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Cleansing face with calcium chloride

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

Cleaning the face with solutions containing salts, alkali or acid is called chemical peeling. The method is based on the activation of cleansing from the horny scales of the epidermis by chemical compound. It is truly effective to clean the face with calcium chloride, based on the reaction of the interaction of salt and alkali. For this procedure, it is not necessary to visit beauty parlors and clinics. This type of peeling can be done in a home environment, saving your time and money. The cost of all the ingredients necessary for this procedure is minimal. The result is felt from the first day of execution.

Advantages and disadvantages of calcium chloride

Advantages of cleansing face with calcium chloride include:

  • Application for any type of skin (except pronounced dry);
  • Smoothing of small wrinkles;
  • Normalization of sebaceous gland secretion;
  • Wilted skin becomes more elastic;
  • Rendering of bleaching action on the skin;
  • Purification of pores on the skin of the face.

Disadvantages of calcium chloride:

  • A little dry epidermis, causing a feeling of tightness of the skin;
  • Possible appearance of age spots;
  • Contraindications - pregnancy, lactation, allergic conditions, taking medicines containing photosensitizing substances.


Indications for the procedure

Peeling with calcium chloride is applicable if you have excessively oily skin. In combination skin, this method can be used in the region of the T-shaped zone. In chemical peeling, the skin is slightly dried, acquires a matte shade and becomes lighter, the pores become narrower, and the epidermis is renewed. A mandatory condition for the procedure is the absence on the surface of the skin of fresh rashes and areas with obvious signs of intense inflammation.

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To clean the face with calcium chloride you will need: sponge from cotton wool, calcium chloride 5-10% solution and baby soap. The preparation of calcium chloride is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. One procedure requires 10 ml of solution. Soap should also be purchased in the pharmacy chain or in specialized stores, but it should not have synthetic additives, fragrances and be called exclusively "Children's". When using other types of soap, unforeseen problems may arise, as well as a partial lack of the desired effect.

Before the procedure: the skin of the face is thoroughly cleaned and dried with hygroscopic napkins with soothing movements. All manipulations should be carried out with clean hands or with the use of sterile gloves.

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Technique of the cleansing face with calcium chloride

Before performing a face cleansing with calcium chloride, a sensitivity test should be carried out on the active ingredient. Take a drop of medicine, apply to the skin of the middle third of the inner part of the forearm and wait 10-15 minutes for the time. If there is no redness or itching, then you can safely proceed to the peeling procedure.

Using a cotton sponge on the face, apply calcium chloride, wait until it dries. Repeat the procedure three times. Skin around the eyes and nasolabial triangle is not affected.

Take another cotton wool sponge, dampen a little with water and rub with baby soap. Apply a soap solution with gentle movements on the massage lines. Calcium chloride and soap will react. Wait 1-2 minutes. After a lapse of time, gently massage your face gently until the lumps appear from the peeled scales of the epidermis, which are then easily washed off with water.

If a severe burning occurs, the procedure is immediately stopped. After a while, the attempt can be repeated, reducing the concentration of calcium chloride by dilution. To do this, distilled water for injection or boiled water at room temperature is used. The duration of peeling is 20-30 minutes. At the end of the procedure, a feeling of dryness and stiffness of the skin may occur. To reduce it is recommended to make a mask of a banana or to wipe the face with a decoction of chamomile, sage, and then always apply a moisturizing cream. It takes another 30 minutes for the skin to return to normal, calmed down. Before going out to the street, at any time of the year, it is advisable to use a sunscreen that will help prevent pigmentation on the skin.

Hollywood face cleansing with calcium chloride

Hollywood cleansing of the face removes the skin from the keratinized scales of the epidermis, stimulates the skin renewal processes, relieves comedones and narrows the pores.

Classic Hollywood peeling is preferably done in the evening with a 5% calcium chloride solution. This method is used when it is necessary to make a planned cleaning of the face. To work deeper layers of the skin use Hollywood peeling with the use of acidic compounds.

The method of peeling consists of the following stages: the previously cleansed facial skin is treated three times with a solution of calcium chloride, after complete drying of the solution, a soapy foam is applied using sensible soap without a smell. Allow the substances to react (1-2 minutes). With the help of gentle and accurate movements, strictly on the massage lines, start the roll. Horny cells are exfoliated by chemicals and massage. The procedure ends with washing. After cleansing your face with calcium chloride, make sure to apply a nutrient mask for 20-30 minutes. If there is a possibility, then this time can be used for relaxation, including pleasant music. After this time, wash the mask with water or remove with a cosmetic napkin. At night, you need to apply a night-time regenerating face cream that matches the skin type.

Face cleaning with sodium chloride

A variation of Hollywood peeling is cleaning the face with 10% sodium chloride solution (hypertonic solution). The procedure is simple, but it gives an excellent result. To carry it out you need: sodium chloride, soap "Glycerin". On the previously cleansed face with a sponge, apply a soap solution without touching the skin around the eyes and nasolabial triangle. Allow to dry. Cover the areas covered with soap with 10% sodium chloride. At the end of the procedure, wash your face with cold water, and wipe dry with soothing movements. Apply a nourishing or moisturizing night cream, because the procedure is preferably performed before bedtime. Clears the skin, stimulating the renewal of epidermal cells, eliminates inflammation, comedones, narrows the pores. The number of cleanings depends on the degree of contamination of the face. First twice a week, and then once a month. The regularity of the procedure is important.


Contraindications to the procedure

Unfortunately, cleaning of the face of calcium chloride can not be carried out by far not all. There are some contraindications:

  • dry, thin, sensitive skin, prone to peeling;
  • manifestations of allergic dermatitis;
  • diseases of viral etiology (herpetic eruptions);
  • sites of inflamed skin with phlegmonous and abscessed acne.

In the presence of such problems, the use of calcium chloride is risky and can even do harm, because there may be small necrotic changes in areas of damage to the integrity of the skin. During pregnancy or lactation, this procedure is contraindicated, because of the danger of deterioration of the skin due to an altered hormonal background.

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Consequences after the procedure

Taking into account all contraindications and correctness of chemical peeling with sodium chloride or calcium chloride all negative results are minimized. Consequences when using face cleansing chlorides:

  • shallow chemical burns (due to prolonged exposure of calcium chloride or sodium to the skin of the face);
  • post-burning pigmentation;
  • swelling on the face;
  • hyperemia of the cheeks, forehead, chin;
  • skin peeling;
  • dermatitis;
  • fungal skin lesions, can occur when manipulating with dirty hands or rough exposure to the skin with the appearance of microcracks.

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Complications after the procedure

As a complication, I would like to note reddening, burning and itching of the skin. In case of severe burning, stop this procedure. If you have redness, you need proper skin care. It is desirable to perform the procedure in the evening. After its termination, apply a soothing mask or hypoallergenic cream to the skin. As a rule, during the night the skin has time to recover and rest and for the morning unpleasant sensations disappear, and the skin becomes smooth, velvety with a beautiful shade.

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Reviews about cleaning the face with calcium chloride are pretty much, most are positive. Users noted the high effectiveness of the remedy: the skin becomes smooth, more light and fresh.

It must be remembered that during the peeling at home, you must strictly follow the instructions. If the sequence of actions is violated or when contraindications to this procedure are ignored, negative consequences such as a facial skin burn, redness or swelling are possible.

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