Pregnancy: 40 weeks

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How the child grows:

It is difficult to say for sure what your child's weight and height will be, but the average parameters of the newborn are approximately 3.4 kg - weight and 50 cm - height.

Important: the development of each child is strictly individual. Our information is designed to give you an idea of the development of the fetus.

Changes of the future mother

After so many months of waiting and after the expiry of pregnancy, are you still pregnant? This is because ovulation sometimes occurs later, the estimated date, which is why the gestation period is shifted. You still have a couple of weeks left before the time when your birth will be considered belated. However, you must make sure that your child is active.

The doctor will prescribe a biophysical profile that consists of ultrasound to track the baby's movements, respiratory movements (motion of the pectoral muscles and diaphragm), and muscle tone (bending limbs and fists), also check the amount of amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby (an important indicator, so as reflects the support of the placenta). Fetal heart rate monitoring will also be prescribed and performed. If the embryonic tests fix a decrease in the level of the amniotic fluid, you will be given an urgent cesarean section.

The doctor will also check the cervix, its position, omission and opening. If the birth activity does not start on its own, it will be called 41 and 42 weeks.

3 Questions about ... Calling for labor

  • What is the challenge of labor?

If the birth activity does not start on its own, the doctor can call it using certain medications and methods to initiate the contractions. Usually, the challenge of labor is performed in the case of a high risk of prolonging pregnancy. Most doctors recommend the challenge of labor after one week of the final date of pregnancy, as the placenta may become less effective in the transfer of nutrients, and there is a risk of other serious complications.

  • How does the generic activity?

To call generic activity, a variety of methods can be used, which one to choose depends on the individual situation, the doctor and the willingness of the cervix. As a rule, if it is necessary to cause labor activity, but the cervix is not yet open, the doctor will start with the introduction of a drug containing prostaglandin in the vagina. This drug helps to open the cervix and can also stimulate contractions. If prostaglandin does not help the onset of labor, the doctor will use Pitocin (also known as oxytocin), which is administered intravenously and used to stimulate contractions.

  • Are there any methods for self-referral of labor?

No. Such techniques that would be both safe and at the same time effective are not. Do nothing without the doctor's approval. Here are some ways that you may have heard about:

  • Sexual intercourse: Sperm contains prostaglandin, and orgasm can stimulate contractions. Studies have shown that the presence of sexual contacts has no effect on the stimulation of labor.
  • Stimulation of the nipple: Stimulation of the nipples provokes oxytocin production and is capable of causing labor, but more research is needed to confirm the safety and efficacy of this method. Because this method can hyperactivate the uterus, your contractions and your child's reaction to them should be controlled, so do not perform it at home, without seeing a doctor.
  • Castor oil is a powerful laxative, and stimulation of the intestinal tract can provoke contractions. There is no exact evidence that this method helps to trigger labor, although many women have testified to its unpleasant effect!
  • Herbal medicines: many herbs are advertised as stimulants of labor. Some are dangerous, because they can cause too long or intense bouts, which can be dangerous for the child, the safety and effectiveness of others remains unproven.

Activity of the week: Relax. Rent a movie, read books and look through magazines.

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