Tattoo during pregnancy: to do or not to do?

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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Tattoo during pregnancy, as well as other cosmetic procedures, which fall on period of childbearing, cause a lot of disputes and questions. Pregnancy is not disease, but happiest time in any woman's life, period, in which she should look at 100%. Let's consider question of tattoo and find out whether it is possible for pregnant women to do this procedure?

Is tattooing dangerous during pregnancy if these are just stupid warnings, which do not allow future mothers to look beautiful? Many specialists and cosmetologists, who do tattoo, ask pregnant women to refrain from this procedure. Application of permanent make-up procedure is quite painful, that is simple reason for ban of tattoo during pregnancy. And as during pregnancy skin is hypersensitive in woman, than ordinary permanent makeup can cause preterm labor or bleeding.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that tattoo is applied to with special ink, and information of its impact on body, and especially on body of pregnant woman, is absent. Refrain from tattooing during pregnancy, let these nine months pass without all sorts of risks and dangers. If you do decide on tattoo procedure, be sure to consult beautician, who will do permanent makeup, and gynecologist. And what is most importantly - tattooing is strictly forbidden in first trimester of pregnancy, as any "freelance" situations and nerve experiences can cause miscarriage.

Tattoo of eyebrows during pregnancy

Tattoo of eyebrows during pregnancy is most demanded cosmetic procedure, as it eases process of care for woman. After tattoo you do not have to spend time in order to bring eyebrows in order and give them shape.

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows is invasive procedure that requires work of specialists, able to predict behavior of female body after procedure. In process of tattooing of eyebrows during pregnancy skin is injured. In order healing process of skin is faster and more successful, eyebrows require careful maintenance. And for some mothers, especially young women with severe pregnancy, it is simply not under force.

Is it painful to do permanent makeup of eyebrow during pregnancy?

This question is asked both by pregnant and non- pregnant patients. If we talk about feelings during procedure of tattoo, that area of eyebrows is most painful one, comparing to lips and eyelids. Anesthesia is not used in process of tattooing, since depth of penetration of needle with ink is 0.5 mm. After such tattoo of eyebrows you have to carry out additional procedures to update color and shape of eyebrows.

If master cosmetologist makes deep permanent tattoo of eyebrows, he use anesthesia. Particular attention should be paid to fact that everyone has different threshold of sensitivity and pregnant women are hypersensitive. So do not tolerate pain, do not expose body to stress, if every master can offer variety of painkillers. But here another problem arises - how will anesthetic, shot or cream -gel influence pregnant body?

Permanent tattooing of eyebrows is economical, convenient, practical and very beautiful. Tattoo of eyebrows, eyelids, or lips allows woman to look always beautiful. This is very important for every woman, because question of beauty is one of most important for any beauty. Beautiful well-groomed eyebrows improve mood, give confidence and improve self-esteem. Not surprisingly, this procedure interests so much future mothers. Since pregnant women also want to keep their attractiveness and beauty, and not waste time on personal care.

Tattoo of eyebrows during pregnancy and breast-feeding

Period of pregnancy and breast-feeding is not desirable period for tattooing of eyebrows. During pregnancy female body undergoes hormonal changes and increased stress. And it is not possible to predict behavior of dye, i.e ink, with hormonal changes. For example, color of paint will not be that as you planned, or paint will go out faster than expected.

Increased sensitivity of pregnant and lactating women is another nuance. Then tattooing of eyebrows without anesthesia is very difficult to do. But all drugs, especially anesthesia during pregnancy and breastfeeding are contraindicated, unless of course we are not talking about urgent need.

Can tattoo be done during pregnancy?

Can tattoo be done during pregnancy? How many pregnant women are, so many opinions are. Each woman decides for herself whether she is ready to take risk for sake of beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows or procedure may be postponed.

True specialist, who deals with tattoo of eyebrows, never will do tattooing for pregnant woman, since there are many nuances that cannot be predicted. Starting from different color of eyebrows, to painful sensations.

Let's consider all contraindications relating to tattoo of eyebrows during pregnancy and lactation.

  • Hypertension, high blood pressure.
  • First trimester of pregnancy.
  • At 2nd and 3rd trimester tattoo of eyebrows can be done only after resolution of gynecologist.
  • During breastfeeding eyebrow tattooing is impossible to be done with use of anesthesia.
  • Tattoo of eyebrows is banned if you are allergic to preparation, used as ink.
  • Tattoo of eyebrows is strictly prohibited, if there is acne or any irritation or sores on face of pregnant woman.

Can tattoo of eyebrow be done during pregnancy and whether it is worth doing tattoo during pregnancy is up to you. But remember that all responsibility for outcome of procedure and possible consequences is only for you. Be guided not only by your own interests and desires, but also by fact what would be better for baby, you are carrying. Do not risk future health and happiness.

Be healthy!

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