The process of sexual arousal and its violation

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Modern sexology (the science of sexual life), in particular, highlights such pressing problems: the characteristics of male and female sexuality in aspects and psychophysiology, and the dynamics of social and sexual problems; the relativity of distinguishing between "sexual" and "non-sexual" attachments and reactions of men and women, carried away by each other.

Sexually stimulating stimuli for different people are different: some attract the views of another person, other touches, etc. Men are more likely to experience increased sexual arousal at the sight of different parts of the woman's body. Sexual arousal can be caused not only by the influence of psychogenic factors, but also by stimulation of the local receptors of the external genital organs.

On the one hand, the perception of a person or an imaginary image includes the cortex, the limbic system of the brain and parts of the hypothalamus, and on the other hand, the mutual stimulation of the external genital organs produced by the partners eventually causes spinal reflexes that provide changes in the female and male genital organs, in particular krovenapolnenie and secretion. Pleasant feelings provide activation of sexual behavior, bringing together two people.

Awakening by sexual intercourse, sensations result in an orgasm, in which there is a sudden surge in the intensity of erotic perceptions accompanied by contraction of muscles, and in man - and ejaculation. Increased blood supply to the penis and the clitoris, as a result of which they increase in size. Filling cavernous bodies compress the venous vessels, reducing the outflow of blood from the penis. As a result, the internal pressure increases, the penis increases in length and becomes hard (erection).

In women, blood flow to the external genitalia (vulva) makes the tissues around the vaginal opening denser and contributes to lengthening the bursar canal. Increases uterine blood filling. The walls of the vagina begin to secrete fluid, and the glands of the vestibule (Bartholin glands) are mucus. This helps the movement of the penis into the vagina and creates a more favorable environment for the survival of spermatozoa. In men, during sexual arousal (before orgasm), there is also an increased secretion of glands secreted by glands from the penis.

Orgasm is characterized by an explosion of sensations that can be limited to the perineal region or extend to the entire body (general agitation).

The sensations of orgasm can be accompanied by contractions of the muscles of the legs, neck, face, abdomen, the scrotum is shortened, the testicles are tightened. With particularly strong stimulation, the cuts resemble a cramp with a powerful ejaculation, complete muscle relaxation and a sense of peace.

In women, orgasm manifests itself in the form of multiple contractions of the ring muscle, located at the entrance to the vagina. There may be a contraction of the uterine muscles. Sometimes there is an erection of the nipples of the mammary glands.

To newly married couples who do not have pleasant feelings of sexual life or who doubt the ability to conceive a child, first of all, one should pay special attention to the most frequent violations of the process of sexual arousal: impotence in men and frigidity, anorgasmia, vaginismus in women.

Primary impotence - the inability of a man to have and maintain a state of erection until the end of sexual intercourse and ensure the achievement of sexual satisfaction with the partner.

Secondary impotence is due to organic causes, as well as excessive use of large doses of alcohol or certain medications.

Frigidity (sexual coldness) - a complete absence or decline in women of sexual desire, sexual sensations and orgasm.

In a number of cases, frigidity is accompanied by painful sensations or aversion to sexual intercourse.

Frigidity is often found in women with excessive suspiciousness, indecisiveness, shyness, a tendency to prolonged experience of negative emotions. In this case, a significant role can play psychotrauma, associated with a ruptured rupture of the hymen, attempts to rape, fear of pregnancy or publicity relations, physical aversion to a partner. Frigidity is promoted by neurohumoral disorders, sensitivity disorders and loss of sexual sensations and orgasm, congenital malformations and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

Absence of orgasm is a manifestation of frigidity as a result, for example, of a husband's interrupted sexual intercourse (premature ejaculation), insufficient psychoerotic preparation of a woman for rapprochement (due to lack of preliminary caresses, incorrectly chosen postures, etc.).

Vaginismus is a convulsive contraction of the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor, preventing the sexual act. Vaginismus can arise from fear of pain, coarse behavior of a partner.

Tactful husbands do not insist on intercourse.

Treatment of these disorders requires the doctor and patients to be confident, persevering in the professional application of the achievements of psychotherapy. These violations are indisputably eliminated.

The previously described process of sexual arousal and conception reflects the act of normal sexual intercourse between healthy men and women, which leads to the fertilization of the egg, implantation of the embryo, and the development of pregnancy. But, unfortunately, in real life there is a great risk of various diseases (hereditary, non-infectious, infectious) that, if untimely detected and not treated by doctors, can not only inflict a fatal blow to the genital sphere of the husband and wife, but also the physical health of the pregnant woman , the fetus and the future baby. This determines the vital (for planning and creating a healthy family) need to describe the main causes leading to the inability of a woman and a man to conceive, normal fetal development and the birth of a healthy child, that is infertility and other lesions.

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