What does the child understand from seven to nine months?

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Starting from six months your baby already distinguishes between his and others. If he sees you or other family members next to him, he pulls the handles up so you can take him in your arms. He already realizes that the reflection in the mirror is him, and he smiles, recognizing himself.

The child utters or sings various sounds, he "talks" with toys, calls out to others, urging them to communicate. Of the sounds that succeed him more than others, you can distinguish the sounds of "ba", "ta", "ma", "yes." Sometimes he can connect them into double syllables. He changes the intonation of the pronunciation depending on who he "talks to" with. If he sees people he knows, he is happy. He can express discontent, if strangers stick to him. The child understands that if you hid the rattle under a saucepan, it did not disappear. Just need to raise the pan - and the toy will reappear. Closer to seven-eight months the child starts to understand who is who in the photos. He already understands that a real person can be depicted in a photograph.

The child begins to respond in his own name. He can show his mother or father that he loves them, snuggling up to them.

His sense of humor has grown so much that he can already purposefully make others laugh. If he is banned from something, he realizes that it can not be done.

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