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Drunkards live less

, medical expert
Last reviewed: 20.05.2018

In Texas, a team of specialists made an interesting discovery - as it turned out to be a sober lifestyle, as well as excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, can cause early death. Scientists conducted the study for 20 years, it involved 2 thousand people of different ages - from 55 to 65 years, chronic diseases, problems in the family, and the standard of living of volunteers were also taken into account. Conventionally, scientists divided all participants into 3 groups - alcoholics who do not drink and drink moderately. After observing the volunteers, the scientists made an amazing discovery - up to the age of 65 most people were dying, completely abandoned the use of alcohol. The scientists found that 60% of the participants in the alcoholic group did not live up to 65 years of age, among the teetotalers 69%, and in the group of moderate drinkers - 41%. Such results surprised scientists, since it was always believed that alcohol and abuse of it provokes serious diseases and can lead to premature death. Now to explain why not drinking people die before alcoholics, scientists can not, perhaps to establish this it will be necessary to conduct more than one study.

According to scientists, this work once again confirms that everything should be adhered to measures, including alcohol. Also, experts are sure that you can not abruptly give up alcohol and start to lead an absolutely sober way of life. Pressure, pulse, work of the cardiovascular system are different for alcoholics and teetotalers, so refusal of alcohol should occur gradually, so that the body has time to get used to a new way of life, otherwise serious health problems are not ruled out. According to scientists, if a person who drinks from time to time, after 30 years completely refuses alcohol and begins to lead a sober lifestyle, then the body can not stand such a sharp drop. The fact is that with harmful substances enter the body, affecting all organs and systems, individual organs get used to such a "load" and a sharp refusal of alcohol can provoke a malfunction in the work of the organs.

Disputes in the scientific community about the benefits of alcohol continue for a long time, various research groups conduct experiments, confirming or refuting the benefits of alcohol for the body, but still, all experts agree on one thing - the abuse of alcohol does not benefit anyone.

So, colleagues of the Texas scientists, Englishmen, several months ago declared, that full refusal of alcohol improves health. The study was conducted in an English clinic and specialists confirmed that a sober lifestyle positively affects the general condition of a person, including sexual health. In addition, giving up alcohol can prevent a number of serious diseases, such as cirrhosis or ulceration. At the same time, other experts noted that a complete rejection of alcohol, on the contrary, is harmful to health, since alcohol, in small amounts, improves the body's resistance, helps cope with the common cold and improves appetite.

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