Ukraine spends a lot on medicine and education

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28 September 2016, 09:00

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine stated that it takes too much budgetary funds for medicine, education and science, and it is recommended that expenditures on these spheres be reduced. This was in an interview with one of the Ukrainian publications, Minister of Finance Alexander Danilyuk said.

According to the official, the budget money in the above spheres is distributed irrationally and non-transparently.

Especially Mr. Danilyuk emphasized that if we calculate the total area of medical institutions in the country, then it will be approximately equal to the area of Estonia. Alexander Danilyuk is sure that in the very near future it is necessary to stop "empty" financing, but to direct all efforts to improve the quality of medical services to the population. For the provision and heating of public hospitals, huge amounts of money are being spent from budget funds, but you can count on really equipped modern equipment and good hospitals on your fingers.

The Minister of Finance noted that public money should not be used for dilapidated, abandoned hospitals, the main attention should be paid precisely to the provision of high-quality medical care, and not to building the buildings.

The same situation, according to the Minister of Finance, is also in the sphere of education, for which more funds are spent from the budget of Ukraine than are spent for example in Japan, France, Poland, Germany, but in these countries the quality of education is much higher than in Ukraine. The Minister of Finance also noted that, despite the poor quality of education, officials are making proposals to raise financing for the education sector and increase state orders for specialists. According to Danilyuk, all money from the budget simply spreads and does not bring any effect, so first and foremost, we need to pay attention to quality, both in healthcare and in education.

Earlier, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine had already appealed to the Ministry of Education and recommended that they refuse to pay scholarships starting from 2017, and transfer all places in the magistracy to a paid form of education. According to experts, today, the proposal to introduce 2 scholarships is considered - social and academic, the latter of which will be paid to students who have real academic achievements, while the academic scholarship will be quite high.

Scholarships of a social type are planned to be assigned to students from large families who lost one of their parents and other materially unprotected groups.

Another proposal of the Ministry of Finance was the abolition of places in the magistracy on a budgetary basis, and for this some changes in the legislation are needed.

Oleg Sharov, head of the department of higher education of Ukraine, noted that Danilyuk's proposals are only recommendations, and now the possibility of switching to a paid magistracy is being considered.

In turn, the deputy head of the committee on education Alexander Spivakovsky said that the proposals for Daniluk already known in the Ukrainian parliament, but in the near future, in all likelihood, the received recommendations from the Minister of Finance of Ukraine will not be considered.

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