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What should I do if I damage my birthmark?

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

Although in some cases, damage to the birthmark can cause serious problems, such a probability is rather low, so you do not need to panic beforehand (but you should not let things go too). What to do if the birthmark is damaged and whether it leads to the birth of a birthmark into a malignant tumor, you will be explained by a qualified doctor who should be contacted as soon as possible.

Is damage to the birthmark dangerous?

Flat nevuses are cell clusters with a high concentration of pigment in them - melanin, and convex are benign tumors that do not threaten health, but only on the condition that they are not injured. And in the event of damage to the nevus or even a complete breakdown, problems may arise. There is a high probability that the birthmark cells will change their structure, becoming atypical, after which they will multiply much faster. Several times the risk of subsequent development of skin cancer (melanoma) increases.

But this is only one of the possible options for damage to the nevus - not in all cases, his injury leads to such bad consequences, sometimes everything ends safely. Birthmark, which is slightly injured, just heals and no longer gives cause for concern, and on the spot detached sometimes grows a new benign nevus. But this is only possible when after the injury they have the correct first aid, followed by a doctor.

Is it dangerous to damage the birthmark when shaving?

Damage to the birthmark when shaving can lead to such consequences: deformation of the nevus itself, as well as damage to the skin. In addition, the pain sensations in place of the cut, as well as in some cases, may be bleeding from the wound.

Later, the wound heals and the person forgets about what happened, but just at this stage you should closely follow the behavior of the birthmark. It is necessary to observe whether changes in its form, structure, etc., have appeared, since a nevus cut can lead to its subsequent degeneration into a malignant formation.

Consequences of damage to the birthmark

Damage to the nevus is one of the most common factors in the development of skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. In the event of mechanical trauma, a benign tumor can be transformed into a malignant one, so if you injure your birthmark, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. To avoid the consequences of damage to the birthmark, all the doctor's recommendations must be followed. 

Redness around the nevus usually appears due to the inflammatory process and in most cases is not a dangerous signal for health. But when it does not go away after a few days, you should consult a doctor - it may be a symptom of some complication.

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What kind of doctor should I contact if I damage my birthmark?

Nevuses are the formation which has appeared as a result of a pigmentation of dermal cells, therefore for their survey all over again it is necessary to address to the dermatologist. He deals with the treatment of skin diseases, performs an examination (primary visual, with the use of a dermascope) and diagnostics. After this, if necessary, the dermatologist determines which specialist should be contacted for further treatment.

If the examination shows no danger in the development of nevi (no threat of melanoma), the patient can monitor them independently, referring to the doctor only in case of necessity. But if the dermatologist has determined that the mole is a health hazard, the patient is immediately sent to other doctors - a surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetologist, oncologist-mammologist or oncodermatologist.

Treatment of a damaged birthmark

To prevent penetration of the wound infection, you must immediately treat it with any antiseptic solution and stop the blood, if it appeared. Completely detached nevus should be given to the surgeon for histology (to determine the nature of education). In other cases, after the healing of a mole, it is necessary to inspect it from time to time for any changes - this will allow us to notice in a timely manner the possible degeneration in melanoma and prevent its development at the initial stage.

What if I damage my birthmark to the blood?

In case you injured the birthmark before the blood, immediately stop the bleeding and disinfect the wound. To perform this procedure, you need a clean bandage, as well as a disinfectant - chlorhexidine solution (at a concentration of 0.5%) and hydrogen peroxide (concentration 3%).

The damaged birthmark should be washed with peroxide (as much as possible) - for this use a bandage, making a compress of it, soaked in solution. Keep it on the wound should be for at least 15 minutes - during this time the bleeding should stop. In addition to stopping blood, peroxide also performs antiseptic action.

After that, the damaged area should be washed with chlorhexidine. This antiseptic is more effective, and its action lasts longer than the action of peroxide. Stopping blood, treat the wound with a bandage, previously soaked in chlorhexidine. If this solution is not available, you can replace it with iodine (lubricate the edges of the wound). Further on the mole, a sterile bandage bandage should be applied and fixed with a sterile patch.

Then you should consult your doctor to get an objective assessment of the damage. The specialist will also give advice on whether to remove the damaged birthmark.

Than to spread, when has damaged a birthmark?

If damaged, grease the injured area with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. This will avoid getting into the wound infection.

Councils of doctors

What should I do if I damage my birthmark? In general, the usual damage to the integrity of the nevus is not dangerous in itself, but in order to avoid unpleasant complications, it is necessary to treat this case carefully. If you notice that the damaged birthmark has become inconvenient, began to increase in size, and at the site of the lesion a tumor appeared - you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. To prevent the development of undesirable consequences, you can take advice from doctors:

  • If a severe itching occurs in the area of the nevus, do not try to burn it with alcohol. Consult a dermatologist;
  • In case of changing the shape or size of the birthmark, you need to visit the surgeon - to remove it;
  • If there is bleeding, inflammation or a change in the color of the nevus, you should immediately visit an oncologist.

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