In Germany, the epidemic of intestinal infection is raging

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25 May 2011, 23:00

It is already known about 460 cases of infection. On Wednesday, doctors at the clinic in Schleswig-Holstein confirmed that one patient died from this infection. Physicians also suspect that the same bacterium Escherichia (E.) coli could have caused the death of the other two patients.

Actually, the causative agent of the disease was known for a long time. In 1985, the first epidemic of "hemolytic uremic syndrome", or as it is called "Gasser's disease", was registered in Germany. Later, small local flares occurred. However, what is happening now, according to the employee of the Institute. Robert Koch, is observed for the first time.

Severe patients lie in intensive care units. Many are in a coma, some have had surgery to remove part of the colon. The disease is accompanied by serious symptoms - a bloody stool, anemia, a decrease in the content of red blood cells.

According to the interlocutor "RG" from the Institute. Robert Koch, such an aggressive species of this bacterium has not yet been encountered. Its spread is extremely fast. Very worried about the age and gender of the sick. Previously, among the patients were mainly children who were infected in peasant households from small cattle. Now it's mostly adult women. The incubation period of infection is from five to seven days.

Most cases are registered in northern Germany. In the federal state of Hamburg, they are already more than a hundred, as much together in the lands of Lower Saxony and Bremen. 26 cases are registered in Frankfurt. All the diseased infected in the canteens of one of the insurance companies. Both dining rooms are already closed. According to the representative of the Institute. Robert Koch, some products, most likely, got to the dining room from the north of the country.

Currently, the staff of the institute are looking for the source of the disease. Usually the pathogen is found in the excrement of animals - cows, goats, horses. Where he got into the food chain is a mystery. According to the interlocutor "RG", usually these bacteria enter the human body through raw unprocessed foods.

The only thing experts of the Institute can for sure exclude is raw meat and milk. The deceased woman almost did not eat meat. The other patients mainly ate vegetables and grain products.

The pathogens can be transmitted by usual contact with those who do not follow personal hygiene and do not wash their hands after visiting the toilet. Specialists also suspect that the peddler may be unwashed after cutting raw meat boards or kitchen knives. While the only measure against infection can be a thorough washing of hands and kitchen utensils.

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