Bad smell from the mouth

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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A bad smell, also known as halitosis, can be caused by various diseases. Do not worry, the cat should not have fresh mint breath, but if the smell is very strong, bad, the cause may be a disease.

What can cause a bad smell from the mouth of a cat?

Most often, a bad smell is caused by the accumulation of bad-smelling bacteria in the mouth of your pet. This can lead to a disease of teeth or gums. In fact, some cats may be particularly prone to plaque and tartar. This can also contribute to diet and dermatological diseases. However, a constant bad smell from the mouth can indicate more serious diseases, such as diseases of the oral cavity, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, liver or kidney. In all cases, halitosis is a signal that it is necessary to conduct a survey.

How to determine the cause of a bad smell from the mouth of a cat?

The vet may determine the exact cause. The cause of the problem may be a medical examination. If this does not succeed, most likely, further research will be recommended. Be prepared to answer questions about nutrition, oral hygiene, physical activity, and the nature and behavior of the cat as a whole.

When should I visit a vet?

The following symptoms require the help of a veterinarian:

  • A large brownish tartar on the cat's teeth, especially if it is accompanied by drooling, difficulty eating and red inflamed gums, may indicate serious dental and gum disease.
  • An unusually sweet or fruity smell can indicate diabetes, especially if your cat drinks and urinates more often than usual.
  • The smell of urine from the mouth can be a sign of kidney disease.
  • An unusually rotten smell, accompanied by vomiting, lack of appetite and yellow-colored cornea and / or gums, may be a sign of liver disease.
  • The cat touches the mouth with the paw.

How is a bad smell from the mouth treated?

Treatment depends on the diagnosis made by the veterinarian. If the cause is plaque, the cat may need professional cleaning. If it is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys or lungs, consult a veterinarian about what steps you should take.

How to prevent the appearance of bad odor from the mouth of a cat?

Many people believe that a bad smell from the mouth of cats, especially at a certain age, is normal, but it's not. In fact, taking care of your pet's oral health will not only make your life together more pleasant, it's good prevention:

  • Bring your pet to regular medical examinations to make sure that there are no diseases that can cause halitosis.
  • Make sure that the veterinarian monitors the condition of the teeth and the smell from the mouth of your cat.
  • Often brush the cat's teeth - every day is perfect. (Be sure to use toothpaste designed for cats, since human pasta can cause stomach upset in your pet).
  • Talk with the veterinarian about oral health products for home use, perhaps he will recommend something.
  • Talk to the veterinarian about a diet that will help prevent dental disease. Some have noticed that abrasive action caused by chewing solid food can slow the formation of plaque.

What happens if you ignore the bad smell from the mouth of a cat?

If you do not treat gum disease and tartar, both causes, a defiantly bad smell, can lead to infection and tooth loss.

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