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Eye Ointment Ointment

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

Edema, bruises, wrinkles under the eyes occur due to illness, genetic predisposition, age changes, dryness of the skin, overwork, unhealthy habits.

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Indications of the ointments from the swelling of the eyes

Such symptoms serve as indications for the use of ointments from the swelling of the eyes. They are needed for:

  • elimination of puffiness,
  • restoration of water balance,
  • cell renewal of the dermis,
  • saturation with useful substances,
  • enhancing the body's immunity.

Before eliminating defects around the eyes, it is necessary to exclude diseases of the heart, kidneys, other internal organs, which are also accompanied by symptoms of puffiness.

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Release form

Most ointment names for eye swelling are popular remedies for hemorrhoids, sports and domestic injuries, and other diseases.

  • Ointment heparin,
  • Hepatrombin,
  • Relief,
  • Troxevasin,
  • Troxevasin neo,
  • "Sports" restoring 42,
  • Thromblets,
  • Lyoton 1000,
  • Solcoseryl,
  • Curious,
  • Besorbil,
  • Blepharogel.

What is justified use of drugs from hemorrhoids as ointments from the eye swelling? The answer is simple: similar composition. History is silent, who first noticed this similarity. But everyone knows that pharmacy and cosmetology are very close, and in the recipes of their products they often use the same ingredients. For example, formulas of therapeutic creams, ointments, suppositories include components used to create anti-aging cosmetics. These creams have a quick effect, so they come in handy in emergency cases, when it is necessary to remove the swelling on the face very urgently.

Heparin ointment

A popular heparin ointment is exactly one hundred years. It was then that her ability to influence the condition of the blood was discovered. Nowadays, ointment is also used in medicine - with the therapy of phlebitis, trophic ulcers, hemorrhoids, and in cosmetology - from eye swelling, bruises and bruises.

Components of the ointment are heparin, anesthesin, benzyl nicotinate.

  • Heparin reduces blood clotting, dissolves blood clots.
  • Anestezin has a local anesthetic effect.
  • Benzyl nicotinate dilutes blood, reduces thrombus formation, promotes the absorption of heparin.

In the complex, the active components of the ointment from the eye swelling provide anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, anesthetic, vasodilating action.

The drug is used for the purpose of a specialist who must take into account contraindications:

  • blood diseases (hemophilia),
  • reduced number of platelets (thrombocytopenia),
  • pregnancy and the period of feeding the child,
  • the presence of purulent wounds,
  • hypersensitivity to ingredients.

Treatment of edema, depending on their severity, should last from 10 to 20 days. Overdose with prolonged use is fraught with serious complications: increased fragility of bones, fractures, osteoporosis. Redness in the application area is not a threat: it is usually a reaction to the effects of nicotinic acid.

Ointment should be applied a thin layer, two or three times a day. Analog preparations: aurobin, troxevasin, proctosan, vobenzym.

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Ointment of Relief

Ointment Relief is created against hemorrhoids. However, in the process of application, its cosmetic properties were found: it is useful in the elimination of swelling under the eyes, and in emergency cases. And although officially no one conducted tests in this direction, however, many women use the ointment for cosmetic purposes, after testing for allergy.

The effective component of the preparation is oil extracted from the liver of sharks. It is a complete set of vitamins and microelements necessary for tissue renewal, protection from inflammation, stimulation of immunity.

Additional ingredients are phenylephrine, glycerol, vitamin E, corn oil, thyme. They soften the skin, enrich with moisture, heal the damage. Due to the narrowing of the blood vessels, the swelling disappears. As a result, the skin becomes saturated with moisture, the face becomes smooth, without swelling and dark circles around the eyes.

It is important to remember that this ointment is still a pharmaceutical, not a cosmetic product, so it can not be used uncontrolled. For example, the period of application should not exceed three months. If this rule is violated, the skin will become dry, pale and dull, and it will have to be treated for a long time.

Sometimes the drug causes burning or flushing, which quickly pass. But if the negative reaction does not disappear, it must be abandoned. Contraindications to the use of drugs also include:

  • diabetes,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • blood diseases,
  • thromboembolism.

Apply the drug to problem areas should not be longer than two weeks in a row, with a long break. A quick effect is provided by the technique of applying ointment from the eye swelling in a thick layer, using a fixing patch (for deep penetration under the skin).

Troxevasin ointment

The main purpose of troxevasin in the form of ointment is the treatment of venous pathologies, in particular, varicose veins, as well as hemorrhoids. The drug strengthens blood vessels and improves blood flow in problem areas.

The active ingredient is the substance troxerutin, belonging to the vitamins of group P; it has a beneficial effect on capillaries, reduces inflammation, swelling, bruises. Troxevasin affects the walls and muscles of small vessels, as a result of which the swelling around the eyes decreases or disappears completely.

Troxevasin as an ointment from eye swelling is applied twice a day. Light massage speeds up absorption and exposure to active ingredients.

In favor of this and other ointments from hemorrhoids, the advertising information that their actresses are actively used by actresses recognized as stars of the world cinema testifies.


  • troxevasin neo, lyoton, ginkor, venobos.


  • venolife, troxerutin.

Ointments from bruises and swelling under the eyes

When choosing ointment from bruises and swelling under the eyes, you need to familiarize yourself with its composition. The formulation should include components that activate blood and lymphatic flow. Popular plants of nettles, horse chestnut, needle have this property. Ointment with these medicinal components copes with the elimination of unhealthy and ugly defects.

A new development for solving the problem is Hylexin cosmetic ointment, which helps to strengthen the blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation in them. Another similar tool - "Badyaga" with a similar effect.

There are also many time-tested simple and affordable home ointments from eye swelling. For example:

  1. Sour cream with chopped green parsley mush;
  2. Grated potatoes plus olive oil (100: 15).

These remedies relieve a passing problem - edema. Plus already mentioned ointments - heparin, troxevasin, hepatrombin, religion, bezornil, troxevasin, "Arnika", "Rescuer", indovazin, "Sinyak-off" with toning effect, balsamic liniment of Vishnevsky.

It is important to know that troxevasin is applied little by little because it has a strong lifting effect.

A good result is a regular cream for the skin in the eye area with the addition of a few drops of the vitamin E solution. To accompany the procedure is useful by gentle massage, riveting the ointment with the pads of ring fingers.

Ointments from hemorrhoids under eyes from edema

Ointments from hemorrhoids under eyes from edemas effectively relieve from the named defects. This is due to the activity of the components, thanks to which the drug, at first glance, which is far from cosmetics, has a quick lifting and anti-edematous effect in practice. The advantage of ointments is that they are much cheaper than brand creams from swelling under the eyes. Use the drug should be done with caution, in small doses, after checking for individual sensitivity.

There are, however, objections to the "untargeted" use of rectal medicines. Some pharmacists have commented on the possible risks associated with applying antihemorrhoid ointments from eye swelling to particularly delicate skin, which is the eye area. They warn that hormonal and other components of drugs can damage the skin and even provoke bleeding.

In any case, it is worth to hear the opinion of experts and, at least, do not get carried away by frequent application of such ointments on the peri-glaznuyu zone.


Pharmacodynamics of troxerutin is aimed at blocking hyaluronidase, which destroys hyaluron, which preserves the youthfulness of the skin. Ointment increases the density of the vessels, thereby reducing the amount of exudate.

P vitamin supports the vessels, improves cell metabolism in tissues, has other beneficial effects. Thanks to the substance, the tone of the vessels improves, which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of blood clots.

Components of heparin ointment depress hyaluronidase, enhance fibrinolytic blood quality, dilate capillaries, increasing the absorption of the substance.

Ointment from the edema of the eyes Relief narrows the local blood vessels, reduces the amount of exudate and swelling.


Components of ointments from the edema of the eyes have a local effect: quickly absorbed into the epidermis and dermis, actively introduced into fatty tissues.

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Use of the ointments from the swelling of the eyes during pregnancy

The use of ointments from the eye swelling during pregnancy should be agreed with the doctor. In the annotations, such indications as to pregnancy are indicated:

  • Heparin ointment and Relief are forbidden to apply;
  • hepatrombin - with caution;
  • troxevasin - not in the first trimester;
  • troxevasin neo - allowed during pregnancy and lactation.

It is allowed to appoint, under the supervision of a doctor, only in the presence of vascular disease, trauma, other serious problems.


Contraindications to ointment application from eye swelling:

  • ulcers and necrosis of the skin,
  • purulent wounds,
  • copious discharge from wounds,
  • pregnancy,
  • hypersensitivity.

Drugs are not recommended for children under 18 years of age, and adults - constantly, in large doses.

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Side effects of the ointments from the swelling of the eyes

From the heparin ointment, redness may occur, but it is not an allergy, therefore it usually passes without a trace.

Troxevasin can provoke a local urticaria, eczema or dermatitis; such symptoms do not require withdrawal of the drug and go untreated.

Some components (zinc, oak bark) of antihemorrhoidal ointments can overdry the face.

In most cases, the side effects of ointments from eye swelling are not observed.

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Dosing and administration

Methods of application and dose of ointments from the edema of the eyes are indicated in the instructions. It should be remembered that these preparations are intended only for external application to the skin surface, in problem areas. It is recommended to start the procedure with a facial cleanser with cosmetics without alcohol. Accelerates the beneficial effect of light rubbing into the skin.

To test the drug for portability, a small portion is applied to the earlobe or an unnoticed area of the face.

Relief can also be used to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes and lips, avoiding contact with mucous membranes, so as not to provoke irritation.

In the treatment of heparin ointment, it is applied to a site 3 to 4 cm at 0.5-1 g two to three times a day. Sometimes the daily frequency is increased up to five times.

Troxevasin is smeared on the face cleansed in the usual way: with light swelling - once a day, with severe swelling and bruising - twice. At increased dryness, additional moisturizing with cream applied after absorbing the ointment is recommended. The remains of the ointment can be rubbed into the legs.

Rapid effect is achieved with this method: a thick layer of troxevasin is applied under the eyes for half an hour, and after drying, rinse with water. The procedure is advised not to be conducted more than twice a week.

  • If you have a suppository with the same composition at hand, they are applied to the skin after pre-melting in a water bath.

If any ointment gets into the eyes, they must be thoroughly rinsed with water.

The duration of continuous treatment does not exceed one to two weeks, after which a break is needed.

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With proper use of ointment from edema, the eyes do not cause symptoms of an overdose.

Heparin ointment can provoke:

  • hypersensitive reactions;
  • urticaria;
  • dermatitis and irritation;
  • bleeding;
  • at too long application - an osteoporosis.

External application of troxevasin does not cause an overdose. You should only avoid accidental contact with the mucous membranes in a large dose - to prevent poisoning.

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Interactions with other drugs

Heparin ointment is not combined with vasodilator drugs (aspirin, arfin).

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant drugs enhance the action of heparin, and antiallergic, nicotine and tetracycline - weaken.

Troxevasin together with ascorbic acid strengthens the strengthening effect on the walls of the vessels.

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Storage conditions

Ointments from eye swelling are kept in a cool dry place, at a temperature of no more than 25 degrees, in a locker or a special medicine cabinet, which is protected from access by children. Do not give medicines too low temperatures.

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Shelf life

Ointments from the edema of the eyes retain the healing properties from two to five years. To specify the expiration date, follow the information indicated on the package.

An important argument of pharmacy ointments from eye swelling is their quality and reasonable price. However, pharmacists have created them for a different purpose. This must be taken into account when choosing the way to get rid of swelling under the eyes. It must also be remembered that puffiness can signal serious abnormalities in the body's activity, which should be treated by a qualified specialist.



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