The health system in Ukraine is considered morally obsolete

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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21 April 2017, 09:00

The experts of the World Bank, an organization that is called upon to contribute to the common welfare of the world population, estimated the Ukrainian health care system as morally outdated. According to statistics, the average life expectancy of people in Ukraine today is 71 years - and this is a dozen years less than in most European countries.

Specialists pay attention to the fact that it is the outdated principles of health and they are the reasons for the unsatisfactory state of people's health in the country. Financing of medicine is carried out incorrectly and ineffectively, which requires radical reform for a long time. Such conclusions were made by experts in the thematic address of the World Bank.

"The systemic principles of Ukrainian health care practically did not change even from the period of the existence of the Soviet Union - in those years the main direction of medicine was considered episodic therapy of exacerbations and acute conditions," the appeal says. Recall that the Soviet system of medical care was based on the well-known scheme of Semashko, which originally meant the provision of free medical care to all in need. At one time, such a scheme was called the best in Europe, but to date in Ukraine from it little is left.

Experts state that today the death rate of representatives of the adult population of Ukraine is much higher than the European one - by 65%. Of this number, no less than 80% of deaths occur in patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system and with malignant tumors.

At least a quarter of adult representatives of the nation - from 18 to 65 years - have chronic pathologies, and 6-8% suffer from three or more chronic diseases simultaneously.

Experts are sure that the thoughtful reform of medicine is now very important, both for the health of the residents of Ukraine and for further economic growth in the country: the unsatisfactory quality of people's health directly affects the reduction in productivity and efficiency.

According to the information obtained as a result of the research, an increase in the overall life expectancy of only 1 year can increase the GDP per person by about 4%.

According to the World Bank, the reform of medicine in Ukraine must be urgently carried out. First of all, you need to pay attention to the financial side of the issue. However, a lot of difficulties immediately arise here, and, first of all, in the Ukrainian legislation. Making global adjustments to the health protection system, it is necessary to prepare the relevant laws in advance - in fact at the moment the law prescribes that the medicine in the country is socially oriented.

In addition, there is one more "but": Ukrainians themselves are not very optimistic about any changes in the health care system, and any innovations from the Ministry of Health cause panic in many Ukrainians. Therefore, to date, this issue still remains without a definite solution.

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