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Wrinkle cream for men: a necessity or an ordinary PR move?

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

The beauty and youth of the skin have always been the main direction of the woman's concern for herself. But those who believe that the attention of their appearance is given mainly to women, are very mistaken in this regard. Men, like women, do not want to grow old before the time and dislike the first external signs of aging - wrinkles, which often appear by the age of 30. Therefore, a wrinkle cream for men is in demand and successful in the male half of the population, even though the price of this product is by no means low. And this has its own logic, because what can be more valuable than the youth of the skin, associated with beauty and health ?!

Indications of the wrinkle cream for men

Everyone understands that it is pointless to argue with the fact that aging is equally affected by both female and male skin. This is a physiological process, from which we can not hide, not hide. And yet it can be braked using special wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin, helping the body rejuvenate the epidermal cells, saturate them with strength and beauty, taking into account the features of the skin of different sexes.

Nevertheless, many people think that wrinkle cream for men is a kind of PR move, and a strong sex can successfully use women's creams with the same effect. This opinion is erroneous. In principle, you can use skin care products intended for women, but you should not expect the desired result from using them.

And the fact is that the men's skin, whether we like it or not, is still different from the female one. It is much denser than the female, which makes it difficult for the nutrients of the cream to pass into the deeper layers of the skin. That's why the structure of the cream for men should be different from the female cream. Due to its light consistency and delicate structure, men's creams are more quickly absorbed and have a greater penetrating power.

Daily shaving is the privilege of men - it also leaves its negative trace on the male skin, removing the protective layer, increasing the skin's susceptibility to damage and the negative impact of the environment. So, men's cosmetics for the face should be saturated with antiseptic, wound-healing agents, preventing the infection from getting through the lesions on the skin.

Because of shaving, the skin is deprived of its natural lubricant, eventually becomes thinner and becomes dry and wrinkled. Therefore, creams should have moisturizing and protective properties, vitamin complexes, glycerin, fatty acids.

Women's and men's skin is also characterized by fatness and hydration. Sebaceous glands in men, of course, less, however, under the influence of the male hormone testosterone, subcutaneous fat is much more active than in women. In youth, the male skin looks rather moist and elastic.

But with age, the production of fat slows down, the skin becomes drier, and wrinkles begin to appear on it. Moreover, in men this process is started earlier than in women, but due to the peculiarities of the male skin, its manifestations are not so obvious initially. Over time, wrinkles both on the forehead and in the corners of the eyes become deeper and more noticeable, and this does not paint any women or men.

It is erroneous to consider that indications for the application of creams against wrinkles are changes in the skin at this stage of wilting. Fighting the already existing wrinkles is not easy and not as effective as preventing age-related changes in the skin, which is recommended to begin no later than 30 years. A cream for men from wrinkles around the eyes requires an even earlier start of use from the age of 25, when there is even no hint of wrinkles.

The need for anti-aging creams in men is caused by many factors. These are metabolic disorders caused by physiological factors or negative external influences. Harmful habits, such as alcohol abuse and especially smoking, always leave their unattractive traces on the skin.

Many men are employed in industries with harmful working conditions, which adversely affects their skin, causing premature aging. Its contribution to the reduction of the protective properties of the skin is made by an unfavorable ecological situation, prolonged exposure to UV rays.

All of the above suggests that to pay attention to their skin, men need not less than women. And a cream from wrinkles for men will be a good helper in this matter. It will help to improve the men's skin, make it smooth and more elastic, giving a truly male fragrance, which is another important feature of this male cream.

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Release form

Complexity can arise when choosing a suitable cream, because for the final evaluation of its effectiveness, it takes time, at least 3-4 weeks. Nevertheless, whoever does not take risks, he does not drink champagne. The names of anti-wrinkle creams for men are not as numerous as for women, however, many self-respecting cosmetic companies consider it their duty to take care of the male half of the population and to arrange the production of men's facial and neck care products.

Anti-aging cosmetics for men TM Shiseido

The products of the Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido with production bases in Japan, France, the USA are one of the most popular among the strong half of the society. After all, it provides professional skin care, as in the best salons, which men usually do not have time to visit. Yes, however, and desires, too, because the procedure for a beautician, they consider a purely female pastime.

In the series for men Shiseido, you can find a correction cream for wrinkles of 30 ml, a cream that restores the energy balance of the skin and slows its aging (50 ml), a regenerating cream for men from wrinkles around the eyes (15 ml), a soothing gel for the skin around the eyes with cooling effect (15 ml).

Let us dwell in more detail on the first anti-wrinkle remedy, which along with a cream for the skin around the eyes receives many admiring reviews from women who notice positive changes in the appearance of their loved ones. After all, the men themselves are so mean to the reviews.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of creme-corrector against wrinkles of TM Shiseido. The product has a pronounced anti-aging effect, markedly reduces the depth of wrinkles, removes fine wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic and smooth.

The unique formula Damage Defense Complex with a protective effect corrects the oval face, makes the skin young and supple. Vitamin A (retinol) in the cream makes the surface of the skin smooth and radiant. This effect is enhanced by the exclusive component of the LAG Revitalizer cream, plus the rejuvenating skin cells.

Castor oil relieves dryness and flaking, improves metabolic processes in the tissues, makes the skin smooth, saturates with moisture, is also known to have a pronounced antibacterial effect. The extract of the ginseng root rejuvenates the skin, giving it a second youth.

The cream is produced in a vial with a dispenser, convenient to use and quite economical. Has a good moisturizing effect, perfectly absorbed, leaving no greasy shine. Apply it 1 or 2 times a day.

The regenerating eye cream corrector around the eyes of TM Shiseido will help men not only to effectively get rid of "crow's feet" in the corners of the eyes, but also to say goodbye for a long time with such manifestations of fatigue as swelling ("bags") and dark circles under the eyes. The cream actively fights and with age manifestations: dryness and reduction of skin elasticity.

A unique formula of a cream containing a bio-complex with hyaluronic acid and a protective complex against damage to the delicate skin around the eyes, provide moisturizing, protection and strengthening of the skin for 24 hours. A remarkable effect gives two applications in the morning and in the evening. The cream for men from wrinkles around the eyes does not clog pores and does not cause eye and edema irritation, therefore its use as a night remedy is fully justified.

The way to apply wrinkle creams for men can differ not only in terms of the frequency of application, but also in the manner of application. If the cream for wrinkles needs to be accurately spread over the skin of the face, especially in the area of accumulation of forehead creases and facial wrinkles, without active actions leading to stretching of the skin, the eye cream is hammered around by light, but active movements of the pads of the fingers in the skin near the eyes . This "shock" massage makes the skin around the eyes more elastic.

Creams for the face can be applied to the neck area, but not under the eyes. For this, there are special means for the skin around the eyes.

As for interaction with other drugs, this cosmetics is perfectly combined with concealer - masking remedies for minor flaws on the skin


Colistar and care for beauty and health of men's skin

The Italian cosmetic company Kolystar also did not stay away from the problem of wrinkles in the stronger sex and developed a special wrinkle regeneration cream for men. The manufacturer recommends starting to apply it already from the age of 25. This cream, like the previous ones, belongs to the professional elite series of cosmetics for facial skin care.

Anti-wrinkle cream Daily Revitalizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream company Collistar contains a unique formula with the necessary skin vitamins and nutritional components, rejuvenating the skin and preventing its premature aging. It is a nourishing cream based on natural essences, which saturates the skin with useful microelements and antioxidants. Antioxidants, in turn, protect the skin from loss of moisture in its cells, activate the restoring processes in various layers of the skin.

Reduction of wrinkles and smoothing effect for the skin as a whole is ensured by the presence in the cream of a special tensor lifting formula, which gives the skin a feeling of rest and relaxation.

You can use the cream at any time of the day once or twice. It is also practiced to use this regenerating cream as an effective after shave.

Health And Beauty and Premier for Men

Israeli cosmetic company H & B also took care of men over 30 years of age, creating a protective wrinkle cream for men with SPF 15, actively protecting the skin from UV rays. And although this cream does not belong to the professional series, it has well proven itself as an effective restoring and moisturizing anti-aging remedy. The cream is available in classic packaging (glass jar), so you can adjust its consumption yourself.

The cream is suitable for any type of skin. Due to the calming and moisturizing effects, it helps to easily get rid of such unpleasant symptoms of skin aging as dryness and peeling. Extracts of chamomile and scarlet along with tea tree oil have a wonderful antiseptic and disinfectant effect, which makes it possible to use this cream as a good after shave.

Fatty acids from the Omega series saturate the skin with nutrients, and coenzymes of youth Q10 activate the body's defenses to combat the signs of skin aging, the most notable of which are wrinkles. They inhibit the aging process and the Dead Sea minerals in the cream from the wrinkles of TM Health And Beauty.

Vitamins A, C, E, acting in the cream as antioxidants, significantly weaken the negative impact on the skin of free radicals and saturate it with energy. Also, the cream has a protective factor against the sun's rays SPF 15, which actively fights against photoaging of the skin.

Light cream consistency allows it to be absorbed quickly, leaving no traces on the skin, which makes it possible to use it at any time of the day if necessary, using a face and neck care product.

The famous Premier brand in Israel is presented in the anti-aging men's line of anti-wrinkle anti-wrinkle serum, nourishing regenerating cream and anti-wrinkle night cream.

Serum (serum) with a rich vitamin complex, fatty acids, oils and minerals of the Dead Sea is for the face, neck and eye area. Nourishing cream in its composition has a liposome complex, oils, minerals, vitamins, useful plant extracts of aloe vera, rosemary and lavender, citrus acids. It effectively moisturizes the skin and softens it, restoring its elasticity and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Interesting from the point of view of our topic is the unique professional night cream for wrinkles for men TM Premier. It helps to fight small and deep wrinkles, helps to rejuvenate skin cells and normalizes metabolic processes in it, removes puffiness, strengthens and tightens the skin of men even in sleep.

The cream is enriched with Dead Sea algae and beta-carotene. Designed for both the neck and face, including the skin around the eyes. It is applied before a dream. It is considered one of the best means of cosmetics for men in this area.

TM Apivita offer for men

Apivita - Greek brand of cosmetic products has its own courting series of funds for men, which includes after shaving, as well as creams and balms for regular skin and hair care. Attractive for men over 35 years old will seem a universal anti-wrinkle and fatigue cream for the face and skin around the eyes with cardamom and propolis.

Like other products of TM Apivita, this cream is a product related to natural organic cosmetics, which is also due to its rather high price. 96% of the composition of the cream are natural substances with appropriate effects for the purpose of the cream. By the way, to increase the antioxidant effect of its products, Apivita uses organic green tea instead of water, which increases the effect of using these cosmetic products.

Anti-wrinkle cream for men TM Apivita contains a beech extract that can not only prevent the emergence of new wrinkles, but also significantly reduce the depth of existing ones, in parallel charging the skin with energy and wiping out signs of fatigue in the form of swelling and ugly dark circles.

Propolis and cardamom have a protective effect against the unfavorable conditions of the surrounding space and the action of free radicals that cause early aging of the human skin.

It is recommended to apply the cream on cleansed face skin (it is topical for all creams!) Once or twice a day with light movements, and there is no need to avoid the zone around the eyes, since the cream is universal, intended for the face and eyelids.

The beauty of men's leather from the domestic manufacturer

The Ukrainian manufacturer of organic cosmetics company "Yaka" in the series of grooming products for men has developed a natural face cream "Green care for men" with an effective formula for combating the first wrinkles, which can be used from the age of 18.

Buyers of this cream note a pleasant, unobtrusive smell that is pleasant to both men and women, an easy texture of the cream that does not leave unsightly marks on the skin and more than an interesting price. So 220 ml of domestic natural cream cost about 80 UAH., While 30-50 g of professional imported cosmetics from wrinkles will cost the buyer 800-1300 UAH., And even more. However, many users consider such a large amount of anti-wrinkle remedy in a jar without a protective membrane rather a disadvantage than an advantage of the cream.

Anti-wrinkle cream for men Yak TM is considered to be an excellent protective tool for men who, for a number of reasons, are outdoors for a long time, and their skin is prone to negative environmental and weather factors. Nutrition and hydration of the skin is provided by enriching the cream with shea butter, which can penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis, saturating the cells with moisture and energy. Many men are happy to note the excellent effectiveness of the drug in combating dryness and unaesthetic peeling of the skin.

The cream can be used for the face and neck as a day care. After applying the cream, the skin acquires an enviable softness, which makes it pleasant to the touch.

Means Loreal, Bioterm and Yves Roche from wrinkles for men

The famous French company L'OREAL has developed a cosmetic series for men, which allows to resist premature aging of the skin. Bright representatives of the Maine Expert Vita Lifting series are cleansing cream mousse with a tonic effect and anti-aging complex with the effect of moisturizing.

Both products have a pronounced lifting effect, which makes the skin taut and elastic, and also helps to hide the true age of its owner. Formula Pro-retinol based on vitamin A effectively smoothes wrinkles. Steam-elastic in the cream strengthens the fibers of collagen and elastin. Vitamin E increases skin tone. The unique complex of ADC has a calming effect, removes various irritations and increases the protective properties of the skin, preventing negative influences from outside.

Another interesting representative of the Loreal Meng Expert series is the universal anti-wrinkle cream for the stronger sex. A wrinkle stop that also contains a moisturizing and protective complex, as well as previous products, plus a formula enriched with Bospelox, relaxing the skin and preventing wrinkles. Small wrinkles are erased after an hour from the beginning of the action of the remedy.

The way of application of creams from wrinkles for men of the company Loreal. Cleansing cream mousse is recommended to be applied twice a day, slightly foaming agent and applying it to moist skin by means of light massage movements. Remove the residue with a cotton swab. Anti-aging complex and anti-wrinkle cream is distributed on the skin, paying special attention to areas with wrinkles. You can apply 1, and preferably 2 times a day. Suitable as a means of after shaving.

TM Bioterm, developed by the above-mentioned company Loreal, has developed its own line of anti-aging cosmetics for men based on thermal water, which gives the skin a second life.

A bright representative of this line is the wrinkle cream for men Biotherm Homme Age Refirm, designed for men over 30 years of age. He in a short time is able to significantly reduce the number, as well as the depth of wrinkles, significantly increasing the elasticity of the skin.

The composition of rejuvenating cosmetics Bioterm included pure silicon, which faithfully serves to strengthen the structure of the skin. And biopeptides promote the constant regeneration of skin cells. The cream is rich in protective and moisturizing (glycerin and oil of a greasy tree), and also sun-protection components. Special polymers actively smooth out the skin, eliminating early wrinkles.

The cream is used as a caring agent twice a day. It is a wonderful after shave remedy that perfectly removes irritation and gives a fresh fragrance.

Biotherm Force Supreme Homme is a nourishing anti-aging skin cream for men with a sunscreen filter SPF 12, which also helps to significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles on the face. It produces a rejuvenating effect in the deep layers of the skin, restoring the cells and preventing the formation of wrinkles.

French cosmetic company Yves Rocher has developed an effective anti-aging face cream for men, helping to combat such unattractive manifestations of skin aging as wrinkles. The main component of the cream is a ginseng extract, which has a remarkable protective, stimulating and rejuvenating effect.

The cream is used for the face and neck area, not for the eyelids. The use of the cream 2 times a day in a month will significantly reduce the visible signs of skin aging.

Vichy wrinkle cream

The French company Vichy, known to many as a manufacturer of cosmetics, equated to pharmacological agents, did not leave our men unattended and developed a wrinkle cream for men Vichy Homme Reti-Fill, able to give youth and beauty to men's skin for a long time.

The main active components of the cream are antioxidants: retinol (vitamin A), stimulating the production of collagen in the body and preventing the formation of wrinkles, and vitamin C, known for its protective effect and preventing the aging of the skin. The cream effectively protects the skin of the strong half of mankind from the negative effects of UV radiation and unfavorable environmental factors (polluted air, wind, frost, etc.).

Daily use of the cream improves the appearance of the skin, and wrinkles with each application are becoming less noticeable. The cream seems to fill them from the inside, leveling the surface of the skin. Protection from UV rays does not allow the skin to dry out and maintains the necessary level of moisture.

The cream should be used twice a day, for example, in the morning and in the evening. Apply it only to pre-cleaned skin, while avoiding the area around the eyes. It is possible to use the cream as a soothing and protective agent after shaving.

Declare cosmetics against wrinkles

Deep effect on the skin is famous for the elite wrinkle cream for men Declare 24h Anti-Wrinkle Comfort Cream with a unique SRC-complex. This component of the cream increases the protective properties of the skin and prevents the destruction of its cells. In addition to the cream, you can find useful vegetable oils of coconut and sunflower, flax extract, vitamin-mineral complex, toniskin, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, citric acid, xanthan gum.

Oils, glycerin and hyaluronic acid help to rejuvenate the skin and preserve the optimum water-salt balance in it. The latter is for the skin a kind of "jug apple". And glycerin also has extraordinary protective properties, preventing the negative effects of harmful factors that affect the skin from the outside.

Yeast extract (tonicskin) since ancient times is used in cosmetics for skin rejuvenation, because it contains those vitamins, amino acids and trace elements that the skin needs for normal functioning. In addition, yeast has a good anti-inflammatory effect, which is very important if you use after shaving cream. Acids in the cream soften the skin, and xanthan gum is used in cosmetics as a thickener for the cream.

According to the manufacturer, regular use of the cream will allow you to get rid of fine wrinkles in a short time, and deep wrinkles under the influence of the cream will become almost invisible. At the same time the skin will acquire a beautiful radiance and noticeable elasticity.

The energy cream for wrinkles of TM Declare Anti-Wrinkle Energizing Cream also contains SRC-complex, vitamin-mineral complex, hyaluronic acid and yeast. The cream saturates the skin with energy and moisture, removes symptoms of irritation, increases the elasticity of the skin, reduces the number and size of wrinkles on the face and neck.


Oriflame for men

Many believe that the famous cosmetic company Oriflame is simply obliged to have a male grooming series for facial skin. And they are not mistaken. This series exists and is called North for Men. It includes care creams and balms for the face or eyelids, and for washing and after shaving.

Effectively helps to fight with such trouble, as the appearance of wrinkles on the face, wrinkle cream for men "Nord" company Oriflame. It includes vitamin E, which increases the moisture of the upper layers of the skin, making the skin softer and smoother. Caffeine in the cream helps fight puffiness. The lifting effect of the cream is also provided by the introduction of caffeine into the cream. Peptides actively and effectively fight wrinkles, activating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body.

The cream also contains 2 effective patented complexes. Advanced Moisture Complex helps to retain moisture inside the skin and prevents its loss, combating dry skin and peeling. Arctic Pro Defense (Rodhiola Rosea Root Extract) is a complex based on the rhodiola rosea root extract, a resident of the Polar Regions, a storehouse of antioxidants that protect the skin from the negative effects of certain factors of the surrounding world. Also, the cream contains UV protective filters.

The cream from Oriflame is preferably applied with a small amount on the clean skin of the face and neck, and in a circular motion slightly massage into the skin, avoiding active actions leading to loss of skin elasticity.

Other wrinkle creams for men

French TM Phytomer is a cosmetic means for skin care with sea products. Men's cosmetics series from skin aging and wrinkles is represented by a regenerating cream against wrinkles for the eyes and lip contour, which have pronounced rejuvenating, restoring and protective properties. The cream effectively fights with external indicators of fatigue ("bags" and darkening of the area under the eyes) and aging (wrinkles) of the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin, prone to irritation.

Italian TM Planter's developed an active wrinkle cream with hyaluronic acid for men over 30 years. Hyaluronic acid, along with vitamins and plant extracts, helps to rejuvenate the skin and fill it with energy. The cream perfectly tones up the skin, leaving the effect of freshness and relaxation.

The company Guam presented to the court of the male population of the planet a cream against wrinkles TALASSO with extracts of algae, sea water, malachite extract and a sea complex for wrinkles. The high content of bioactive substances directly transforms the fading skin, giving it elasticity and a real healthy radiance, characteristic of youth.

Firming cream from wrinkles based on rice peptides and organic silicon Men Renergy 3D TM Lancome is designed for mature men aged 40 years. It activates microcirculation in cells, improves skin tone, participates in the production of collagen and elastin. The application of the cream is combined with pinching movements to increase the tone of the skin.

General information on wrinkle creams for men

All of the above means are not medications, and contraindications to their use are usually limited to individual intolerance to certain components of creams. Side effects of creams from wrinkles for men can manifest as allergic reactions (rash, itching, redness, runny nose), as well as attacks of bronchial asthma (with obsessive cream flavors). Overdosage creams from wrinkles are usually not observed.

As for the effectiveness of these creams, the best wrinkle cream for men is the one that suits your skin with its individual characteristics. And this is already determined by experience. In any case, the correct use of an anti-wrinkle cream in accordance with the instructions will bear fruit and help the skin cope with dehydration and early aging.

The lack of effect is often associated not with the cream itself, but with improper preparation of the skin to apply the product. The skin must be pre-cleaned. To do this, you can use special cleansers, preferably the same series as the cream, or at least a soap.

The regularity and timeliness of its application plays a big role in achieving the desired effect from the cream. Do not wait for the mind-blowing effect, using a cream for wrinkles from case to case. This is a kind of therapeutic cosmetics, which requires regular use. Do not wait and the appearance of the first wrinkles, since getting rid of them will cost more than prevent. In addition, the use of creams is quite a pleasant experience, unlike some quite aggressive salon procedures for skin rejuvenation.

The shelf life of creams is an important factor in their effectiveness. Conditions for storing wrinkle creams are usually limited to room temperature, but if other conditions are indicated on the package with cream, they must be adhered to. So you will avoid premature breaking of the smell and consistency of the cream, indicating the damage to the cream and its unfitness to use.

It can not be said that all the creams for men are discussed here, helping to get rid of the unsightly wrinkles on the face. Most of the known brands have more than one anti-aging remedy to help solve this problem. And every day there are all new and improved remedies for wrinkles. So it is simply impossible to consider them all in one article. It is important to understand that there is a choice, and skillfully use it.


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