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Last reviewed: 19.11.2021

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There are many reasons why the skin of the face can sag or become flabby. This is not necessarily an age-related change.

One of the reasons why the skin can lose elasticity is a sudden change in the weight of a person. It is clear that in case of strong weight loss, our skin on the face, and on the whole body, hangs and loses elasticity. After all, the amount of subcutaneous fat decreases dramatically.

But, the same is possible when a person is gaining weight. Therefore, you may need a tightening face mask. Among other causes of skin flabbiness are smoking and other bad habits, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, overwork, stress, and so on.

Of course, one pull-up face mask will not help to change things. Here we need an integrated approach to solving the problem. It is necessary to abandon bad habits, change the diet, normalize body weight. Do not take radical decisions: sharply lose weight. After all, our skin is the largest organ. It inevitably reflects all changes in the body. By reaction of the skin it is easy to judge how stressful it can be for the body to lose weight or gain weight.

A tightening facial mask can be purchased, but there are a lot of home recipes that will help restore skin elasticity or make a mini suspender and eliminate flabbiness.

Homemade facial masks

Perhaps in our age of finished products and cosmetics, as well as magic jars, you have questioned the efficacy and usefulness of home skin care products. And it was not worth it, because they are still effective and useful. Even at home, you can achieve the effect of microlifting, without using any expensive cosmetics.

One of these miracle masks is the usual home-made cottage cheese. Cottage made home face-lifting face masks are suitable for both oily skin and for skin that experiences dryness. Only for oily skin you need to use less fat cottage cheese, and for dry - the most fatty.

It is important to understand that the effect of such a tightening mask for a person can not last very long. Therefore, it is better to do it directly before going out. Before applying the mask, the skin of the face should be cleaned as best as possible, or you can steam it up. After that, spread the cottage cheese. If the skin is oily, the cottage cheese should be slightly diluted with sour cream, and if dry - then add a little cream or olive oil.

Cottage cheese mask is applied to the whole face, except the circles under the eyes. Leave for twenty minutes. You will feel, how your skin pulls together, in process of drying cottage cheese. Then it must be removed with a warm and damp cotton swab and rinse the face with cool water. You immediately notice the effect of this mask. The pores on the skin of the face narrow, the skin will tighten, bags or swelling will come off. The effect will be noticeable to the naked eye, as if you did microlifting. In this case, dry skin will be moistened and soaked.

Another means for tightening the skin of the face at home is a combination of a hot compress with wiping the skin of the face with ice cubes. Here's how to make this mask for the face. First, the face skin is cleaned.

Cotton rags or a small towel are dipped in hot water. In the water you can pour a few drops of pink or mint essential oil.

Hot compress is applied to the face, except for the mouth and nose area and keep only three minutes. Now you can wipe your face with ice cubes. A positive effect gives ice from green tea. Prepare such cubes in advance. Brew strong green tea without sugar, pour into the ice form and put in the refrigerator. Such cubes saturate the skin with antioxidants, which are rich in green tea. They are perfect for dry skin, and flabby and fading skin, as a rule, is dry.

Homemade facial masks can be made from egg white. This mask is best done several times a week. The protein must be pre-whipped. Apply the mask to the cleansed skin. By the way, it is perfect for all skin types, only you need to add ingredients to it that will moisturize or dry your skin. For example, for dry skin of the face in the protein can pour a little honey. This same mask will perfectly help to cope with the gums on the face.

So, whisk and beat on the face. To wash off a mask it is necessary then, when the protein completely dries, and you will feel the tightness of the skin. Wash off with warm water. This mask helps tighten flabby skin, cleanse acne and restore the skin a healthy appearance.

Masks for the face, tighten the skin

Of course, face masks that tighten the skin, which you have prepared yourself - are useful. They are safe and do not cause allergies. But there is also ready-made cosmetics that will rejuvenate the skin of the face and help tighten it. Such masks are called lifting masks.

Usually they are sold in the form of a tissue overlay on the face, in which the holes for the eyes and lips are cut out. This pad is already impregnated with a mask solution for the braces. It is steamed or soaked, applied to the skin and ready. But when choosing such a cosmetic you need to know a few important nuances. There are facial masks that tighten the skin, which produce an instant effect. They are good if you plan to go out or an important meeting, on which you need to look your best.

And there are pull-up masks that give a long-term effect, but it becomes visible only after the course of procedures. You may need both types of masks for different cases. In addition, when choosing such masks, you need to pay attention to their composition. It is better if the masks are made on the basis of natural ingredients: herbs, essential oils, berries or flowers.

It is important that the mask had less chemistry: preservatives, E supplements, and so on. And it is also important that this mask saturate and moisturize the skin. After all, the problem of sluggish skin is that it does not get enough nutrition and vitamins.

Lifting mask for face oval

In addition to skin flabbiness, aging skin can cause another problem - the loss of a clear contour of the face oval. The skin hangs on the chin, neck and on the contour of the face, which greatly adds years. Therefore, it is important to start proper skin care in time to maintain its elasticity and freshness longer.

The tightening mask for the face oval is not a one-time procedure. To achieve significant results, the skin should be constantly fed and make such masks permanently. In this case, the best result can be achieved if the tightening mask for the face oval is complemented by a facial massage and special exercises for the muscles of the face, because not only the skin but also the muscles under it can sag.

Excellent help pull up the oval face mask from clay. Clay is better to buy in pharmacies. There are several types of such clay to choose from. It should be remembered that clay dries heavily. Therefore, for dry skin it is better to take not blue, but pink clay. Of dry clay, you need to make a cream. For this, it is diluted with water. For one procedure, enough and a teaspoon of clay.

Clay can not be applied under the eyes or around the lips. Spread it on a thin layer and leave for a quarter of an hour. This is an excellent opportunity to be relaxed, because these fifteen minutes can not be talked or move the muscles of the face. Clay dries up and can crack and crumble. Remove the mask with a damp cotton or cotton pad.

If you have very dry facial skin, then you can add essential oils to the clay. For example, pink or sandalwood oil perfectly nourish, moisturize and tighten the skin on the face. Do this mask is best once every seven days.

Recipes of tightening face masks

At what age do you need to start masks for skin lifting? It depends not only on age, but also on heredity or way of life. After all, if a person has bad habits, then the skin is faster and becomes flabby. Usually such masks are recommended to begin to do at the age of thirty-five.

At all it is not obligatory to run to a drugstore or shop behind expensive ready cosmetics. There are excellent recipes for lifting facial masks that can be made at home. One of these masks is honey-lemon.

This mask is perfect for oily skin, especially if there are problems with acne or other manifestation of acne. Honey is the basis for this mask. In it it is necessary to add a little juice from a lemon, and still will not prevent a floor of a teaspoon of white clay (for a dry skin it is better to take pink clay). Mix all the ingredients and apply on the face. Keep it about half an hour. Rinse off preferably with water at room temperature. This mask will help tighten the skin of the face, improve its color and give the face skin all the necessary nutrition.

Another wonderful recipe for a mask for sagging skin is a mask of persimmons. From a piece of persimmons you need to make a gruel. If it turns out too fluid and does not hold well on the skin, then you can pour starch or flour from oat flakes (it can be ground in a coffee grinder). We spread the mask on the skin, keep it for twenty minutes and remove it with warm water.

In the recipes section of pull-up facial masks one can not help mentioning a gelatin remedy.

Gelatin must be filled with hot water and stirred so that there are no lumps. Gelatin can be added to the gelatin. Apply the mixture on face. It is very important not to rub this mixture into the skin, but simply apply it gently on the skin. And it is possible to put gelatin on hb a fabric, and already a fabric to impose on the face. Hold for half an hour. Remove the mask, rinse your face and apply cream.

Reviews of facial tightening masks

Tightening facial masks are ready, but they can be done at home. If it is a question of home cosmetics, there are very positive responses about masks made of gelatin. It helps to smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin and make the contour of the face more clear. Masks from cottage cheese are also excellent, they give a quick effect of microlifting.

If we talk about ready-made masks, then the mask of collagen is very popular. They do not look like ordinary fabric-based masks. On the face you impose some thin and jelly-like substance in the form of a face mask. It nourishes the skin and gives the effect of mirko lifting. Reviews of tightening face masks indicate that such masks do not tighten the skin during their use and do not cause unpleasant sensations, as is usually the case with tightening face masks.

But, it is important to remember that collagen molecules are too large and can not penetrate the skin through the pores. Therefore, directly to raise the level of collagen in the skin through the mask will not work. Nevertheless, such masks help to get rid of puffiness under the eyes, remove bruises and dark circles, and also make skin color smooth and healthy.

There are also hydrogel masks for tightening the skin of the face. Typically, they contain hyaluronic acid. Such masks may not be suitable for dry skin, because the acid dries out the skin. This can cause burning or irritation of the skin. The good thing is that these masks do not contain excess chemistry, that is, dyes, fragrances or preservatives. Nevertheless, such masks can cause allergic skin reactions. These masks nourish the skin, tighten and give a quick and visible effect from their application.

As you can see, now there are many different means for the flabby or withering skin to return its young and fresh look. It is only necessary to choose the right complex of masks and procedures for the care of such skin.

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