What you need to know about the "Available Medications" program

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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08 May 2017, 09:00

Since April of this year, Ukrainians can receive some medicines free of charge, or with a symbolic surcharge: the social program "Available medicines" has been launched in the country.

Employees of the Department of Health point out that according to the proposed program, people can buy medications that are commonly used for heart disease, with type 2 diabetes, with bronchial asthma. According to statistics, it is these diseases that most often cause the death or deterioration of people's quality of life in Ukraine.

To get the preferential medicines that are provided by the program, you need to make an appointment with the doctor. The doctor will write out the prescription on a special form, which will indicate the active component of the desired drug. Next, you need to come with this prescription to the pharmacy, which serves patients under the "Available Medications" program, and pick up medicines.

"Available medicines" is a scheme with a gradually increasing turnover of medicines, as pharmacy chains will expand the list of pharmacies to serve people according to the program. Pharmacists will voluntarily enter into an agreement with medical institutions to participate in the system.

The list of pharmacies, which are already serving patients by the program, can be found in the medical institution of their city.

What questions are most often asked by patients who wish to receive "affordable medicines"?

What should I do to get a free medication?

  • You need to come to see a doctor who will write out a special prescription. With this prescription you need to come to the pharmacy, which works in support of the program "Available medications". In the pharmacy, pharmacists will explain what medicines can be obtained free of charge, and for which you will have to pay extra. If you have medicines, you can get them right away.

What if there are no necessary medicines in the pharmacy, or are they sold only at full cost?

  • You can specify when the necessary free medicine will appear, and wait. But it should be borne in mind that the recipe is valid for a month.

How to find out what medicines are supposed to get for free, and for what will have to pay?

  • Free cheaper preparations are given out from the list proposed in the register of the sale price.
  • If the drug is initially more expensive than its counterparts, then you will have to pay a difference regarding the minimum cost and the retail price of the medicine.

Is it possible to purchase medicines for free if there is no prescription?

  • Each pharmacy in a free order decides whether to release a medicine to a patient without presenting a prescription.

The list of medicines, the value of which is reimbursed at the expense of the state, is published on the pages of the website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. In addition, a similar list should be available to the attending physician and pharmacists who serve patients in the pharmacy.

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