Breakfast with gastritis: healthy recipes

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Last reviewed: 31.08.2022

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The importance of the first meal after waking up is confirmed by the well-known proverb: "Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and dinner...". Her English version is "Breakfast like a king, dine like a prince, and dine like a beggar."

Equally important is breakfast for gastritis, one of the most common diseases of the human digestive system.

Diet indications

Most patients - as an integral part of complex treatment - are strongly recommended to follow a  diet for gastritis on an ongoing basis . Inflammation of the gastric mucosa causes pain, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, bloating, which are often worse after eating fatty, spicy, sour, fried, too cold or hot foods. Rare meals, as well as its excess volume (stretching the stomach, it stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid) also increase the symptoms.

The importance of the chemical and physical composition of food in inflammation of the gastric mucosa is evidenced by the fact that carbohydrates are digested faster than proteins, and proteins faster than fats. Chopping food (mashed soups, boiled cereals, mashed vegetables, steamed minced meat dishes) also relieves the work of a sick stomach. In addition, the smaller the food particles, the faster the relaxation of the duodenum occurs - that is, the emptying of the stomach begins.

So in a diet for gastritis, the main goal is to reduce inflammation of the stomach.

The essence of the diet for this disease is to alleviate the symptoms (by eliminating a number of foods, the consistency of food and more fractional nutrition), prevent deterioration, normalize the pH level of gastric juice and produce enzymes to minimize digestive upset - while ensuring that the body receives all the necessary nutrients substances.

First of all, indications for a diet include  increased acidity of the stomach , however, all types of gastritis - including those with  low stomach acidity  - require certain changes in the diet.

So the benefits of diet in this diagnosis are obvious, and its important role in the digestion and general condition of patients with inflammation of the gastric mucosa has long been recognized.

What can you have for breakfast with gastritis? What can't be eaten?

Breakfast with gastritis, like breakfast in general, should not be skipped. Both gastroenterologists and nutritionists consider it the most important meal for proper metabolism (it helps keep insulin levels stable) and body function (providing energy).

What can you have for breakfast with gastritis? For the first meal of the day, nutritionists recommend foods containing fiber, carbohydrates (simple and complex), and complete protein.

Of course, these are various cereals: cereals for breakfast with gastritis are the best option. Suitable pasta, potatoes, white bread and cookies, cottage cheese, eggs, lean meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, as well as vegetable oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

All the details in the publications:

What can't be eaten? With hyperacid gastritis, foods that increase acidity are categorically contraindicated  , and if the gastritis is hypoacid, then the diet should not contain  foods that reduce acidity .

But with any type of disease, a restriction on the use of fats is introduced, including fried foods, fatty meats, lard, butter and full-fat dairy products: by slowing down the digestion process and delaying gastric emptying, they can aggravate inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

Useful information is also in the article -  Diet for chronic gastritis

Breakfast with gastritis with high acidity, with low acidity, with erosive gastritis

Semi-liquid cereals (oatmeal, semolina, rice, etc.) for breakfast with gastritis with high acidity should be boiled in water or with the addition of milk (if it does not cause bloating), more details -  Porridges with gastritis with high acidity

Also suitable are breakfast options for gastritis, such as cottage cheese, cottage cheese casseroles and cheesecakes with low-fat sour cream; soft-boiled eggs and in the form of a steam omelette; casseroles and puddings; steam cutlet with noodles or just stewed vegetables (vegetable stew). A detailed menu for each day is given in the materials:

Diet for gastritis with high acidity

Diet for high stomach acid

A normal breakfast with low stomach acidity, for example, a portion of natural yogurt with the addition of a banana or fresh berries, buckwheat porridge with cottage cheese or oatmeal with honey. Read in more detail -  Diet for gastritis with low acidity of the stomach: a menu for every day

Breakfast with erosive gastritis is not much different from the recommendations for hyperacid and hypoacid gastritis: the same semi-liquid cereals, steam omelet, vegetable stew, tea with crackers or jelly with biscuits. See the daily menu in the material -  Diet for erosive gastritis

Liquid cereals - the most acceptable breakfast for gastritis and pancreatitis, more information in the article -  Cereals for pancreatitis: semolina, oatmeal, millet, rice, wheat, buckwheat

But this is not the only option, read more -  Diet for acute and chronic pancreatitis: what, what you can eat and what you can’t

Dish recipes

Basic breakfast recipes are simple. So, any porridge can be diversified by adding fruits and berries. For example, it is not difficult to cook rice porridge with pumpkin: ordinary porridge is boiled (on water), but at the same time finely chopped pumpkin (pulp) is boiled; the proportions of both - at your own discretion and taste. When the pumpkin becomes soft, it must be mashed and combined with rice, cooking for another 10 minutes. Similarly, semolina with pumpkin is cooked.

But you can also make semolina pudding. To do this, add 100 ml of hot milk to ready-made thick semolina porridge (250-300 g); put the yolks of two raw eggs, crushed with a tablespoon of sugar, and whites whipped into foam. Everything is mixed and poured onto a baking sheet greased and sprinkled with ground breadcrumbs and baked. Any jam or jam is usually put on a piece of such a pudding.

Millet porridge can be cooked with zucchini. Peeled zucchini and seeds should be finely chopped and put in salted boiling water, where after 3-5 minutes well-washed and scalded millet is poured (if millet is poured over with boiling water before cooking, it will not be bitter and will cook two faster). Such a dietary breakfast dish will be ready a quarter of an hour after the cereal boils. A little butter is added to the finished porridge.

And here is the recipe for an omelette with boiled carrots and fresh herbs, which is steamed. To do this, finely chopped carrots (pre-boiled) and chopped parsley or dill are placed in beaten eggs (with the addition of two tablespoons of milk). With hypoacid gastritis, you can also add finely chopped tomatoes and bell peppers. It takes about 20 minutes to prepare this breakfast.

It is unlikely that you will be able to have breakfast “like a king” with inflammation of the stomach, because breakfast with gastritis is part of a diet that is aimed at alleviating the symptoms of the disease and contributes to its treatment.

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