Frozen pregnancy

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Frozen pregnancy is a pathology, as a result of which the fetus ceases to develop. It happens so often and there are reasons for everything.

It can be both diseases and infections in the body. In addition, an important role is played by the Rh factor of a woman, her age and general condition in general. More details about this phenomenon will be discussed below.

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Statistics of a stiff pregnancy

This phenomenon can occur at different ages and for a number of specific reasons. But there are certain statistics that show the most unfavorable periods.

So, to develop a frozen pregnancy is capable of early terms. Naturally, and later it is, but immediately the first trimester, carries an increased risk. The fact is that the body of a woman is subject to the influence of negative factors from the outside. Therefore, a frozen pregnancy is quite capable of arising on the background of infections and other diseases. In addition, if a woman has problems with the thyroid gland, cardiovascular system or there is diabetes mellitus, the risk increases several times.

If you take into account age-related "limitations", then this category includes women with late pregnancy, namely at the age of 40 years. This is if you throw aside illnesses, infections, etc., but take as a basis only one year.

In general, this phenomenon can occur at any time. But a special risk of its appearance is observed after 40 years, and in the presence of pathologies, diseases and all sorts of infections.

Causes of a Pregnant Pregnancy

The reasons for the development of a frozen pregnancy are many.

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Infectious factor

In early terms, the probability of infection of the fetus is high. Because of this phenomenon, often a frozen pregnancy occurs. Therefore it is very important to monitor your own health at this time. According to statistics, infection can harm both the mother and the baby. In case of bacterial and viral infection, mamma may develop abnormalities in the endocrine glands. This state of affairs can lead to a halt in the development of the embryo, as well as its death. Especially dangerous infections are intestinal, viral, fungal and pathogenic. Even herpes simplex is at risk.

Immunological factor

The endometrium contains cells of the immune system. If they are excessively many or they somehow develop inadequately, then all this can cause a stagnant pregnancy. The fact is that any developing process in the uterus leads to a violation of blood circulation. That is why the immune response is distorted. Negatively affect pregnancy and autoimmune diseases. They are able to impede the full implantation of a fertilized egg.

Chromosome anomalies in partners

This phenomenon can disrupt the correct discrepancy of chromosomes. And during this action the embryo may be absent or have defects. In almost 98% of cases, this pregnancy does not develop. The translocation of chromosomes, which contributes to their division into several parts, as a result of which they change their position, can cause a frozen pregnancy. Blastopathy and embryopathy disturb the formation of the fetus and its development.

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Endocrine factors

One of the most important role during pregnancy is the formation and functioning of the yellow body. Even not so significant changes can lead to a violation of embryo development. Which leads to his inner death. A small threat of frozen pregnancy persists even if the woman has diabetes mellitus. Therefore, before planning a pregnancy, the expectant mother must constantly be under the supervision of an endocrinologist-gynecologist. Any violations in the thyroid gland lead to the development of a stagnant pregnancy. But if you follow this process correctly and constantly under the supervision of a doctor, then this phenomenon is not at all scary.

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Genetic causes of frozen pregnancy

The genetic causes of frozen pregnancy occupy one of the leading roles in this process. Chromosomal abnormalities can cause abnormalities in embryo development. All this occurs in the early stages of pregnancy and leads to the suspension of the development process. The fact is that the embryo can either be absent or have multiple defects.

Translocation of chromosomes can only be transmitted from one parent. This process is the division of the chromosome into several parts, as a result of which they change their position. Such an anomaly can only be transmitted by one of the parents and only if there were cases of frozen pregnancy in its genus.

Blastopathy refers to inherited disorders of fetal formation. This process takes place at an early stage of development. Often, it is associated with unfavorable external factors, which have a negative impact on the mother's body. Embryopathy is a disorder in the development of the fetus, in some cases it leads to a stagnant pregnancy.

That is why before planning conception, you need to undergo a survey in order to exclude many factors that can hamper its development.

Repeated frozen pregnancy

Repeated frozen pregnancy can manifest itself, but only in certain cases. So, according to foreign studies, this phenomenon takes place not only for the first time, but also in the second and third.

A major threat is abortion. So, if there was a spontaneous abortion, the risk of its occurrence in the second time is 8%. When it comes to the third frozen pregnancy or even the fourth, this figure is significantly increased and varies within the range of 40-60%. The fact is that such a phenomenon, which has arisen in the early stages, does not lend itself to any treatment. In this case, there is a violation due to a chromosomal abnormality.

If the reason for this are genetic pathologies in the parents. For example, it can be a violation of the blood coagulation system, then some prevention is possible. The tactics of treatment are selected in a strictly individual order. Because without consulting a medical genetics, it is not possible to solve the problem. A frozen pregnancy can be ruled out if planning for conception is started long before the process itself.

Frozen second pregnancy

The frozen second pregnancy is quite rare. Therefore, the future mothers on this occasion should not worry particularly. But, before you completely calm down, you need to understand the cause of the first frozen pregnancy. If all this took place at the genetic level, then it is not worthwhile to plan a second conception without the participation of a doctor.

In general, the second frozen pregnancy occurs rarely, its percentage is only 8%. There are no special reasons for experiencing, but you need to watch as yourself and regularly consult a doctor.

Any subsequent frozen pregnancy refers to an anomaly. The first time this can happen for a number of reasons, the main ones being infectious diseases and genetic predisposition. In the first case, you need to carefully monitor your own health, while in the second, it is under constant surveillance.

The risk of its development significantly increases with each subsequent time.

Third Frozen Pregnancy

The third frozen pregnancy is not a very common phenomenon, but despite this, the risk of its development occurs several times.

The first frozen pregnancy occurs against the background of infectious diseases, genetic predisposition and other factors. The second and subsequent already against the background of previously transferred pathology. That is why during pregnancy planning it is necessary to undergo a survey.

Naturally, this will not save you from infectious diseases. But, it is worth noting that a frozen pregnancy occurs against the background of diabetes mellitus and problems with the thyroid gland. If a woman with such problems starts to plan correctly a pregnancy, together with an experienced doctor, then nothing terrible will happen.

The third frozen pregnancy occurs in 40% of cases. The percentage ratio is quite large. Because it is a question of quite "heavy" deviations in the body of a woman. If the future mother is already faced with such a sad experience, then self-planning for subsequent pregnancies is not recommended.

Frozen pregnancy after 40 years

Frozen pregnancy after 40 years is quite common. Why is this happening and what is it connected with? The fact is that at this age the body is no longer able to bear the child.

This does not mean that you need to immediately exclude such a thought. Pregnancy at this age is a rather complicated process. Someone does not manage to become a happy mother, someone easily achieves this. Pregnancy at this age is practically no different from the childbearing period. Just need more is under the supervision of the attending physician.

During this period, often a frozen pregnancy occurs. It is due to the fact that the body of a woman is struggling with this process. It is not necessary to panic, everything is actually not so bad.

What should a woman do to avoid this phenomenon? It's simple, you need to consult a doctor and follow his recommendations. It is important to appear more often on inspections and is constantly under observation.

Mistaken frozen pregnancy

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is often encountered. But often by mistake doctors. In this case, it is not worth the entire responsibility for them.

So, during the inspection, some changes can be seen. So the doctor may not hear the heartbeat or by preliminary measurements to diagnose the fact that the fetus does not develop.

What to do in this case? Do not panic immediately, doctors are also people. Sometimes there is an erroneous frozen pregnancy. In this case it is recommended to visit another clinic, so that they conducted the same examination. It is possible that just an error occurred.

Naturally, this combination of circumstances pretty spoils your nerves. But let it be a better mistake than a truth. You can take a couple of exams at different clinics. If everything is confirmed, then we are talking about this pathology. When in another clinic the diagnosis is denied, then experiences can be safely thrown aside.

Dead pregnancy

In fact, such a pathology can appear at any time. Everything depends solely on the characteristics of the woman's organism and on her "diseases".

But, despite this, there are the most common "dates" for its appearance. So, most often fading occurs at a time when the fetus is most vulnerable to negative factors. So, in the first trimester it's 3-4 and 8-11 weeks. During this period, the fetus is just beginning its development. The mother's body is not able to give him the necessary protection and protect against many infections.

Also, a frozen pregnancy can manifest itself at 16-18 weeks. But in this case the risk is not so great. The most dangerous is considered to be 8 weeks. Because during this period, the most important organs of the baby are laid.

Therefore, on these weeks you need to monitor your own health more carefully.

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Consequences of a stiff pregnancy

Naturally, for the woman's body this is a very serious trauma. And both physically and emotionally. Therefore, pull yourself together will be quite difficult.

The first step is to try to tune in to a positive mood. Yes, it is difficult, but after all the desire to have a child is still preserved. Therefore, in order not to bring yourself emotionally, you need to begin the process of recovery.

Now the pregnancy needs to be planned together with the attending physician. For everything to go well, you need to undergo a survey and if there are any deviations, you should immediately eliminate them.

Do not forget that a repeated frozen pregnancy can also be. That's why you need to plan the next conception with your doctor. Moreover, it is necessary to be under constant surveillance. In this case, avoiding negative pathology will be easier.

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Who to contact?

What to do with a stiffened pregnancy?

First of all, you need to see a doctor, so that he refutes or diagnoses this pathology.

Naturally, in many cases, a woman is able to determine the presence of this pathology on her own. There are pains in the lower abdomen, which are given in the lower back. In addition, the breast becomes rough, and the discharge is abundant. There may be a discharge from the vagina, they are very similar to the menstrual period.

What to do if it was discovered? The first thing you need to see a doctor. He will diagnose and identify this pathology. After that, an abortion or artificial birth is called. In this case, everything depends on the period of pregnancy. This procedure does not include anything more.

Then follows the process of rehabilitation and after a while a woman can again think about pregnancy. Only this time, everything will be under the supervision of a doctor.

Treatment of a stiff pregnancy

This process begins immediately after the diagnosis of pathology. Because the presence of a dead fetus in the uterus cavity, is a threat to the health of women. In some cases, this can lead to death.

Therefore, it is necessary to interrupt the pregnancy artificially and the dead fruit is removed. After that, a whole course of treatment procedures for recovery is prescribed. And compulsory anti-inflammatory treatment is compulsory. It includes antibacterial, hormonal, immune-correcting and symptomatic therapy. In addition, we can not do without general strengthening treatment.

All these procedures are able to completely restore the endometrium and allow the woman to become pregnant again. In addition, the psychoemotional state of a woman should be normalized.

More detailed information on this issue is provided by the attending physician. He also appoints the necessary drugs and in every way monitors the status of women. Because a frozen pregnancy is a strong stress for the body, it is not so easy to restore it.

Scraping with a stiff pregnancy

Scraping with a dead pregnancy is made only if everything happened in the early term. This procedure is similar to abortion.

In the early stages, when a frozen pregnancy was discovered, they resort directly to such a procedure. It is painless and most common. At later dates, it can not be produced. Because the fruit is partially formed and there is no possibility of extracting it in this way. In this case, cause artificial birth. This process is less dangerous than scraping.

The procedure of scraping carries a certain danger, because there is a risk not to have children in the future. But if a woman goes to an abortion for some personal reasons, then in this case it's just a forced measure. You can not wear a dead fruit, it can lead to health problems.

Further planning of conception in this case is performed only under the supervision of a physician.

Vacuum aspiration with a dead pregnancy

Vacuum aspiration with a dead pregnancy can safely get rid of the pathology. So, the girl, being under anesthesia, undergoes an operation. Often this process is called mini-abortion.

Everything is done pretty quickly and painlessly. This procedure is carried out exclusively in the early stages. Because the fetus is not yet formed and is easily removed from the uterus. At a later date, the procedure is not carried out, only artificial births are used here.

This operation takes about 30 minutes. Everything is very fast and painless. If desired, you can choose both local and general anesthesia. But in the latter there is simply no need. But if a woman is morally incapable of sustaining it, it is better to resort to general anesthesia. In general, the procedure of vacuum aspiration is the most gentle and quick method.

Frozen pregnancy serious pathology. It is important to diagnose and "clean" it in time. Because you can not wear a dead child for a long time, it can harm a woman's health.

Preventing a stiff pregnancy

It must be understood that planning for pregnancy is a complex process. You can not let things go by themselves. Especially if the dead pregnancy was already one day.

If there are any diseases, you need to ease the condition a little. So, it is recommended to undergo a complete examination immediately before conception. It is desirable to pass all the tests in order to exclude the possibility of developing some pathologies. In addition, if a woman suffers from any diseases, including diabetes, then you need to carefully monitor the whole process. People with problems of the cardiovascular system, as well as the thyroid gland, enter the risk zone.

So, a special risk to disrupt pregnancy is observed in the first trimester. During this period you need to carefully monitor your health. Because the risk is really very large. In addition, one must constantly be under the supervision of a doctor, and follow his recommendations. Only in this case, no frozen pregnancy will not be terrible.

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