Dairy products for pancreatitis

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Last reviewed: 22.06.2022

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Milk and various products from it are loved not only for taste, but also for nutritional value, the presence in them of the protein necessary for life, including albumins and globulins, essential fatty acids, lactose, vitamins, minerals, especially calcium. Protein is very important for the pancreas, it ensures the normal synthesis of its enzymes. That's just not all dairy products are useful for pancreatitis.

What are possible and what are not?

The most common cow's milk. It comes in different fat content, processing methods, many other dairy products are produced from it. Which of them can and which cannot be given to patients with inflammation of the pancreas?

Whole milk with pancreatitis is categorically contraindicated. Nevertheless, at least a third of the milk proteins from the daily norm of all proteins should be present in the composition of the food of the acute phase of the disease, and up to 60% in the remission stage.

That is why, after 3 days of curative fasting, during an exacerbation, the first dairy product is introduced - liquid grated porridge with low-fat milk. To do this, use a product with 2.5% fat, half diluted with water.

Even a few months after acute pancreatitis, they do not switch to more fatty milk, unless they are diluted with less water.

Goat milk for pancreatitis

It is considered the most useful, it contains lysozyme, which promotes the regeneration of organ tissues damaged due to inflammation. Goat milk does not cause allergies, neutralizes hydrochloric acid, enriches the body with vitamins, micro and macro elements. [1]

Its fat is more easily absorbed by the body due to small fat globules that are not interconnected, it has more essential fatty acids than cow's. And yet, with pancreatitis, it is recommended to dilute it and use it as part of dishes, and not drink it whole.

Sour milk with pancreatitis

Preferably for the affected pancreas low-fat fermented milk products, they are part of the diet No. 5p, designed for this disease. They are full of store shelves, it is often even difficult to navigate in their assortment. But the main thing you need to pay attention to is the fat content and the date of manufacture. And it is best to make it yourself to be sure of their safety.

Yogurt for pancreatitis

Yogurt is obtained in the process of interaction of milk with special microorganisms. It has a positive effect on the microflora of the digestive tract, improves immunity, which makes it possible to quickly cope with the inflammatory process, improves intestinal motility and eliminates constipation. Its bacteria help break down lactose and protein into amino acids, reducing the burden on the gland. [2]

Yogurt is introduced into the menu after the exacerbation is eliminated. Its fat content cannot exceed 3% and fillers must be absent. It is best to prepare a drink at home using sourdough, which can be purchased in stores using a yogurt maker. With good health, various fruits and berries are added to it, which makes it much more appetizing.

Ryazhenka with pancreatitis

Traditional sour-milk drink of the Slavs, prepared from baked milk. It gets its creamy color due to melanoids, which are formed as a result of the interaction of proteins and milk sugar under the influence of high temperatures.

Ryazhenka is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamins A, C, E, PP, B1, B2, beta-carotene, mono- and disaccharides. Two hundred and fifty grams of the drink provides a quarter of the body's daily requirement for calcium and a fifth for phosphorus. It is well absorbed, normalizes the work of the digestive organs, helps to restore the acid-base balance.

With pancreatitis, low-fat fermented baked milk is allowed during a period of persistent remission. It is recommended to drink it, delimiting it from the consumption of other protein foods.

Sour cream for pancreatitis

Many dishes of our national cuisine are inconceivable without sour cream. The symptoms of exacerbation do not allow its use, but what about during a period of calm? The stable absence of painful manifestations of pancreatitis allows the use of a low-fat dairy product in small doses. You need to start with a teaspoon, while monitoring your condition, gradually increasing. It is best not to eat it in its pure form, but to season salads, add to sauces, soups.

Serum for pancreatitis

Whey is separated from sour milk as a result of heating and curdling. It is a healthy product for the body due to its low fat content and easily digestible protein. There are other valuable nutrients in it, such as minerals: calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium; many vitamins, including groups B, A, C, PP, E.

Serum well quenches thirst in the summer, as well as hunger, without leading to weight gain, improves blood circulation, heals inflammatory foci of the digestive tract, increases the body's resistance, and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Its disadvantage in pancreatitis is the presence of lactose and the ability to increase the acidity of the stomach. The stability of the patient's condition allows you to enter the drink into the diet. It is best to drink it in the morning, starting with half a glass, gradually increasing to full. Preference should be given to a product prepared at home.

Yogurt with pancreatitis

Yogurt is the result of fermenting milk. It is much better absorbed due to the fact that lactose is more easily broken down by lactic acid bacteria. But precisely because of the high content of lactic acid, it is not recommended to drink it earlier than a month after the exacerbation. In addition, it must be consumed freshly prepared, the longer it is stored, the more sour it becomes.

You need to use curdled milk as an independent product, and you can sweeten it with honey or a sweet berry.

Koumiss for pancreatitis

Koumiss is not often found on the shelves of our stores, because. Is made from mare's milk, the breeding of which is not characteristic of our animal husbandry. In fact, this is a very nutritious product that has a beneficial effect on many organs, including the pancreas. It normalizes its secretory activity, relieves inflammation. [3]

Milkshake for pancreatitis

The very recipe for making this drink makes it unacceptable for patients with pancreatitis, because. Chilled milk, ice cream, berries and fruits are used. Even if you use low-fat ingredients, then the cold temperature of the dishes is unacceptable in case of pancreatic pathology.

Cream for pancreatitis

Another undesirable product for pancreatitis is cream. The reason for this lies in their high fat content. Although it varies from 9% to 58%, even the smallest one can harm the organ. Only with a stable and long-term remission can you afford a spoon a day of the least fat.

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