Water for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

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Last reviewed: 17.05.2022

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Diabetes is characterized by a violation of all types of metabolism, including water-salt . Failures in the absorption of glucose due to insulin deficiency lead to its accumulation in the body. This results in fluid loss and unquenchable thirst. The question arises, should you drink water without restrictions or restrain yourself?


The hormone insulin, produced by the pancreas, takes part in many metabolic processes, but its main purpose is to reduce the level of glucose concentration in the blood. Without it, glucose cannot get into human organs and tissues, which means they are deprived of the main source of energy. An insufficient amount of fluid inhibits the transport of insulin, so the benefits of water are obvious - it lowers blood sugar. How much water can you drink with diabetes? Experts answer - without restrictions. [1]


A lot of water will harm with kidney failure, when there is an excess of fluid in the body, swelling. Mineral waters are medicinal, so each of them has its own contraindications. So, "Borjomi", "Donat" can not be drunk with exacerbations of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney problems, internal bleeding.

What kind of water can you drink with diabetes?

Obviously, you can drink ordinary water, adhering to this rule: it must be warm. Thirst must be quenched at any time, even during meals. A few sips will not hurt, but will help digest food. During the day, you should drink up to 2 liters, not including tea, coffee, compotes, first courses. Morning should start with a glass or two, because. During sleep, the body was deprived of this.

With the help of water, you can also improve the functionality of the pancreas if you use mineral water.

What mineral waters can be drunk with diabetes?

Studies have shown that drinking mineral water rich in minerals is very useful for diabetes - it activates insulin receptors, accelerating its synthesis. Metabolic reactions depend on the rate at which insulin enters the bloodstream. The hydrotherapy of the disease is based on this. What mineral waters can be drunk with diabetes:

  • table water is slightly mineralized, it can be drunk in unlimited quantities, it does not have a therapeutic effect on the body, but it helps to cleanse toxins and toxins;
  • water "Donat" - contains chromium, zinc, selenium, necessary to stimulate the synthesis of insulin, and bicarbonates, which regulate the constancy of the blood reaction. They drink it 15-20 minutes before meals in a volume of 150-200 ml, and after a few hours there is a decrease in blood sugar by a third, in addition, cholesterol and blood pressure are falling. A full course of treatment leads to a decrease in the dose of insulin and a 2-fold increase in the number of its receptors on the cell membrane;
  • water "Essentuki" - named after the city where it is produced. All sources are numbered and appear in the title. Essentuki-4 water is used to treat diabetes. This is hydrocarbonate-chloride sodium water with high mineralization. Sodium in it is responsible for the normalization of metabolic processes, magnesium is involved in protein and carbohydrate, blood clotting depends on potassium, it also resists inflammation.

Water should be warm (25-35 0 C), and you need to drink it one hour before meals in a volume of 100-200 ml. All the nuances of the application depend on concomitant diseases and are determined by the doctor.

  • alkaline water - it treats diabetes in some countries. It is believed that pancreatic juice itself is alkaline, so an increase in alkaline ions will help neutralize the aggressive effect of acids on the organ and create a favorable microclimate for its functioning;
  • "Borjomi" - is used for diabetes of any type as a supportive natural therapy. Hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, chloride ions, sodium bicarbonate, sulfuric acid salts - all this contributes to carbohydrate metabolism, normalizes the activity of insulin;
  • carbonated water - sweet soda is harmful to everyone, not to mention diabetics. In addition to the fact that carbon dioxide in its composition irritates the gastric mucosa and provokes excessive release of hydrochloric acid, it also contains a lot of sugar, flavors, preservatives, and caffeine. This "explosive mixture" with frequent use can deplete the pancreas and cause diabetes. Carbonated mineral water reduces the level of acetone, cholesterol, helps to lose weight, improves the production of enzymes involved in metabolism. But you can’t drink it uncontrollably, but only in courses, because. There are also negative sides: it prevents the absorption of calcium, causes flatulence, provokes the formation of stones in the gallbladder and kidneys;
  • water with lemon - the whole palette of useful properties of citrus is most welcome for patients with diabetes: strengthening immunity, thanks to vitamin C, a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, cleansing the body of waste products. However, lemon is an acidic fruit, and acid negatively affects the pancreas. The solution is water with lemon.

It can be prepared as follows: cut one fruit into pieces and pour a glass of water, boil for 5 minutes. After cooling, strain, drink after a meal in a tablespoon. To eliminate thirst, you can simply acidify ordinary water with squeezed juice;

  • hydrogen water - enriched with hydrogen, it exhibits antioxidant activity, resisting dangerous diseases, has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates energy metabolism. The hydrogen molecule is characterized by a small size, which allows it to easily penetrate cell membranes and deliver beneficial substances to all organs. Numerous studies have proven that regular consumption of hydrogen water lowers blood glucose levels;
  • honey water - honey for diabetes is allowed in very limited doses (no more than 2 tablespoons per day). There is another form of its consumption - to dilute it in water (a spoonful to a glass of warm water, not exceeding 60 0 C). Honey water is recommended to drink at night, because. It calms well and allows you to fall asleep quickly;
  • living water - has a structured structure, has a great penetrating ability, which allows you to cleanse cells of toxins and toxins, and in general, get a healing effect.

It does not contain harmful chemicals, dangerous microorganisms, it contains useful mineral ions, negative redox potential, it is alkaline. All this will positively affect the health of the diabetic.

Living water can be made at home by freezing and thawing, magnetization or using a special stone - shungite.

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