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The problems of excess weight bother people both in terms of aesthetics and health. Excess weight is a load on the spine and joints, high blood pressure, varicose veins, liver problems, and the risk of diabetes. Many diets for weight loss have been invented, but it also takes the will to bring them to life and achieve results. Among them, there are extreme ones for quick fat loss and a longer one, providing for a gradual weight loss up to 15 kg, without much harm to the body. Among them is a diet for 40 days. [1]


A lot of diets have been developed for such a long period, but the only indications for their use are getting rid of unnecessary kilograms, general improvement of the body, optimization of metabolic processes, normalization of the functions of the endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous systems, and a decrease in indicators of "bad" cholesterol. This is the undoubted benefit of such power systems.

General information of the diet for 40 days

Each of the following diets has its own mechanism for influencing the body's chemical reactions, leading to weight loss and cleansing of various contaminants in the form of toxins and slags. The duration of the diets coincides with the Great Lent before the Christian Easter. True believers withstand such a long restriction in food, so a 40-day diet is within the power of truly striving to lose weight. [2]Let's take a look at some of them:

  • lean diet for 40 days - excludes meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, mayonnaise, muffins, sweets, alcohol from the diet. The menu includes only lean food, including plant foods: some cereals (rice, oats, buckwheat), legumes, vegetables, fruits, vegetable fats in limited quantities, nuts, mushrooms.

The frequency of meals is 4-5 times, drinking plenty of water to ensure the processes of cleansing the body (tea, preferably herbal, compote, uzvar, plain or mineral water without gas);

  • rice diet for 40 days - the beginning of this diet is preceded by a preparatory stage lasting 4 days. You need to prepare 4 jars, stick numbers on them. Put in the first 3 tablespoons of brown brown rice and pour 6 tablespoons of water. The next day, move this rice to jar No. 2, and put a new portion in the first. Shift the grain until all the jars are full. Only on the fifth day after such manipulations does the diet begin.

Rice from the 4th container is cooked without adding oil and eaten for breakfast. After it, nothing is taken for 3 hours - no food, no drink. The rest of the meals consist of any food, while it is reasonable to refuse harmful, do not abuse flour, fatty, spicy;

  • The 40 Day Drink Diet is based on a low calorie liquid diet. It “turns off” the chewing reflex from participating in food, thereby weaning the body from eating stress. The menu includes dairy products with a fat content of no more than 3%, broths, grated soups, vegetable smoothies, heavy drinking and sugar is excluded. You can eat anything that can be converted into puree;
  • Malysheva's diet - designed for a shorter period - 28 days. A unique set of products was made for her, which is ready-made meals for 4 times a full meal, including frozen lunches and dinners. Breakfast includes muesli, cereals, which are brought to readiness with boiling water. All dishes are low in salt and sugar. You can supplement the set with low-fat kefir. With a good perception by the body and real results, it can be extended for all 40 days;
  • lawyer's diet, minus 15 kg in 40 days - such a nutrition system is a course divided into 4 10-day blocks, each of which has its own identical products with some variations. An important role is given to kefir.

Dish recipes

What can be recommended to cook, say, during a lean diet? Here are some recipes:

  • lean borsch with mushrooms - soak beans and dry, preferably old, mushrooms overnight. Put the beans and chopped mushrooms to boil (do not pour out the liquid from the mushrooms, but strain and add to the pan). At this time, sauté onions with carrots in sunflower oil, add grated beets, mix everything, pour in tomato juice and simmer over low heat under a lid. After checking the beans close to full readiness, put the potatoes cut into strips, then the chopped cabbage. After 10 minutes of boiling, add the contents of the pan. After 20-30 minutes, the borscht is ready;
  • a variant of lobio is to boil the beans. Fry onions, carrots, champignons, tomatoes, pour beans there, hold on fire for a while, stirring to combine flavors;
  • stewed cabbage - chop the cabbage and pour boiling water over it. Prepare dressing in the form of stewed onions, carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes or tomato paste. Combine and simmer until cooked;
  • salad - marinate onions, grill eggplant slices. Cut fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, combine with preliminary preparations, season with vegetable oil, sprinkle with sesame seeds and chopped herbs.

What can and what can not?

What can you eat? We give in the table a detailed menu for each day. In the first decade, you can eat the same amount of vegetables every day as on the first day. In addition, daily consumption of a liter of Narzan mineral water is recommended.

Days / cycles






Boiled potatoes in their skins (5 pcs.), Vegetables (250g)

Buckwheat (500g)

1l kefir

- "-


1l kefir

1kg apples

0.5 kg apples

1kg apples


0.5 kg cottage cheese

- "-

400g cottage cheese

0.5 kg cottage cheese


4 boiled eggs

0.5 kg boiled meat

5 eggs

0.5 kg of meat


1l milk

0.5kg chicken

1l kefir

1kg chicken


1kg boiled chicken

1.5l kefir

250g cottage cheese

1.5 l of kefir


1.5 kg apples

1kg grated carrot

- "-

- "-


0.5l kefir

1.5 kg apples

4 bananas

1.5 kg apples


Buckwheat (no more than 0.5 kg)

- "-

- "-

- "-


5 potatoes

6 eggs

5 eggs

6 eggs

What can't be eaten? Sugar, salt, alcohol, oil are excluded.


Any diet for weight loss suffers from "one-sidedness" and cannot provide the body with everything necessary for the harmonious functioning of all organs. No wonder they all warn about the need for a preliminary medical examination. And they are contraindicated for people with various chronic diseases, primarily with pathologies of the digestive tract, liver, kidneys, cardiovascular diseases. Possible complications and health risks are associated with their exacerbations, especially when it comes to such a long period of abstinence from good nutrition. [3]


It is not easy to endure 40 days of a diet - everyone agrees on this. It is especially difficult for those who are forced to stand at the stove and cook for family members. Lonely people liked Malysheva's diet, but note its high cost. According to reviews, most of all I want to eat, being on a liquid diet, it is more often torn off than from others.


Of course, there are results. Severe restriction in calories, carbohydrates, fats is bearing fruit: people lose 7-15 kg. If it is correct to gradually get out of diets, do not attack food right away, and stick to a healthy diet in the future, then you can save achievements for a long time.


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