Selencin for hair loss and hair growth

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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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In our hectic age of the widespread introduction of innovative technologies, the actual problem of hair loss may seem inappropriate to this day. Nevertheless, advertising of super-effective means of solving this problem often greatly overestimates the possibilities of cosmetology developments in the form of shampoos, balms, masks, restoring sprays, etc. Many buyers, from their own experience, realized that cosmetic products are not able to solve most dermatological issues, which means that the medical problem must be treated with special therapeutic agents, and not those that only temporarily mask the defect. In this regard, the medical cosmetics "Selencin" for hair, despite the rather high price, attracts more and more fans among those whose attractiveness is threatened due to the abundant loss of lush hair in the past.

Indications Selencine for hair

I must say that in the occurrence of problems with the “fur” coat of the mind’s container, which protects our brain from overheating and hypothermia and at the same time forms a unique and inimitable image of each person, by and large we are to blame. Irrational, depleted in vitamins and minerals, but abundantly supplied with chemical flavors, and often not regular nutrition, an abundance of stressful situations created by oneself, exposure to fashion trends that require the use of aggressive hair dyeing products - this is just a modest list of our “sins” that are not in the best way affect the condition of our hair.

It is also worth considering the variability of the fashion for wearing hats, as a result of which the hairline is often severely affected by sunlight in the summer and hypothermia, which does not contribute to the health of the scalp (and everything else), in the cold season.

And, of course, the ecological situation does not stand aside, which in most regions leaves much to be desired, and is often directly critical. At the same time, we all understand that the environment in which we live and the air we breathe are the creation of our hands - the result of the development of industry and science.

It is difficult to even imagine the multicomponent formula of what we breathe and, accordingly, our hair, which, with the exception of hair follicles, is in the external environment. And we also regularly “poison” our hair with chemistry in the composition of paints and low-quality shampoos, which penetrates the skin and negatively affects the hair follicles, which are already experiencing the effects of nutrient deficiency due to the nutritional preferences of modern people.

Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear that hair loss is a direct and predictable result of our lifestyle, payment for the development of human civilization, which, choosing the right direction, uses potentially dangerous, but generating considerable income methods.

If earlier the problem of hair loss worried mainly older people (mostly men), today even children suffer from it. Except in situations where the pathological process was caused by hormonal imbalances or it was an autoimmune or hereditary alopecia, as well as cases of cicatricial changes in the scalp after burns and injuries. More and more women are turning to dermatologists and trichologists, realizing that one of the important aspects of their attractiveness is in a precarious state or is prone to self-destruction.

The causes of hair loss can be various, and most of them are in the competence of medical cosmetics for hair, produced under the name "Selenzin". In other words, the indications for the use of shampoo and other therapeutic agents of this brand include diffuse (common) hair loss caused by:

  • negative effects of external factors, i.e. Environmental factors
  • malnutrition
  • the use of aggressive means for dyeing and washing hair (often of dubious quality), tongs and plaques, hair sprays,
  • violation of the integrity of the hair follicles during combing,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • the influence of stress factors, etc.

It is clear that therapeutic and cosmetic external agents cannot heal the body from the inside, and in order to get a lasting result, you often have to resort to a complex effect in parallel with measures aimed at minimizing the effects of factors causing hair loss. For example, in case of baldness provoked by stresses, restoration of a normal psychoemotional state is required, and “Selencin” will be a means of providing rehabilitation of the scalp and hair, i.e. Their return to normal functioning.

If the reason was poor nutrition and a lack of nutrients necessary for hair in the body, you first need to saturate the body with the missing components. These components are available in various forms of Selencin cosmetics and, with their proper selection, including both external and internal products, hair can often be restored without additional treatment.

Sometimes it’s not even nutrition, but the improper distribution of nutrients in the body. This is observed during pregnancy and breastfeeding, when the mother’s body is primarily set up to provide the baby with everything necessary, and she herself can remain only crumbs that are not enough to maintain the normal functioning of the whole organism. Skin and hair are not considered vital organs, so the body saves them in the first place. But "Selenzin" helps in this situation, delivering the components necessary for the life of the hair directly to the hair follicles, so they do not go to the side.

In some cases, when a person is generally healthy, it is sufficient to use the products for scalp care and hair treatment of the Selenzin brand hair, in others, to achieve a stable result, additional treatment of the body is required: nervous, endocrine, digestive, excretory and other systems.

For example, hair loss caused by hormonal disorders affecting both women and men cannot be stopped even by using the entire Selencin complex. "Selenzin" can only be used as an adjuvant to enhance hair growth against the background of effective hormone therapy, the use of additional physiotherapeutic methods, etc. It must be said that even a comprehensive approach to the treatment of baldness provoked by hormonal causes does not always give positive results, so you should not pin any hopes on Selencin.

Release form

Most often, we hear references to an effective therapeutic hair shampoo called Selencin, so it seems that the product has a single release form and it becomes unclear how it can help with internal problems. But specialist doctors who treat skin and hair have more complete information about this tool.

In fact, "Selenzin" is not only a shampoo, but a whole  series  of hair remedies , united by one name Often, this series is spoken of as an effective recovery system, which includes:

  • complex of firming shampoo and balm "Hair Therapy",
  • a hair mask of the same line
  • spray (it is also called a firming lotion) for hair care, prone to loss,
  • lotion (restoring peptide complex) for weakened hair (including androgenic alopecia)
  • pills,  or the so-called homeopathic  vitamins  to restore the health of the scalp and hair in a natural way.

Despite the same name, the various products included in the Selencin series have different  compositions, but it is selected in such a way that the entire complex of components of any of the products performs one important function - restoration of the scalp.


The system of hair restoration "Selenzin" was developed by the company "Alcoi-Farm", which occupies a leading position in the market of manufacturers of health products. Cosmetologists, scientists and doctors worked on its creation, trying to develop a product based on natural components that will not be inferior in the effectiveness of medicinal “chemistry”.

Shampoo  "Selenzin"  for hair  - a healing and restorative and cleanser for the care of the scalp and hair, which includes biologically active substances of French origin (anageline, which activates the breathing of the scalp and its enrichment with oxygen, and seveov, which improves blood flow to the hair follicle and protecting him from negative influences from the outside). Both active ingredients of natural origin, they are derived from plants (lupine or wolf bean and Maca peruvian poppy or Meyenbug), which have a rich supply of vitamins, trace elements protein and other nutrients necessary for the formation and growth of hair. [1]

The auxiliary components are the plants known in our strip (their extracts), such as burdock, mint and nettle, pepper extract, which have long been used by people to strengthen and stimulate hair growth. The composition of the shampoo also includes: menthol, caffeine, vitamin H (also known as biotin), vitamins A and E, a collagen-containing compound and other substances that ensure the preservation of the product's properties and its soap and detergent qualities. [2]

 Hair balm  "Selenzin" - a tool similar in medical composition to shampoo and possessing the same properties, but without a soapy base. Like any hair conditioner, it is used in addition to shampoo. The content of panthenol helps to heal microtraumas on the skin and protect it from the negative effects of environmental factors between caring procedures.

Strengthening  hair spray  “Selencin” is a convenient, indelible form of firming lotion based on 9% anageline with the addition of extracts of hops and nettles, menthol, vitamins A and H, keratin, collagen, caffeine (a powerful stimulator of hair growth with an antioxidant effect). It is easily applied and distributed over the scalp, unlike shampoo and balm it does not require rinsing, which means it has a longer (prolonged) healing effect. The high content of anagelin helps in the fight against androgenetic alopecia. [3],  [4], [5]

Peptide  lotion  "Selencin" in ampoules - this tool not only strengthens the hair during diffuse hair loss, but, according to the advertisement, it also contributes to the treatment of androgenetic alopecia - a hormone-dependent form of the disease characterized by thinning and hair loss under the influence of androgens, which are also found in men, and in the female body (though in different concentrations). In other words, it is a means to restore the density of hair by restoring their normal structure.

The product contains the patented peptide (protein) complex Procapil®, which heals the Capilectine ™ SP complex and the antioxidant component demethylaminoethanol, which acts similar to mesotherapy and slows down the aging of coli cells and hair follicles. The product also contains extracts of an American plant called dwarf palm and a Chinese resident of the famous Chinese Ginkgo biloba brain activity stimulator. [6],  [7], [8]

Hair mask  "Selenzin" - a tool from a series of medical cosmetics to prevent hair loss and brittleness. In its composition we find 2 effective natural hair growth stimulants: anageline and caffeine, red pepper extract, burdock and nettle extracts, keratin, collagen, as well as vitamin E, panthenol and allantoin (components that improve the condition of the scalp, prevent skin diseases that relieve irritation skin and its protective properties). [9], [10]

Tablets of  the Selencin brand, which combines products for treating scalp and hair, are a means of stimulating the internal forces of the body, which is typical for most homeopathic medicines. This is a multicomponent product that includes substances developed and dosed by homeopaths in such a way that their combined action fulfills the intended functions - improving the nutrition and respiration of the hair, as well as reducing inactive sleeping follicles by transferring them to the active phase (growth phase).

What homeopathic components are included in the composition of the tablets? These are lycopodium, thalium aceticum, silicea, aluminum, selenium, sodium chlorate, potassium phosphoricum. Individually, and more often in combinations, these drugs are used to treat various diseases, but in this case, the emphasis is on their combined effect on the scalp and hair follicles.

All products of the Selenzin Wellness Series for Hair are enriched in sufficient quantities with  vitamins  and microelements that improve the condition of the scalp and hair, therefore, additional intake of peroral multivitamin complexes is usually not required. However, it all depends on the causes of hair loss and thinning of the hair, the condition of the scalp, the degree of neglect of the process and some other factors that doctors take into account when prescribing treatment.

When recommending the “Selencin” recovery system, they are based on the etiology of the underlying disease, therefore combinations of various agents from this series may differ, however, like other purposes as part of complex therapy.


To understand the effect on the scalp and hair follicles, the treatment series “Selenzin” has and each of the individual products in the series needs to carefully familiarize themselves with the components that make up their composition.

I must say that the Russian-made health-improving complex is based on the unique developments of the famous cosmetology laboratories in France (Silab, Naturex), and French medical and decorative cosmetics are highly valued all over the world. The mineral components in it are reinforced by the action of organic compounds that enhance and potentiate the effect of the proposed products for hair care and their treatment.

Among the mineral constituents, special attention should be paid to silicon compounds and selenium. They contribute to the division (reproduction) of keranocytes in the epithelium of hair follicles and improve metabolism in the hair papilla, which is responsible for the condition and growth of hair, as well as the formation of new follicles, i.e. For the density of hair. The death of the hair papilla unambiguously leads to death of the hair, and in order to stop this process, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of fatal effects and restore microcirculation in the scalp (this will improve the nutrition and respiration of the hair sacs, slow down their aging and restore the functionality of the hair papilla).

The pharmacodynamics of  the "Selencin" series is considered in close connection with the features of hair activity. Studying the life cycle of hair and the factors that influence its formation and development has given scientists the opportunity to choose components that can positively affect hair growth and help strengthen them.

In its development, human hair goes through 3 main phases: anagen, catagen, telogen. Live, growing, healthy hair is that part of the hair that is in the anagen stage, lasting from 2 to 6 years. In an ordinary healthy person, more than 80% of the hair is in this stage, which ensures sufficient hair density.

The catagen stage is the so-called transitional period between the phases of growth and dormancy (lasts about 2-3 weeks), which is characterized by the gradual death of the hair papilla cells, after which the hair either falls out on its own or is easily removed from the inactive keratinized bulb with the slightest mechanical impact. Every day in this stage we have less than 2% of the hair.

At rest (telogen), usually no more than 20% of the hair remains. The duration of this phase is about 3 months, during which the hair rests and prepares for its active stage.

A negative effect from the outside or from the side of your own body can change not only the condition of the scalp, but also the balance of hair located at different stages of development (the hair in the anagen becomes much smaller), shorten the growth phase and extend the period of low hair activity. But often, to restore the attractiveness of hair, it’s not enough just to remove these factors; restorative measures are needed for the skin containing hair follicles and responsible for their nutrition and respiration due to the penetrating network of small blood vessels.

It cannot be argued that "Selenzin" affects all causes of hair loss, but it successfully fights the consequences of their exposure. The therapeutic products of this series have dermatotropic and seboregulatory effects. Dermatotropic action is associated with the activation of regenerative processes in the scalp, the restoration of damaged epithelium and its properties. The seboregulatory effect is associated with the correction of the sebaceous glands, as a result of which inflammation, itching and peeling of certain parts of the scalp, where sebum production was impaired, are eliminated, normal moisture of the scalp and hair structure are restored.

Therapeutic hair cosmetics "Selencin" has a stimulating effect on hair growth, which accelerates the change of phases of the hair's life cycle (most hair shifts from the telogen phase to the anagen phase in a shorter time). Means "Selenzin" improve blood supply to the membrane of the hair follicles, so that the blood supplies them with a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients. Products contain components that facilitate the flow of nutrients and medicinal substances through the skin. "Selencin" in tablets also helps to normalize the psychoemotional state, somewhat corrects the hormonal background, provides normal nervous regulation of hair development. We can say that the Selencin series provides both external and internal beneficial effects on the skin and hair.

What explains the multicomponent structure of the Selenzin series products and the positive attitude towards it on the part of physicians? Almost all components of shampoo, balm, lotions, masks, tablets provide a healing and caring effect, mutually reinforcing the effects. Consider the action of the most active substances in the composition of products.

The Anageline® complex is a substance that inhibits the conversion of the male hormone testosterone to dihydrotetstosterone, which is considered to be guilty of reducing hair follicles, their atrophy, accompanied by thinning and hair loss. This is the mechanism for the development of androgenetic alopecia, which affects not only many men, but also some women.

The ability of the Selenzin series products to combat the manifestations of androgenetic alopecia is largely dependent on the concentration of anagelin: the higher it is, the more effective the remedy. The greatest efficacy in androgen-dependent alopecia is shown by Selencin lotions. The spray contains the highest concentration of anagelin among all drugs, and the peptide lotion is enriched with an extract of dwarf palm, which also helps with hormone-dependent alopecia.

This component has an effect similar to that of the drug Finasteride , used in the treatment of prostate hyperplasia and baldness in the stronger sex. Among other things, Anageline® increases the duration of anagen, stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and oxygen delivery to the hair follicles. In other words, we can say that this component prevents early hair loss, makes hair stronger and more durable, improves the general condition of the scalp and scalp.

The Seveov ™ complex promotes the compaction of collagen fibers that control the density and moisture of the scalp and hair, which reduces the risk of reducing the density of the hair, increases the cellular activity of the follicles, which ensures intensive hair growth (in the laboratory this figure was close to 93%), protects the hair from the negative impact of external and internal factors.

Peptide complex - a development that contributes to the improvement of metabolic processes in skin cells. This, in turn, accelerates the transition of hair follicles from telogen to the first stage of anagen and stimulates subsequent active hair growth during this phase, at the same time increasing its duration, and inhibits the aging of follicles.

DMAE is a substance with an antioxidant effect, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect in dermatological problems. Its function is to slow down the aging process of hair follicles and skin cells, stimulate oxygen metabolism and maintain energy balance.

Caffeine is a substance known as a natural hair growth stimulator and a powerful antioxidant that reduces the harmful effects of free radicals that contribute to the destruction of vitamins and other substances necessary for the body. The action of caffeine is aimed at enhancing the supply of beneficial substances to the hair sacs, increasing the duration of the active stage of hair development, and preventing their early loss.

Due to the collagen hydrolyzate, the hair and internal structures are restored in the hair, which reduces brittleness and the likelihood of delamination of the hair, improves elasticity and a healthy shine appears. Keratin (a specific protein that is part of the hair), enhancing and potentiating the effect of collagen, envelops the hair shaft, penetrating inside and contributing to the restoration of its structures.

Their action is complemented by allantoin - a substance with a softening and gentle exfoliating effect, supporting the optimal level of skin hydration and the necessary concentration of moisture in the hair. Allantoin helps to remove “dead” cells of the epidermis and activates regenerative processes in the skin, due to which peeling goes away, old keratinized layers are replaced by active young ones and small wounds on the head are healed.

Biotin is a vitamin that takes an active part in the synthesis of its own keratin, stimulates the proliferation (division and reproduction) of cells, and is involved in the nutrition, hydration and preservation of the elastic properties of the hair. An effective tool in the fight against split ends and brittle hair.

Vitamin A is a substance that improves the condition of the scalp, regulates the secretion of sebum, activates growth and gives strength to hair, protects hair from negative influences from the outside. The lack of this vitamin is considered as one of the causes of hair loss, their increased fragility.

Vitamin E is one of the famous powerful antioxidants that improves skin condition and hair nutrition. It improves blood supply to the skin of the head and hair follicles, moisturizes, softens and protects hair from harmful UV radiation and other negative factors. It is believed that vitamin E is able to repair damaged hair.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid, also known as panthenol) has a calming and protective effect on the scalp, preserves the elasticity and shine of the hair, ensures the preservation of the properties and structure of the hair under the influence of negative environmental factors.

Red pepper extract is an excellent antioxidant and a popular heating agent that provides blood flow to the affected areas. This component improves the blood supply to the hair follicles, reduces the oily hair, and promotes the penetration of other therapeutic and vitamin components into the scalp.

Hop extract - an extract from the cones of a medicinal plant, which ensures the normalization of the sebaceous glands, contributes to the saturation of all structural components of the hair with vitamins and minerals. At the same time, the appearance of the hair improves noticeably, reduces the likelihood of hair loss due to an early transition to the catagen and telogen.

Menthol (peppermint extract) refreshes and relaxes the scalp, prevents spasm of the vessels that feed the epidermis, improves the nutrition of hair follicles, provides an antipruritic effect.

Nettle is a source of mineral salts useful for skin and hair, iron, vitamin C, and gum (used in cosmetics to effectively moisturize and protect skin and hair). The plant helps to strengthen and grow hair, is used as protection against split ends and brittleness.

Burdock extract contains many biologically active ingredients (inulin, peptides, mineral salts, fatty acids, flavonoids (natural antibiotics), tannins, etc.). Due to this, it helps to activate metabolism in the scalp and hair sacs, the intensive growth of young hair, maintaining their structure and properties by stimulating the production of keratin protein and the formation of special cells - keratinocytes.

Dwarf palm extract is a substance used to treat androgenetic alopecia. Dihydrotestosterone formed under the action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, invading the hair follicles, causes their atrophy (decrease with loss of function). Thus, it shortens the life cycle of the hair. Sensitivity to sex hormones, and in particular to a derivative of testosterone, is determined genetically, but it can be somewhat reduced by extracting a dwarf palm.

Ginkgo biloba extract is a circulatory stimulant that improves the nutrition and respiration of hair follicles, thereby maintaining their functionality. This increases the life span of the hair. Improves its properties (strength and elasticity), appearance.

All components in the Selencin series hair products are safe for people of different ages, so both adults and children can use them.

Most products of the health complex are applied externally, do not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, into the subcutaneous tissue and blood, therefore their  pharmacokinetics  are not considered by the manufacturer. 

Homeopathic tablets "Selencin", although intended for oral administration, contain minimal dosages of active substances, the metabolism and distribution of which in the body are not able to cause significant changes in organs and tissues of the internal environment. Given also the absence of a negative effect of the drug on the organs of excretion and blood formation, information on the pharmacokinetics of the tablets is also not provided.

Dosing and administration

Therapeutic cosmetics "Selenzin" is a series of caring and wellness products for the hair, helping to solve the problem of diffuse alopecia and in some way contributing to the restoration of hair during androgenetic alopecia. The choice of products for the treatment of skin and hair should be based on the condition of the scalp, medical diagnosis, and recommendations of specialists.

If the cost of the products of this series does not bother you, they can be used for preventive purposes, especially when it comes to shampoo, balm or Selencin mask. To prevent premature hair loss, these funds can be used separately and in combination. For the treatment of diffuse alopecia, the combined use of these and some other agents from the Selenzin series is recommended.

Shampoo for hair is used to strengthen hair and prevent their extra-term loss. It contains components that increase the duration of the active phase of hair development, due to which the normal density of hair is maintained with regular physiologically determined hair changes.

Shampoo should be used as the hair gets dirty (daily if necessary), applying the required amount to the hands, foaming and transferring soap foam to the hair. Active but gentle massaging movements spread the shampoo through the hair and leave for several minutes. After this, the product can be washed off the head with warm water. With insufficient hair cleaning, the procedure is repeated.

The action of shampoo is enhanced by the subsequent use of a rinse conditioner with a firming and softening effect. Balm, like shampoo, reduces the intensity of hair loss, regulates their moisture, prevents tangling and facilitates combing.

Apply balm after shampooing. Clean hair should be lightly patted with a towel to remove excess moisture. Then a small amount of balm is squeezed into the palm of your hand and distributed through the hair. To obtain the claimed effect, it is enough to leave the balm on the hair for 2-3 minutes, after which it is thoroughly washed off with warm water.

You can use the balm every time after using Selencin shampoo or another brand of hair detergent. Shampoo and Selencin balm can be used at least every day, but a mask of the same series should be used no more than 2 times a week.

Hair mask "Selencin" helps to normalize the water-fat balance, strengthens and nourishes the hair, prolongs their active life, promotes easy combing of hair. It should be applied to washed, moistened (not wet) hair, distributing it through the hair and scalp. The product should remain on the head for 10-15 minutes, after which it is thoroughly washed off with warm, clean water, trying to avoid contact with the eyes (contains red pepper and causes severe burning sensation when it comes to mucous membranes).

If shampoo, balm and mask can be considered as therapeutic and prophylactic agents for diffuse non-hormonal pattern baldness, then Selencin lotions are considered a full-fledged therapeutic agent for symptomatic therapy. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to cure androgen-dependent alopecia using only lotion, but regular use of the drug in combination with other products of the series helps to maintain attractive hair with a hereditary predisposition to baldness. However, if you refuse to use medical cosmetics, the problem usually returns.

Selenzin Spray Lotion is recommended for strengthening hair by activating collagen production and introducing it from the outside. The high content of anagelin allows you to use it to combat the manifestations of androgenic alopecia. Especially good results are seen with the integrated use of lotion, shampoo and spray.

Apply the spray regularly before going to bed. The spray can is pre-shaken and sprayed from a distance of 15-20 cm onto the scalp and hair roots. For better absorption, it is recommended to carefully massage the application area. Rinse off the product is not necessary.

To obtain a stable declared effect, you need to apply lotion daily for at least 2 months. Subsequently, the frequency of use can be reduced. With the androgen-dependent variant of allopecia, the spray can be used as part of complex therapy, which gives more chances for restoration of the hairline.

The peptide lotion "Selenzin" differs from the firming lotion both in design and composition. It does not contain anagelin and its effectiveness against androgenetic alopecia is ensured thanks to the dwarf palm extract. Indications for use of this tool are the same as for the rest of the products in the series, but the use is somewhat different.

The lotion has an unusual packaging: ampoules containing 5 ml of the product. Before use, they are shaken and cracked nose (there is a special risk) by turning the lid. The composition is removed by pressing the ampoules with the fingers on the soft body. Using your fingers, apply the product on dry scalp and hair roots.

The expense of the drug depends on the size of the affected area, but usually for one treatment half of the contents of 1 ampoule is sufficient (there is a 2.5 ml pointer). The remaining lotion in the ampoule is used the next time, hermetically closing the ampoule with a lid after use (you can store the opened and clogged ampoule for a year).

Having applied the lotion to the basal zone, it must be gently massaged in the scalp and left on it until completely absorbed. Rinse lotion is not necessary.

Peptide lotion can be used both in a complex and separately from other products of the Selencin series. The duration of use to obtain the claimed effect should be at least 4 months. The package of ampoules is designed for a monthly course of use, if you use the product 1 time per day.

Selencin tablets are used according to the rules for taking homeopathic remedies. They are intended for the treatment of alopecia in adults. Usually they are prescribed 1 tablet 3 times a day. At the same time, tablets do not need to be chewed and swallowed; they are recommended to be kept under the tongue until completely dissolved.

It is recommended to take pills outside meals (half an hour before meals or at least an hour after it). On average, the drug is prescribed in a 4-week course, followed by a 7-day break, and the course is repeated. If necessary, after a month, a second 2-stage course of treatment with Selencin can be prescribed. It all depends on the diagnosis, the severity of the process, the individual characteristics of the patient’s body.

Homeopathic medicine "Selencin" in the form corresponding to most of the funds of this plan, i.e. In the form of granules, is prescribed to patients older than 2 years. Children's dose - from 3 to 5 granules. Patients over 10 years old can take 5-8 granules. The exact dosage and frequency of administration (usually 3-5 times a day) is determined by the homeopath.

The duration of treatment with homeopathic granules is 1-1.5 years or more. Moreover, after each month of treatment, you need to take a break for 1 week.

Most often, the administration of tablets and granules is combined with the use of external means of the Selencin series to provide a comprehensive therapeutic effect.

Strict dosages of external agents, with the exception of peptide lotion, are not indicated in the instructions for Selencin products. The amount of shampoo, balm, lotion, mask used depends on the thickness and length of the hair, its fat content and contamination.

In the annotation to the peptide lotion the recommended doses are indicated, but if necessary they can be increased without negative consequences. I must say that given the high cost of hair care products of this brand, it is unlikely that anyone will want to spend it uneconomically, given that the effect of this will not improve. And the cases of applying lotions twice a day did not affect the effect of treatment, nor the state of health of people using Selenzin.

There   have been no reports of an overdose of Selencin tablets over the entire period of their existence on the market. The content of active substances in homeopathic medicines is extremely small, therefore poisoning with them is rather the exception.

"Selencin" for children

Therapeutic hair cosmetics "Selenzin" is a vivid example of cosmetic products that do not include age limits. The healing effect in it is provided thanks to natural components, and not medicinal chemistry, which may be harmful to children or the elderly.

The use for children of  any of Selencin’s external cosmetics is the same as for adults. True, the need to use therapeutic lotions and masks is extremely rare, because alopecia in childhood is considered a rare occurrence, not to mention its androgen-dependent form, which rarely makes its debut at 11-12 years of age. Usually, hair thinning in a child is provoked by a lack of vitamins and minerals, taking certain medications, fungal infections of the scalp (ringworm), radiation, burns, gastrointestinal diseases, as a result of which the body does not receive the necessary micro and macro elements, systemic infectious diseases.

According to statistics, diffuse or focal baldness at an early age is found in only 3% of children, and most often it is temporary (if it is not genetics, burn injury or autoimmune pathology). In most cases, it is enough to deal with the treatment of the underlying disease, introduce vitamins and minerals into the diet, and also treat the scalp with the help of the Selencin series or its analogues.

As part of the complex treatment of baldness in children, shampoo and Selencin balm are most often prescribed, and if hair loss is the result of mental trauma, homeopathic granules of the same series (an effective dosage is prescribed by a pediatrician or homeopath). The use of the remaining products of the series is possible only on the recommendation of a doctor, who must rely on the true cause of the baldness of the child and his age.

Use Selencine for hair during pregnancy

The products of the Selencin series for the scalp and hair do not contain components that can harm human health. This applies to people of different ages and situations. Most products in the series are for outdoor use. Their active substances practically do not penetrate into the blood, exerting a local effect, and therefore can not affect the condition and well-being of those who use cosmetics for hair.

Cosmetics "Sedentin" is intended for the care of the scalp and hair, respectively, all products, except tablets, are applied strictly in the head area. The only annoying factor may be only the smell, the sensitivity to which is purely individual.

Everything suggests that with normal tolerance to the smell of products (most often they say a slight smell of coffee), cosmetics "Selenzin" can in no way affect the health status of the expectant mother, the course of her pregnancy, the development of the fetus.

There are no contraindications to the use of cosmetics during breastfeeding, because the active and auxiliary substances of cosmetics do not penetrate the blood, and even more so into breast milk. This cosmetics is not more dangerous than cosmetics of any other brand of care products and is much safer than some medical shampoos (for example, lice products).

But with pills "Selenzin" should be careful. There are no direct contraindications in their use during pregnancy and lactation, but even doctors prefer to play it safe, prescribing the drug only in those cases, the fetus develops well and nothing threatens the course of pregnancy. Still, hair loss in a future mother is not a life-threatening situation, except that it can provoke nervous breakdowns in some emotionally unstable women, which can lead to spontaneous termination of pregnancy. In this case, it makes sense to stabilize the condition of the future mother and help her solve the problem of baldness with the help of medical agents, including Selencin tablets.

When breastfeeding, everything that a mother eats can pass into breast milk, including the active substances of drugs. With mother’s milk, this also enters the baby’s body, and the question arises whether he needs everything that mom takes. Most doctors believe that even relatively safe homeopathic medicines should not be taken without urgent need by those who are breastfeeding, or they will have to decide on the possibility of switching the baby to artificial feeding.


Even the safest medicines have at least one contraindication. All products of the Selenzin hair-improving system for hair have such a contraindication.

This is a phenomenon called individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to a cosmetic product, when contact with it causes undesirable reactions. When it comes to smell, reactions can differ only in strength: from hostility to aroma to serious allergic (nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing) and anaphylactic (Quincke edema) reactions. The latter with respect to cosmetics used externally are an exception.

Hypersensitivity can also occur with direct contact of cosmetics and human skin in the form of redness, itching and rash. Most often, consumers complain of itching and peeling of the scalp (dandruff). When such symptoms appear, the product is not recommended.

I must say that with respect to multicomponent preparations and cosmetics, an increased sensitivity usually manifests itself to one, less often two or more components, and not to the whole product as a whole. If a person knows his annoying factor, it is worth using only that makeup that does not contain it. If this factor is present in Selencin shampoo, but is not in the lotion or mask, you should give preference to the latter using a different brand of shampoo or use a different therapeutic series of hair cosmetics.

Another point to consider when prescribing homeopathic tablets "Selencin". They contain lactose in their composition, therefore, in case of a violation of lactose metabolism, the drug can not be used.

Homeopathic remedies "Selenzin" must be used in accordance with the purpose. Tablets are not used in pediatric practice, and granules are allowed from 2 years of age.

Of the side effects of Selenzin cosmetics, including tablets, only possible allergic reactions and a coffee smell, which not everyone likes, are mentioned. There is also mention of a feeling of sticking together and an unkempt appearance of hair after applying peptide lotion (this feeling is subjective and usually appears in those who use the product not only in the evening, according to the instructions, but also in the morning).

Interactions with other drugs

The generally accepted norm in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is the presence of annotations or information on the use and storage of manufactured products. Such information is also on the packaging of products of the Selencin series for hair. The specified norm is not accidental, because the effect declared by the manufacturer is possible only if the remedies of the treatment series are used correctly.

Since Selencin external products are not considered full-fledged medicines, there is no indication on the packaging about their interaction with other drugs, i.e. Drugs and substances that can cause negative reactions. The absence of this paragraph indicates that there was no significant interaction between Selencin cosmetics and any other cosmetic or medicinal products, which means that there are no restrictions on the combination of different products.

Although cosmetologists still insist that a greater effect can be achieved using hair and skin care products of the same brand or series, rather than combining cosmetics from different manufacturers.

Selencin tablets and granules are considered homeopathic medicines, but such drugs usually do not enter into significant drug interactions due to the low content of active substances.

Storage conditions

Considering the instructions for the use of cosmetics series "Selenzin" you need to pay attention to the  shelf life of  each product used. This information should be indicated on the cardboard and inner packaging (container) of cosmetics.

It must be said that funds for external use, subject to  storage conditions  (usually indicate a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees), do not lose their washing properties. But the healing properties can be significantly reduced, because plant extracts and some other components have a limited shelf life.

External funds "Selenzin" is recommended to be used within 2 years from the date of issue. As for the peptide lotion, after opening the ampoule, its shelf life is halved (up to 1 year).

Homeopathic preparations "Selenzin" are stored for 5 years at a temperature in the range of 15-25 degrees. After the expiration date, they must be disposed of.

Shelf life


Today, we have no shortage of cosmetic hair products with the declared effect of strengthening hair along the entire length and preventing hair loss. But in most cases, the healing effect is just an advertising ploy.

The fact is that the loss of 50-125 hairs per day is not considered a pathology. This is a normal physiological process of changing hair. According to the same scheme, our skin cells are also updated, which does not cause so much noise around us.

How relevant is the problem of strengthening hair at a rate of hair loss? Is it worth it to worry about? Probably not. Firming shampoos, balms, lotions and masks are unlikely to significantly affect the amount of hair lost, if this is physiologically determined. And with a pathological thinning of hair, conventional cosmetics with 1-2 really relevant active ingredients will not give the expected effect.

An integrated approach is required here, which includes not only care, but also treatment of the scalp, where hair follicles are formed, i.e. The use of medical cosmetics in combination with internal treatment of the body, whether it is a disease or a deficiency of substances necessary for its vital activity. In this regard, the cosmetics "Selenzin" for hair has an advantage over conventional caring cosmetics.

Choosing analogues, you need to pay attention to the medical composition of the products. The treatment effect approved by trichologists is possessed by minoxidil-based products: MinoMax lotion and shampoo, Regein lotions for women, SPECTRAL UHP 5% and Kirkland, Revita baldness shampoo, Revivogen Combo anti-baldness complex, Generolon spray for men and women, Mexidil solution and some others. The development of these tools was carried out in scientific and pharmaceutical laboratories specifically to combat alopecia, and not just for hair care.

But an effective fight against such a problem is impossible without influencing it from the inside. This is facilitated by the intake of balanced vitamin-mineral complexes, which are in the series "Selencin", "MinoMax" and some others. Brewer's yeast with supplements that help strengthen hair can also have some effect.

Doctors in connection with alopecia can offer the following vitamins for hair: "Perfect", "Revalid", "Pantovigar" and their analogues.

"Perfectil" is a vitamin-mineral complex developed by British scientists for the treatment of dermatitis, acne and alopecia, with a change in the condition of the skin and hair, and premature aging. It contains 11 vitamins, including biotin, pantothenic acid, vitamins E and C, group B, as well as 9 trace elements, beta-carotene (a precursor of vitamin A), amino acids, burdock and echinacea extracts. All this wealth in strictly defined dosages is placed in capsules, which must be taken daily 1 piece after a meal for the period prescribed by the doctor.

But it’s important to remember that the complex has certain contraindications, which, in addition to hypersensitivity to the drug’s components, include: hypervitaminosis caused by an excess of one or more vitamins included in the drug, severe renal failure, tuberculosis, leukemia, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis and some other pathologies, which can be read in the instructions for the drug. The complex is not prescribed during pregnancy and lactation, is not used in pediatrics.

In addition to allergic reactions, "Perfect" can cause problems from the digestive system and neurological disorders.

"Revalid" - a multivitamin complex in capsules, which contains amino acids, vitamins B1, B5, B6, trace elements (zinc, iron, copper), yeast, wheat germ extract. The complex is used to treat alopecia of various nature (often as part of complex therapy), with the exception of the pathology of hormonal nature, as well as violations of the properties and structure of hair, skin, nails.

The drug is intended for the treatment of patients over 12 years of age, who should take 3-6 capsules per day, depending on the severity of alopecia. The course of treatment is 1-3 months with the possibility of repeating therapy.

The complex is not prescribed for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as people with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Among the side effects, there are also allergic reactions and mild neurological disorders.

“Pantovigar” is a capsule preparation with a more modest composition based on medical yeast, to which thiamine, pantothenic acid, two amino acids that improve the condition of the skin, and keratin, as the basis for the building material of hair, are added. The complex is used for diffuse hair loss of a non-hormonal nature, in violation of the structure of hair and nails.

The drug is intended for the treatment of adult patients. You need to take it three times a day for 1 capsule from 3 months to six months.

The complex is not prescribed for children and nursing mothers, as well as people with allergic reactions to the components of the drug. During pregnancy, its administration is possible according to indications only in the 3rd trimester.

It can cause both allergic reactions and gastrointestinal symptoms.

As you can see, in addition to "Selenzin" there are other means to help fight alopecia, but not all of them are approved for use in childhood, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, not all are as safe with a minimum of contraindications and side effects.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Selencin for hair loss and hair growth" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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