In Odessa, a rise in the incidence of measles

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23 May 2017, 09:00

Polyclinics and medical institutions in Odessa confirm a sharp surge in the incidence of measles: infectious hospitals have already been treated for more than a hundred sick patients. About this information, and the chief doctor of the Odessa Hospital Svetlana Lavryukova.

Among newly admitted patients, children up to 3 years of age predominate, but there are also adult patients. As a rule, patients who are in serious condition, as well as pregnant women and children from orphanages are sent to inpatient treatment.

"If you analyze the number of patients with hospitalization, even in the very beginning of spring, only single, so-called" sporadic "cases of measles were recorded . Already in mid-April this year, the number of patients gradually began to increase. To date, we have nearly forty patients on inpatient treatment. If you consider those who have already been discharged, you can count more than a hundred cases, "the head physician explains the situation.

As the statistics indicate, earlier such quantity of patients with measles could be fixed in the whole country, but not in one village. The risk group includes children under 9 years of age, as well as adults from 35 to 45 years.

The staff member of the department of state supervision over observance of sanitary norms of the city administration of the State Bailiff Service Olga Balanovskaya adds that in the European territory there are currently registered fourteen zones with outbreaks of measles activity. For example, since the summer of last year in Romania, experts have recorded more than five thousand patients with measles - and there are cases with a fatal outcome.

"The increase in the number of measles cases varies cyclically. So, in our country the maximum number of patients was recorded in 2006 - this is 43 000 patients. Then the disease went on decline, but in 2012 there was another cyclical outbreak - 15 000 patients were hospitalized. Today, most likely, we can talk about the next rise in the incidence. The fact is that not all parents now vaccinate their children. The number of unvaccinated children is increasing, and we are seeing a new outbreak ... Everyone knows that the only effective remedy against this disease is vaccination. But we have to admit that the vaccination rates of children in Odessa differ little from the Romanian indicators, "the doctor summarizes.

The representative of the health department at the Odessa City Council Anna Luneva assures that at the moment there are 14,000 doses of anticorrect vaccine in the polyclinics of the city.

"We address to moms and dads of healthy children from 1 year. If your children did not get vaccinated against measles and did not suffer from this disease, then consult a doctor and vaccinate, regardless of the vaccination schedule, "the doctor calls.

If the child is already sick, then you should limit his contacts with other people. Do not go with such a child to the clinic: you should immediately call a doctor or "emergency care."

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