Nourishing face masks: basic secrets of healthy skin

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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If the average area of the total skin of an adult person is about two square meters, then the face skin accounts for only a plus or minus 1.5% of this area. Nevertheless, it is the skin of a woman's face that gives the lion's share of attention and care. Obviously, because a person is the most individual part of the human body, and women have the most accessible place to demonstrate their beauty. Therefore, facial masks that improve appearance, occupy a place of honor among cosmetic procedures that are conducted at home.

An effective nourishing face mask: the main thing is the type of skin

Healthy skin of the face, that is clean, elastic and smooth, can not boast of all. Because the skin condition on the face largely depends on those complex biochemical processes that occur throughout the body. It is these processes that determine the type of skin that is normal, oily, dry, combined, or sensitive. And nourishing facial masks should be done, given the type of skin that you possess.

Nourishing face masks

Women with normal skin should rejoice: this type of skin, according to cosmetologists, is very rare. Those who have dry skin know the feeling of tightness (especially after washing), as well as frequent skin peeling (especially in the cold season). Owners of fatty skin are most dissatisfied with its glossy appearance and enlarged pores. Cheer up, ladies! All cosmetologists say that oily skin ages slower than other types.

With a combined skin type, one is a hassle: in the forehead, chin and nose, the skin is oily, while in other areas it is closer to dry. But even more difficult for those who have skin on the face is very sensitive and prone to irritation.

Nourishing face mask recipes

So, we want the skin on the face to be clean, elastic and smooth. To do this, in the arsenal of home skin care products there are recipes for a nourishing face mask with any type of skin.

Agree, what is useful for dry skin, is not suitable for oily. For example, in normal skin, the most useful home nourishing facial mask is made on the basis of natural honey, egg yolk and oil - olive oil or such essential oils as almond, lavender, geranium, apricot or peach bones, jojoba, neroli just for this type of skin). To prepare such a nourishing-toning mask, mix the raw yolk and a teaspoon of honey and add 5 drops of one of these essential oils. The second way: mix the yolk and a teaspoon of olive oil. Such a nourishing mask for normal skin is enough to do at least a couple of times a week.

By the way, you have not forgotten that all the masks are applied to the skin after its thorough cleaning? And remember that the face is not a sandwich: the mixture should not simply be "spread", but applied along the massage lines: on the forehead - from the middle to the temples; on the cheeks - from the middle of the chin, the corners of the mouth and the wings of the nose - to the earlobe. Any nourishing face masks are aged for 15-20 minutes, and then either washed off with warm water, or removed with a moistened cloth followed by rinsing with normal water or a herbal decoction of room temperature.

Home Nourishing Mask for Oily Skin

With oily skin, the sebaceous glands located in it work in a strengthened mode, so the recipes for the face mask with this type of skin do not contain oils. The only exception is essential oils that are useful for this skin in that they contribute to the narrowing of the pores. These include: lemon, lavender, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, ylang ylang, as well as tea tree oil, lemon balm, thyme and chamomile. Useful for oily skin and honey.

Here is the recipe for a mask, for which you must first brew strong tea - black or green (but not in bags). And then combine a tablespoon of the resulting tea leaves with a tablespoon of liquid natural honey and two tablespoons of oatmeal crushed in a coffee grinder.

They feed the skin and vitamins with microelements that contain fruits and berries. Therefore, it is useful to make such a mask for oily skin: 3-4 strawberry berries to mash, add one whipped protein, a teaspoon of potato starch and a few drops of essential oil (one of the above). If the strawberry was not at hand, it would be replaced with a teaspoon of honey.

But an effective nourishing face mask with yeast. To make it, you need a piece of fresh yeast and a tablespoon of yogurt to grind into a thick porridge, add 1-2 teaspoons of oatmeal (oatmeal) and 5 drops of lemon, orange or grapefruit essential oil. If there are pimples - butter of chamomile, thyme or tea tree.

Home Nourishing Mask for dry skin

Dry skin needs fat (it lacks the production of its own cutaneous fat) and moisture. Therefore, with this type of skin is especially useful moisturizing nourishing face mask.

The first thing to go are the same honey, egg yolk and olive oil, which have a particularly beneficial effect on dry skin. Twice a week, it is recommended to make a mask, which includes one raw egg yolk and a teaspoon of olive oil and liquid honey. If you replace this honey with the same amount of fresh yeast, then this mask (if done two or three times a week) will significantly increase the skin turgor and smooth out fine wrinkles.

In addition, to the yolk with olive oil, you can add a tablespoon of oatmeal, and then the delicate and velvety skin is guaranteed to you.

A "Swedish" curd mask is very effective for feeding dry skin. It will need three teaspoons of fresh cottage cheese and one teaspoon of liquid honey, which should be beaten into a homogeneous mass. In addition, that this mask nourishes the skin, it cleanses and refreshes it.

For very dry skin, a potato nutritious face mask will be useful. It is prepared from cooked and crushed potatoes in puree, to which is added warm milk and raw egg yolk. The mask should be applied in a warm form.

Home Nourishing Mask for combined and sensitive skin

With a combined skin type, a recipe for a wonderful honey-protein-flour mask is suggested. To make it, you need to take a dessert spoonful of liquid honey, which should be grinded with one egg white and a tablespoon of ordinary wheat flour. This mask should not be done more than once a week.

Vitamin nutrition of the combined skin will provide a mask prepared according to this recipe: a tablespoon of oat flour is mixed with one or two tablespoons of natural juice - orange, apple or peach.

On the sensitive skin, the ointment mask, cooked according to the following recipe, has a beneficial effect. Take a tablespoon of a mixture of dried herbs - chamomile, mint and plantain - and brew a glass of steep boiling water, let it brew under the lid for 20-25 minutes and strain. Then mix a tablespoon of crushed oatmeal (or oatmeal) with the infusion of medicinal plants - to get a mass of medium density. Add half a teaspoon of olive oil or corn oil. Mix the mixture to a homogeneous consistency and apply on face for 20 minutes. Wash off the mask first with warm water, then cool.

Home Nutritious Mask for mature skin

Alas, with age, the skin loses both freshness and elasticity. Therefore, mature skin (that is, fading) needs proper care and increased care. An effective face mask for ladies of mature age uses ingredients that help to solve problems of dry and sensitive skin. And honey with olive oil and yolk - among them.

But here are some variants of home nutritious masks for mature (and overripe) skin. The first recipe: mash the half of the banana to a mash state, add a teaspoon of liquid honey and fatty cream (or sour cream).

Recipe number two: mix the egg yolk, a tablespoon of aloe juice and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Recipe the third - the Spanish antique mask: 10 beans of a usual bean to soak for several hours, and then to weld (naturally, in unsalted water). Cooked beans wipe through a sieve, mix with the juice of half a lemon and one tablespoon of olive oil. This mask perfectly nourishes the skin and smoothes wrinkles.

Reviews of nourishing face masks

According to the majority of comments and reviews on facial masks, the female audience not only reads all sorts of recipes for home skin care products, but also successfully applies them in practice. By the way, many use exclusively natural ingredients and buy home-made face masks to buy the right products on the market, and not in supermarkets. They say that a dozen chicken eggs bought "from my grandmother in the market" last for a month, and a small jar of really natural honey - at least three.

And finally - another secret to healthy skin. As the famous Coco Chanel used to say, at twenty the woman has the face that God gave her; at thirty - what she had managed to create herself. And in fifty people you have to deserve ... Probably nutritious face masks will help you in this, because they are a proven generation and an easy-to-use way to provide the skin with necessary elements for its better blood supply, regeneration and protection from negative external influences.

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