calorie content of food, vitamin deficiency can occur. And then you should ask the doctor about what vitamins to drink on the Maggi diet?

A balanced Maggi diet does not pose a threat in this sense. It includes a sufficient variety of plant products containing whole sets of vitamins.

  • The importance of these components for the life of the body is indicated by the name "vitamin", the key component of which is translated as "life".

Citruses are saturated with vitamin C, B4, carrots, apricots - A, cabbage - D, tomatoes - E, garlic - K, apples - group B. It should be remembered that vitamin C is destroyed during heat treatment, so the best supplier of vitamins is fresh produce.

  • Fish, meat, cottage cheese are also enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, the deficiency of individual vitamins should not be feared. Provided that before the start of the diet, the person received enough of these substances. Biflavonoids, antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins - all these unique substances enter the body with food, including dietary. If, nevertheless, there is a shortage of them, then any multivitamin from the pharmacy will help.


The main contraindication is associated with the likelihood of an allergy to eggs, citrus or other products, as well as their intolerance by the body. Other reasons to abandon the Maggi diet are pregnancy, breastfeeding, hypertension, kidney and liver failure, and acute gastrointestinal pathologies. It is hardly worth applying the technique to people of advanced age.

Possible risks

Although the Maggi diet is considered to be quite balanced, however, the “bias” towards proteins is obvious. For this reason, there is an overload of the liver, kidneys and dehydration of the body. Because of this, there are risks associated with the diet.

To avoid dehydration and constipation, the body must receive plenty of fluids, even in the absence of thirst. Pure water is recommended, green tea - in a total volume of up to 3 liters.

Cons, harm to the Maggi diet

Speaking about the cons, the dangers of the Maggi diet, the first thing they remember is the need for punctual nutrition. This is very inconvenient for people who do not have the opportunity to fully engage in themselves, at home or in other comfortable conditions. Of course, there are few such people, because most are forced to combine the Maggi diet with the daily production of daily bread.

Some are worried about whether it is harmful to eat so many eggs, because nutritionists have convinced us that this product should always be limited. It turns out that if you do not abuse fats, then eggs in large quantities do not harm. Another thing is that they become boring, and then abundant consumption becomes problematic.

  • The downside is that both eggs and citrus fruits are fraught with allergic manifestations. And if a person has such a tendency, then this diet will not suit him.

Sometimes a person who is "sitting" on a diet feels hungry, walks without a mood, gets irritated for any reason. Duration is also a minus of the diet. It is unlikely that anyone likes the fact that in the event of a breakdown, it is necessary to start all over again.

Maggi, like other diets, is not allowed for pregnant women, as well as for patients with various pathologies of internal organs.


Exacerbation of chronic pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, malfunctions of the kidneys are the most serious of the possible complications. The lack of carbohydrates in the Maggi diet can provoke lethargy, drowsiness, irritability, and headache.

Long-term dieting increases cholesterol, makes blood vessels fragile, and has a bad effect on the skin. There are difficulties with defecation, which is fraught with the development of hemorrhoids.

  • It is important to drink as much as recommended, although you may not be thirsty. Otherwise, dehydration threatens. This is often forgotten by people for whom appearance comes first, and health seems to be something of secondary importance.

"Sitting down" on any diet, you must first be examined. You can lose weight healthy, and if you have problems with internal organs, there is a high risk of exacerbating problems and getting a hospital bed instead of a beautiful figure.

What to do if the weight has become?

Taking on the Maggi diet, everyone expects quick and irreversible results. Losing weight is motivating and uplifting. Both diet options, egg and cottage cheese, in the end give the same results, but the weight loss is not the same for weeks.

  • The first seven days usually pleases: every day a person becomes slimmer by one or two kilograms. On average, a week gives 5kg.

This leaves excess fluid, while fats remain in their depots. Externally, the process is manifested by the fact that it forces the losing weight to look for the toilet more often.

From the 5th day, fat begins to go away, but the weight decreases far less intensively than in the first days: up to 300g. Minimum plummets are observed on the third seven-day period, when external improvements are already noticeable: skin tightening, size reduction. But the stabilization of weight is not encouraging, panic begins: what to do if the weight has become?

  • When a phase called a plateau comes, experts advise not to panic.

Weight may even increase slightly, but this is not a reason for panic or frustration. After the plateau is passed, the weight will begin to decrease again. There is a kind of adaptation of the body to the new weight, and then the loss of excess continues.

For optimal passage, it is recommended to start any diet in the first phase of the cycle, that is, after the next menstruation: the result will be visible almost immediately. Other phases are not so favorable. In addition, other factors also affect weight: biorhythms, bowel function, a tendency to be overweight, and so on.

Disruption of Maggi's diet

The system requires almost fanatical punctuality in everything related to products, methods of preparation, time of use.

  • During the diet, Maggi can be drawn to sweets.

Sweets include not only sweets and cakes, but also dried fruits, bananas. Nutritionists attribute cravings to long-term low-carbohydrate eating, which leads to certain changes in metabolism. Such a violation of the regime is called a breakdown.

  • Failure of the Maggi diet also happens on fatty foods.

This is a critical condition, regardless of how long the losing weight violated the regimen. Nothing can fix the breakdown: the interrupted technique cannot be continued “from this place”, you need to be patient and start all over again.

Frequent urination on the Maggi diet

Losing weight should be warned about frequent urination on the Maggi diet. At this time, it is better to be at home or in another comfortable place so as not to panic in search of a public toilet. The reason is banal: during the Maggi diet, excess fluid is first removed.

Since the fluid exits through the kidneys, the process is accompanied by active weight loss. In this case, the person does not feel pain. Such a short-term increase should not be taken as a cause for alarm, but as a variant of the norm.

  • Then the mass begins to decrease due to the breakdown of fats, and urination returns to normal. There are also physiological reasons: associated with excessive drinking, eating watermelon, and the use of other diuretic products.

However, frequent urination can also signal health problems. There is a so-called overactive bladder, when the urge is accompanied by incontinence.

If the symptoms do not stop, and they are not related to the diet, then it is necessary to be examined for possible pathologies of the genitourinary system. The family doctor will prescribe tests and, if deemed necessary, send them to a urologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist or other specialist.

Way out of the Maggi diet

The impact of the Maggi diet on the body is individual, and weight loss is also not the same for everyone. In any case, you need to leave the diet gradually so as not to expose the body to additional stress. Consolidation and proper exit from the Maggi diet will help achieve the following:

  • Fix the mass and prevent the return of the lost kilograms after the completion of the diet.
  • Continue to lose weight for a while.

Regardless of individual characteristics, universal principles have been developed that can help in achieving success. During the exit, the same dietary products should be present in the diet as before: cottage cheese, eggs, oranges, grapefruits. It is recommended not to eat at night and not to eat carbohydrate meals after 12 hours.

And although after the diet restrictions are removed, it is desirable to develop healthy habits:

  • do not increase portions before overeating;
  • do not abuse sweets;
  • drink water as before;
  • less fatty broths, dressings;
  • practice an early dinner;
  • exclude marinades, fried foods;
  • eat seasonal fruits daily;
  • continue jogging, walking, gymnastic exercises.

Steam or boil food, and for a more comfortable exit, it is recommended to replace the ingredients with less harmful ones. For example, among the abundance of chocolate products, choose black varieties, less high-calorie and high in cocoa. Also, instead of sugar, use honey, and replace confectionery with dried fruits, marshmallows, marshmallows.

The repetition, in particular, of the first and last dietary weeks, helps to finally fix the result.

Week 5 fixing on the Maggi diet

To be sure of the result, the 4-week Maggi diet should be securely fixed. Therefore, they are talking about the fifth seven-day period, no less important than the previous ones. The menu of the last week is no different from the others and consists of citrus fruits, eggs, meat, vegetables, fish, fruits, cottage cheese. Sweets, cereals, bakery products are excluded. The egg and cottage cheese versions include the same ingredients and require all conditions to be met.

Week 5 fixing on the Maggi diet repeats the first or second. Its task is to consolidate the result and prepare the body for a gradual transition to normal nutrition. By the way, a preparatory week is also recommended, fasting, so that the body quickly adapts to dietary changes.

  • The daily breakfast of the fifth week consists of 2 eggs, half a grapefruit, a portion of natural coffee.

For lunch, it is proposed to eat several identical fruits, boiled meat, vegetable salad and hard cheese, fruits of the same kind, eggs, fish or meat with vegetables. Cook in a slow cooker or cook on the stove.

Dinner 5 days - this is lean meat, eggs, salads, chicken fillet, fish, vegetables from a slow cooker. Half a grapefruit complements the lunch menu on Tuesday and Sunday, as well as Friday dinner.

The motivating beginning for the strict instructions of the methodology is a record weight loss, which reaches 20 kg for the entire course.

How to eat after the Maggi diet?

People who have successfully overcome dietary restrictions invariably come across the question of how to eat after the Maggi diet. Even while preparing for the start of the Maggi diet, a losing weight person learns that in the end it is necessary to consolidate and exit it correctly. During this period, the same food should be included in the diet as before, and the diet should be observed as before.

  • Do not eat at night, do not abuse carbohydrates, do not forget to drink.

For 28 days of dietary nutrition, digestion adapts to food that enriches with nutrients, cleanses the intestines, and restores beneficial microflora. In order not to create a sudden load on the digestive system, the calorie intake should be increased gradually. Overeating is unacceptable, even one-time.

  • Especially carefully should be done by those who have lost 15 kg. Balance, non-calorie content, digestibility - these are the three pillars on which the post-diet diet rests.

Otherwise, the mass returns faster than at other times. Confectionery, colored soda, animal fats, fried and salty foods, alcoholic products - all these harmful foods are undesirable not only in the first weeks, but throughout the rest of your life.

It is best to use a separate menu for the fifth week from the start of the diet. Breakfast daily with citrus and two eggs, for lunch, eat omelettes or eggs of various preparations, on the last day - chicken with vegetables, dine with fish, chicken, rabbit fillet with vegetable side dishes.

Reviews and results

Maggi's protein diet promises to get rid of an average of 8-12 kg, and with a clear fulfillment of all conditions - and more. Weight loss is accompanied by an improvement in well-being and mood, lightness in the body, vigor, and restoration of metabolism. But individual differences always work, so reviews and results are mixed. And not always strong weight loss is safe.

Disagreements of information concern many points, starting with the name. For example, experts doubt that the nutrition system is associated with the name of the British Prime Minister, they also do not know a nutritionist with that name.

  • They say that the English-speaking segment of the Internet is generally silent about this diet.

They also write that the maximum result is from 5 to 9 kg, and not the promised 15–20. However, most losing weight is quite satisfied with this result.

In addition to laudatory posts, they write on the Internet that Maggi, like other protein diets, is an outdated system that is not recommended for modern people because of its danger. And also because the weight returns immediately when the old diet is resumed.

Results by week

The articles suggest different weight loss figures for those who have gone through all the stages of the Maggi diet. Maximum - 20 kg (they even write about 28!). High personal records are observed in very overweight people, and minimal ones in those who need to slightly adjust the weight so that the figure approaches the ideal.

Using abbreviated versions, you can get minus 3 in a week, up to 5 kg in two. But everything is very individual, and the numbers can differ significantly from the average.

  • Weekly results also differ, which is explained by the peculiarities of the course of biochemical processes at each stage. Conventionally, they are called steps to lose weight.

Recall that the proposed food stimulates the biochemical reactions that occur in the body and contribute to the burning of excess fat. Weight loss is associated with their intensity, especially high in the first week. These days, there is a restructuring of organs and systems, excess fluid leaves, due to which weight loss is observed.

In the second seven days, the rate of weight reduction slows down. The body begins to get used to, especially a lot of eggs appear in the diet. At the third stage, the diet is tightened. Losing weight is offered to independently make a diet from a list of products, in which vegetables and fruits prevail. At the end of the fourth week, the results are summed up, and to consolidate the result, the following days also resemble dietary ones.

What can replace the Maggi diet?

Thoughts on how to replace the Maggi diet may arise in people who are hard to tolerate any restrictions and monotonous food, in this case, cottage cheese or eggs, which have to be consumed daily, in a total of dozens. Although the Maggi diet is not limited to them: meat, vegetable, and fish food groups, and desserts in the form of fruits are included in the diet. They just don’t eat all sorts of meat, fish, fruits, but selectively; The method of preparation is also extremely important.

  • More often we are talking about replacing certain products that are mandatory for the Maggi diet: meat for chicken, grapefruit for orange, chicken eggs for quail. Or replace the ingredient you don't like, or swap the lunch and evening menus.

Deciding on this, one should realize that the diet was created not just like that, to the taste of the author, but taking into account the interaction of the components and the joint effect on the body. All products are scheduled by the day and, practically, by the hour, and any deviations from the plan are not welcome.

  • The only sanctioned replacement is eggs for cottage cheese, hence the two diet options.

By and large, Maggi offers an optimal replacement: an unhealthy diet - a moderate, balanced, orderly one, combined with active leisure and healthy sleep. An alternative to Maggi is called the paleo diet and the Dukan diet.

Diet Efficiency

Some consider the Maggi diet to be very strict, others insist on its advantages over other systems. But both of them talk about the effectiveness of the diet, which, however, depends on individual data.

If we evaluate the effectiveness of dropped kilograms, then the promised and real figures differ significantly: from 5–6 to 20 kg. The authors attribute the difference to individual characteristics and punctuality (or lack of it) when conditions are met.

  • The system works on the principle of splitting fat reserves. The ingredients are selected in such a way as to stimulate and accelerate this process.

The advantage is that losing weight is not too limited in food, because it has a full range of traditional foods at its disposal. And now, without denying himself almost nothing, a person actively loses excess weight.

  • Efficiency increases if the diet is combined with moderate physical activity, sufficient drinking, sleep and rest.

The bad news is that even the most effective regimens give temporary results. If you then return to the previous, not very healthy diet, then kilograms easily appear in the same places as before. To maintain the results and figure, you either have to periodically repeat the diet, or constantly adhere to a healthy diet.

2 repeated circle of the Maggi diet

On the Internet, they show a yellowed leaf with English text, as if the archival original of 1979 from MAYO CLINIC. It briefly describes the dietary system, created, as it were, by order of Margaret Thatcher, later called the Maggi diet.

  • The original technique was originally calculated for a two-week period, and only with time did variations appear - both longer and shorter.

The secret of losing weight is that it is the combination of citrus fruits with proteins that stimulates reactions that burn fats, remove poisons, and cleanse the entire body. And this is confirmed by people who have tested the system for themselves.

  • But that's half the battle. The question is how long the result lasts and is it worth the effort.

Is it necessary and possible to carry out 2 repeated circles of the Maggi diet? Some authors express the opinion that repetitions are not required, because the result lasts long enough.

If we repeat, then there is a choice - in an abbreviated version: the first and last weeks, or all 4 weeks, or according to the 1-1-4-4 scheme. Repetitions are done after a break necessary for the body to rest from dietary stress. In general, the technique is used no more than once a year.

How to survive the Maggi diet?

The question of how to maintain the Maggi diet does not arise by chance. Those who really want to achieve results must eat according to strict rules, and not everyone can do this. The basic rules of the Maggi diet:

  1. Do not change the menu, do not replace one product with another.
  2. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily.
  3. Have snacks when hungry.
  4. If you interrupt Maggi's diet, you will have to start over.
  5. Eat vegetables without fats and meat broths.
  6. Enough to sleep and rest.
  7. Indulge in your favorite entertainment, diverting attention from obsessive thoughts about unhealthy food.
  8. Find time for moderate physical activities or walks.

People like legends and legendary figures that they want to inherit. The Maggi diet is associated with the name of a British woman whose name has gone down in history and impresses not with mythical, but with real results. Lose weight without starving - this is the essence of the "Magic" system. But a beautiful legend about a diet is not a hindrance: everyone who aspires to a beautiful figure and has no contraindications for health can try it.

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