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This plot is considered piquant, although it should be considered typical. In any case, not rare. No wonder he is so fond of literature of all countries and times. However, the repeatability of the plot does not in the least reduce the number of complexes, doubts and rumors. Therefore, try to answer this question: what are the features of sex among partners with a significant age difference?

First, we immediately discard the cases when the basis of the age-related misalliance is the material interest of one of the parties. Sex for money - the lot of professionals, and we will not go into the secrets of their craft. Let's talk about those who have mastered the sincere and mutual desire to spread the arising proximity and the sexual sphere.

Alas, in society there are a number of stereotypes of attitudes toward sex in, let's say, quite mature. It is believed that older people can not and should not have sexual desires, and if they are even there, then there is no way to implement them: sex in old age is supposedly detrimental to health; The old body is physically unattractive and therefore can not be desired; the elderly person's concentration on sex is embarrassing; really quite shameful "lust for young flesh" - and so on.

First of all, we note that aggizm (from age - age) is one of the forms of discrimination, meaning a disdainful attitude towards the elderly, a refusal to have any desires that seem young "indecent at this age". In fact, sexuality is a property of the human body, and therefore it is born and dies with it. The Valencia Declaration of Sexual Rights, adopted in 1997 by the XIII World Sexological Congress, in particular, manifests the following: "Sexuality is present throughout the life cycle, harmonizing the individual, creating and strengthening interpersonal relationships." Age - the characteristic of an individual, it is possible, at thirty to be indifferent to sex and, on the contrary, to seventy to remain an ardent lover. After all, love, as you know, is a magical power and can compensate for age-related changes. And the loving eye forgives much.

However, love not only works wonders, but also dictates certain duties. In the elderly couple, as a rule, the relation to sex as a performance of marital duty develops, it ceases to be an important part of life, recedes to a simple habit, attachment to each other. Occupation of the same sex with a partner / partner is much younger than himself, on the contrary, requires special attention and special efforts. You need to watch yourself, do your body, spend time on it, train, finally. Do not be afraid to look like a "young old woman" - after all, you can call this an elderly woman resorting to vulgar, unlimited make-up, and not doing gymnastics. Agree, it is unlikely anyone would come to mind to call the old women of many movie stars in the seventh decade.

Unfortunately, the society has a double standard of aging. It is believed that a man can take intellect, experience, etc. For women, the main thing is appearance, and therefore they become old immediately after they cease to be young. In the West, these ideas are the subject of a fair struggle of feminists, we, probably, overcome these stereotypes - a matter of time.

Now let's see what happens to the human body during aging.

In women during the menopause, in postmenopause, because of the decrease in the level of estrogens in the blood, the blood supply of the vagina, in turn, decreases, which leads to a decrease in vaginal lubrication (moistening). At the same time, the elasticity of the vaginal walls decreases. These natural changes can be compensated by the use of preparations containing estrogens, or artificial lubricants. In addition, there is a special set of exercises, developed by the gynecologist Kegel, to maintain the tone of the muscles of the vagina, perineum, and, incidentally, the penis. Master and Johnson give evidence that active sex life in postmenopausal is the best protection against aging of the genitals, as it contributes to the creation of a favorable hormonal background.

In this case, the sensitivity of the clitoris during the menopause and after its completion does not change, the ability to experience orgasm persists to 50-60 years, and according to some data, even later. At the choice and range of sexual positions, age does not affect. The only thing - a young and passionate partner should remember about these changes in the body of a woman and conduct sexual intercourse more carefully so as not to damage the mucous membrane.

The peak of male sexual activity, as you know, falls on 25-28 years. After forty the sexual function begins to gradually fade. After 55, as a rule (although it should be noted that the time frame is very individual), the strength of the erection and the rate of its appearance decrease, the intensity of ejaculation decreases and the amount of ejaculate, the refractory period, that is the interval between the two ejaculations, increases. The muscle tension during sexual intercourse also decreases. At the same time, the ability of semen to fertilize is maintained until old age, which young, not lost fertility partner should be remembered and not neglect the measures of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Of the aging men, the so-called men's menopause survive only 5%, the unpleasant physiological sensations of this period are removed by the introduction of testosterone, the natural level of which decreases with age. However, only a third of men after 60 consider themselves impotent. The remaining two thirds, continuing the sex life, it is useful to know that at this age should not at all costs strive for ejaculation, and partners - not to accept its absence for evidence of "low quality" of sex.

Generally speaking, if a person lived not in vain, with age, experience comes to him, including sexual ones. A famous joke: "as long as I have a finger and tongue, I will not be impotent" - is absolutely fair. Indeed, an experienced man will be able to deliver partner joy with a finger, tongue and other methods that do not require youthful reinforced concrete erection.

In this case, a young girl, of course, should not wait and demand from a partner at the age of an invariable force of erotic manifestations. At the beginning of the novel, an elderly man usually looks sexually active, then there comes a natural fading of physiological reactions, and not cooling at all.

Orgasm is not without reason called in some countries "a small death." Another joke about "better death for a man" is also common. In fact, few people managed to die during sexual intercourse, because for this it is necessary to have a so-called somatic complication. Usually the person in the pre-infarction or pre-sulphurous state avoids the loads, including sexual ones. For women in old age, according to the same Masters and Johnson, sex is almost safe.

With regard to stimulant drugs, the selection of an erector and indeed any doubt and anxiety - certainly, you need to contact a specialist. Feel free and without any constraint.

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