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The drug Uralit-U is intended for the therapy of urological diseases.

ATC classification

G04BC Препараты для лечения нефроуролитиаза

Active ingredients

Калия натрия гидроцитрат

Indications of the uralit-U

Uralit-U is used in such cases:

  • for the prevention of stone formation in the urinary system;
  • for the treatment of uric acid formation, uraturia, cystine stone formation and cystinuria;
  • if necessary, the reaction of the urinary fluid to the alkaline side (with chemotherapy, gout, porphyria).

Release form

Uralit-U is available in granular form for internal administration. Granules are packed in vials of 280 g. Each package provides a special spoon for dosing, containing 1 dose - 2.5 g of the drug.

The composition of Uralit-U granules is represented by hexakalium, hexanatrium, trihydrocitrate complex. Among the auxiliary ingredients are: lemon oil, a tint.


Uralit-U promotes alkalization of the urinary fluid with the metabolism of the acid component. This leads to increased release of citrate and a decrease in calcium excretion, as a result of which the activity of calcium oxalate decreases.

Citrate ion serves as an intense inhibitory agent in the formation and gluing of calcium crystals.


Active substances undergo almost complete metabolic decomposition in the body.

After using the dose of the drug Uralit-U, sodium and potassium continue to be released within 1-2 days. With a long course of therapy, the acid-alkaline values in the body are normalized, while the accumulation of sodium and potassium does not occur.

Use of the uralit-U during pregnancy

Information on the use of Uralit-U by pregnant patients is not enough. Theoretically, the use of the drug is allowed, but only under the supervision of the doctor and with strict adherence to the dosage.


Before the beginning of treatment Uralit-U it is necessary to familiarize with the list of contraindications:

  • diagnosed renal failure with acute or chronic course;
  • severe form of metabolic alkalosis;
  • chronic infectious lesions of the urinary system, which are provoked by the action of microbes that can break down urea;
  • forced strict dietary intake with the exception of salt;
  • children's age till 12 years;
  • dehydration;
  • propensity to allergic manifestations.

Side effects of the uralit-U

It is extremely rare during the treatment of Uralit-U can develop a dyspeptic reaction, or phosphate urolithiasis. The doctor usually decides whether to stop treatment.

Dosing and administration

The granules of the drug Uralit-U are intended for oral administration. Beforehand, they must be dissolved in 200 ml of liquid.

Dosage is determined individually, depending on the acidity of the urinary fluid.

  • In order to excrete uric acid stones and prevent repeated stone formation, take 4 doses (10 g of the drug) per day, in three divided doses (1 dose in the morning, 1 dose at lunch time, and 2 doses at night). Uralit-U should be taken after meals. In some cases, the dosage may be increased or decreased in the evening by ½ the dose.
  • In order to prevent re-stone formation with calcium content, the daily amount of the drug can be 2-3 doses (5-7.5 g of the drug) at a time at night. Dosage can be changed depending on the acidity of the urinary fluid.

The duration of treatment with Uralit-U is from one to six months.


During the treatment of Uralit-U, the acidity of the urine medium must be strictly controlled. Otherwise, an overdose develops, which quickly leads to phosphate crystallization and metabolic alkalosis. This condition is considered extremely undesirable, so the dose is carefully planned and adjusted.

Interactions with other drugs

With an increase in the extracellular level of potassium, the effect of cardiac glycosides is weakened. Lowering this level will intensify their antiarrhythmic effect.

Decrease in renal excretion of potassium can occur under the influence of potassium-sparing diuretics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, peripheral analgesics, aldosterone antagonists, ACE inhibitors.

Do not simultaneously take Uralit-U and aluminum-containing preparations. The time interval between the medications of these medications should be at least 2 hours.

Storage conditions

Uralit-U is kept carefully packed, at normal room temperature.

Shelf life

Uralit-U can be stored and used up to 5 years.

Pharmacological group

Средства, препятствующие образованию и способствующие растворению конкрементов

Pharmachologic effect

Нефролитолитические препараты
Ощелачивающие мочу препараты


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