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Treatment of osteochondrosis: a review of modern methods

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

Treatment of osteochondrosis is carried out by a neurologist by symptoms, mainly pain syndrome and restriction of patient mobility. Treatment of osteochondrosis is primarily based on the elimination of its causes. There are different methods and methods of treatment, each of which is appointed by the attending physician, given the nature of the illness and the patient's complaints.

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Osteochondrosis is a disease that occurs during dystrophic changes of the spine, which causes intervertebral discs (fibro-cartilaginous plates) to be damaged. In most cases this happens in the cervical and lumbar regions and less often in the thoracic.

As a result of the loss of its elasticity by the disk, it becomes denser, which causes intervertebral space to decrease and nerve roots are pinched - and as a result, pain, swelling, which, in turn, increases pain. Intervertebral discs are supplied with necessary nutrients from the back muscles, and it is precisely as a result of destructive phenomena that osteochondrosis occurs in the spinal muscles. Various physical activities mainly occur in the lower back; therefore, it is in this area that protrusions and intervertebral hernias are more often formed than in others.

Protrusion is the protrusion of the intervertebral disc, in which the fibrous ring remains intact, can be regarded as the initial phase of the intervertebral hernia. If the disease is not started, protrusion can be cured without surgical intervention, with the further development of the disease, extrusion can occur - a prolapse of the disk nucleus, an operation in this situation is necessary.

The main reasons affecting the development of osteochondrosis are hereditary disposition, age-related changes, overweight, inactivity, physical overload, stress, injuries, etc. The back symptom is considered to be back pain, which increases with weight lifting, sharp turns and other careless movements. Diagnoses and prescribes treatment by a neurologist. Examination of the patient is carried out in different positions: standing, sitting and lying down. On palpation is determined by the degree and nature of pain. It is possible to identify hidden pathologies and specify the diagnosis by computer diagnostics and magnetic resonance imaging (radiation diagnostics method without using ionizing radiation).

Treatment of osteochondrosis is carried out by various methods, aimed mainly at neutralizing pain and preventing the development of dystrophic phenomena in the spine.

Treatment may include special gymnastics, massage procedures, physiotherapy, spinal traction (or traction), and medication. Therapeutic gymnastics is aimed at relieving pressure on the nerve roots, as well as at increasing the flexibility of the ligaments, minimizing the load on the spine.

Comprehensive conservative treatment of osteochondrosis

Treatment of osteochondrosis is mainly complex. This is a complex and lengthy process. The duration of treatment depends on its methods, age-related changes in the body and the severity of the disease. An important role is played by the careful performance of all doctor's prescriptions. The active phase of the treatment process lasts from one to three months. During this period, complex conservative treatment of osteochondrosis is applied, which includes drug treatment (anti-inflammatory and painkillers), physiotherapy, physical therapy, manual therapy and massage, as well as traction of the spine (extension) and reflexology.

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Drug treatment of osteochondrosis

Drug treatment of osteochondrosis should be carried out in the acute period of the disease. It relieves pain, relieves inflammation and increases metabolic processes in the body. Nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Indomethacin, Ibuprofen) and correctors of the metabolism of cartilage and bone tissue (chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate), as well as B vitamins are used in this method of treatment.

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Treatment of osteochondrosis and physiotherapy

Treatment of osteochondrosis can not do without gentle physical exertion. Therapeutic gymnastics improves mobility of the spine, stimulates the process of metabolism, and also strengthens the muscles that support the spine. Exercises such as slow head turns to the right (5 times), then as many times to the left are very useful. Throwing back his head, try to touch his ear shoulder (5 times), first left, then right.

Massage plays a significant role in the treatment of osteochondrosis. Thanks to professional mechanical action on the necessary points, muscle tension is eliminated, blood circulation and general well-being are improved.

The next treatment for osteochondrosis is a manual therapy method, or a hand treatment. To relieve various types of pain in the joints and spinal column, as well as to increase joint mobility, a manual effect on the musculoskeletal system is practiced. An effective method of eliminating pain in the spine is the so-called traction, or stretching of the spine. It is performed with the help of special equipment, it helps to increase the distance between the vertebrae, strengthen the spinal muscles, improve blood circulation, straighten the curved spine.

Another treatment for osteochondrosis is a method of reflexotherapy, which includes a set of methods of influence on the reflex zones of the human body, as well as on various acupuncture segments. Drug treatment is also used - for example, injections - aimed at neutralizing pain and improving metabolic processes.

Treatment of osteochondrosis: physical therapy methods

In the process of treating osteochondrosis, physiotherapy is successfully used. Treatment of osteochondrosis with physiotherapeutic means involves exposure to ultrasonic waves, a laser, and low-frequency currents. This method removes the feeling of pain, inflammation, no side effects, increases the effectiveness of drug therapy.

This is a treatment of osteochondrosis using low-frequency currents, laser, ultrasound, magnetic fields, is prescribed for pain, inflammation. With its use, the terms of the disease are significantly reduced and the effectiveness of drug therapy is significantly increased. Massages and manual therapy are widely used in the treatment of osteochondrosis. This treatment of osteochondrosis relieves tension and muscle pain well, improves blood circulation and lymphocirculation. The procedure of stretching the spine is aimed at relieving pain, increasing the space between the vertebrae and restoring the correct shape of the spinal column.

Unconventional treatment of osteochondrosis

Treatment of osteochondrosis includes non-traditional methods such as reflexology. This method of treatment means the effect on acupuncture points and reflex zones of the human body. The use of this method in combination with other methods of treatment significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedures. Reflexology is used for osteochondrosis, which is accompanied by pain, sleep disturbance, mental instability.

Each of the listed methods is very effective in itself, however, a lasting positive effect is obtained only with their complex application. Effective treatment of osteochondrosis by conservative methods can be achieved by referring a patient to special medical institutions. Under the supervision of qualified specialists, the treatment of osteochondrosis will be more fruitful. In the acute stage of the disease, the pastel regime is recommended to the patient. The bed of the patient with osteochondrosis should be firm and level. You should also limit movement and invite a doctor as soon as possible.

Treatment of osteochondrosis with alternative means

Many patients with osteochondrosis turn to alternative medicine, but you should always remember that you need to be careful and try not to harm yourself. Treatment of osteochondrosis with alternative means is based on the use of decoctions and infusions of herbs; They also make ointments from natural materials that rub the sore spots. All these remedies eliminate pain and restore the affected areas of the spine. Celery decoction is very useful. Recipe: Pour 1 tablespoon of boiled water over a tablespoon of finely chopped celery root and leave for 8 hours. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times daily before meals.

Rubbing and tinctures

For grinding, essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, fir are used with success. Alternative treatment of osteochondrosis involves the use of tincture of flowers coltsfoot. Recipe: Yellow flowers of a coltsfoot, together with the stems, cut and pour with ammonia. Insist in a dark place for 1 month. Strain and lubricate sore spots. Do not rub! Infusion improves the elasticity of the ligaments, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and reduces inflammation. Alternative medicine recommends treatment of osteochondrosis with pepper plasters. The plaster must be stuck on the affected areas and left for a long time (from 5 to 7 days).

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Treatment of osteochondrosis: the use of compresses

Treatment of osteochondrosis and pain associated with it is carried out using a compress from sea salt. You need to heat the water to a temperature of 50 ° C, dissolve 300 grams of sea salt and five packs of dry sea kale in it. After the liquid is infused for half an hour, it must be filtered through cheesecloth. Wet a clean gauze cloth in a liquid and put on a sore spot for five to six hours. From above the sore point is necessary to cover with cellophane and wrap a warm scarf.

Treatment of osteochondrosis includes a number of procedures and procedures, carefully selected by the attending physician, taking into account the nature and type of the disease.

No matter how effective the alternative medicine methods are, they need to combine the treatment of osteochondrosis with medical gymnastics and medical preparations.

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