What awaits medicine in the new year?

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01 December 2016, 09:00

Medical reforms in Ukraine are designed for several years, but citizens can feel the first changes in the next year. Now the state allocates about 4% to health care needs, which are spent not on providing medical care to patients, but for maintaining beds and walls in hospitals. In the hospital, citizens are forced to pay for medicines and doctors from their own pockets, but also. Minister of Health is confident that the current situation is fundamentally wrong.

The maximum changes will occur in the primary links of medical care. Next year, every citizen of Ukraine will have to choose a doctor and sign a contract with him. According to the ministers, this agreement will help protect the rights of both the patient and the doctor. A family doctor assists his patients in uncritical situations, if a person requires urgent medical assistance, he will, of course, receive it at any polyclinic or hospital.  

Last year, the ambulance station received about 10 million calls, 2.5 million people were hospitalized. It is estimated that more than 7 million people called a medical team without good reason, if part of the calls are transferred to a family outpatient clinic, part of the call center, then the quality of emergency medical care will significantly improve. If a person has a personal family doctor, in case of poor health, first he will call him, and already a doctor who is well acquainted with the patient's medical history, after hearing all the complaints will decide whether to call an ambulance. Such a system is successfully used in a number of developed countries.

Now in the beauty salons a pre-recording system is practiced - a person is recorded on a specific day and time and does not wait for hours while the master is free. This is exactly what the organization needs to adopt to doctors - waiting for several hours under the doctor's office is a disrespect for people and it is necessary and possible to fight with it.

Also, attention will be paid to the price policy for medicines. A special formula will allow calculating the optimal cost of specific drugs on the computer, which will eliminate the possibility of using corrupt schemes.

In the budget, the wages of family doctors are already laid - for 1 family the specialist will receive 1 thousand hryvnia per year, one doctor can take on the service no more than 2.5 thousand families. In addition to treating patients, family doctors should conduct interviews with their patients about a healthy lifestyle.

State financing is planned to be removed after the monetary remuneration from patients is introduced. After the introduction of licensing, a system of fines and license revocation will be used. Conscientious doctors will be able to lead many patients and thereby earn good money.

Monetary aid from the state budget will also be allocated to insurance medicine, no additional taxes or insurance premiums from the population will be charged. State insurance will be sufficient for basic medical services (family doctor and ambulance brigade), a further cycle of medical care (for narrow specialists) will be partially funded.

Working people may have additional insurance, which will be purchased by the employer and cover part of the cost of treatment or purchase of medicines. Pensioners, children, low-income people will be able to use special state programs.

According to the Acting. The deputy minister will also introduce changes in the vaccination of children - each vaccine will have an individual bar code that is entered into the electronic database after it is introduced to the child, thus false references will be revealed.

It is impossible to force parents to vaccinate children, but educational talks will be held in all regions.

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