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Does the child need pocket money?

2017-02-24 09:00

According to experts, it is undesirable for a child to have access to pocket money before the age of five.

The earlier parents introduce the baby to the world of money, the more likely it is to grow an egoist from it.

Scientists have conducted several consecutive experiments and found that early acquaintance of children with money can eventually lead to the development of psychological problems - especially if the family refers to a too poor or too rich a layer of the population.

Giving a small child money, parents can develop from him such qualities as greed and self-interest: most likely, after growing up, he will look for benefits in almost everything.

It should be noted that this series of experiments lasted for two decades. The scientists monitored the children, their development and upbringing. Such children at different times and in different numbers received pocket money from older members of the family.

Based on the results of the experiments, the specialists made the appropriate conclusions: those who at an early age were involved in financial spending and did not have the opportunity to fully realize the value of money, later became more selfish and greedy. Psychologists supported scientists, pointing out that it is possible to give children money only after they reach the age of five, and it does not matter whether it happens in the form of a game or as an encouragement.

In turn, employees of one of the Internet resources decided to conduct a survey among their users. The question was: give the child pocket money, or is it better not to do it? As a result, most people answered that in small amounts the money is still worthwhile, but it is better to explain how they get to their parents and how to properly dispose of them.

"Giving your baby some kind of certain means for pocket expenses is necessary. But no less necessary and control over what the child will spend. If the waste is useless, then we will have to talk about finances and their role for the person "- sure Valery M., the mother of a five-year-old girl.

At the same time, most of the fathers believe that if they give money, then strictly limited amount: for example, to have enough for snacks or ice cream.

Psychologists advise: in no case should children be granted access to large financial amounts, since almost any child will spend them without special need. Money is better to give on any particular occasion. For example, the kid goes to a friend on his birthday or on a walk with the class. In addition, it will always be better if the parents are aware of the purpose for which this or that amount is intended.

In addition, do not tell the children that everything in the world is calculated in money and worth the money. Since the psyche of a person in childhood has a special sensitivity, a child can forever fix in his head an admonition that absolutely everything in the world is bought and sold for money. Any person from childhood should distinguish between material and moral values, and in no case become a hostage of money.

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