How to teach to write a child?

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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How to teach a child to write is the problem of many young parents. Children learn to read much faster than to write, and there's nothing to be done about it. So how can you teach a child to write, and competently and beautifully?

How to teach a child to write is a problem for many young parents

Abundance of words and rules

In Russian, a lot of words - exceptions, rules, forms of writing, so children can learn to write correctly for a long time. Remembering all these rules is difficult for kids, it's much easier to read. It is necessary to have patience, if you want, that your child would write competently and beautifully.

First steps

When your child turns 3 years old, he should begin to prepare little by little for writing. It is believed that children begin to write calligraphy, approximately, at the age of 5-6 years. If you want to teach your child to write in advance, before he has gone to school, do to him a massage of hands and fingers so that the baby does not feel fatigue when writing. It will be very cool if the kid will draw or sculpt figures from plasticine, it also contributes to the development of fingertips and hands, these exercises help develop fine motor skills.

How to hold the handle correctly?

A very important point in teaching a child to write is whether he correctly holds a writing object in handles, whether it's a pen, a pencil or a marker pen. If your child gets used to writing not how it is necessary, then it will be very difficult to retrain. When rules were created to correctly write and hold the subject, factors that will affect the baby's health in the future are taken into account: sight, posture, development of the arm muscles in order to avoid fatigue.

The kid should hold the handle on the phalanx, namely the upper phalanx of the middle finger. Fixation of the handle is done with the thumb and forefinger. The thumb should be higher than the index. It is very important to ensure that the tip of the handle is pointing to the shoulder.

Buy a baby copybook

To your kid learned to write quickly and accurately, get your notebook with him or a beautiful album. In it you will try to write together, the kid is much more interesting to train with his parents than himself. Do not ask the child from the beginning complex words, it will be a long and painful to learn them. Start with ordinary letters.

It is possible for a child to trace points or write simple letters of the alphabet. After the baby learns the letters, he can begin to learn simple words that he knows perfectly well: dad, mom, hare, pussycat, forest, or other words that he likes. After the end of the training of these words, calmly proceed to the study of the new ones.

"Special" dictation

You can arrange from time to time for your child a "special" dictation. Just show your child a variety of beautiful simple pictures, and he will write down the names of what is depicted there. This method perfectly develops fantasy, logic, speed of thinking.

Do not try to teach your child immediately to write beautiful uppercase letters of the Russian alphabet with different hooks and curls. This is an erroneous method of teaching letters. Your baby will first learn how to write printed letters, so that the hand is used to the load, fingers developed. In order for the child to write beautifully, he must first learn the basics of writing ordinary printed letters.

It would be great if you bought the ciphers, where the letters are written in the form of dots (dotted). Such formulations greatly simplify the learning process. Children are very fond of drawing letters and words from the points, they are often very addicted to this occupation.

Attention of parents

Your attention and support is very important if you want to teach you how to write a child. Support it in every possible way, rejoice with it, do not scold. If you follow these simple rules - the kid learns to write very quickly and with pleasure.

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