Treatment of external hemorrhoids

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Last reviewed: 14.09.2022

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Hemorrhoids do not choose gender or age. An unpleasant disease has even become a household name in modern slang. You can often hear among young people the expression "Why do I need this hemorrhoids?" (meaning the problem). It really is. Discomfort, a feeling of fullness in the anus, pain of varying intensity significantly spoil the quality of life and, if ignored, threaten even more trouble. There are internal (submucosal) and external (subcutaneous) hemorrhoids. These definitions correspond to the localization of hemorrhoids. Among these pathologies, external occupies more than a third of cases and, of course, requires treatment.

Treat the external bumps of hemorrhoids with ointments and suppositories. What components should they contain? To get rid of the problem, drugs can have a mono or complex effect, including:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • pain reliever (proctoglivenol);
  • antibacterial (posterizan, levomekol);
  • venotonic (proxevasin).

In the treatment of external thrombosed hemorrhoids, anticoagulants (heparin ointment) are used to prevent the formation of blood clots. In case of bleeding, hemostatics (relief) are prescribed, the mechanism of action of which is aimed at slowing down blood clotting.

Treatment of inflammation of external hemorrhoids is carried out with the help of steroid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aurobin, proctosan).

The treatment regimen should be determined by a proctologist. [1]

First aid for external hemorrhoids

First aid actions depend on the symptoms. Acute pain is relieved by applying ice to the anus, taking painkillers. Emptying the intestines through a cleansing enema, which includes decoctions of medicinal herbs and vegetable oils, can help.

For anal fissures, you can use rectal suppositories with novocaine, in their absence, attach a well-washed plantain leaf, Kalanchoe or a cut of aloe leaves.

Bleeding is stopped by lotions from decoctions of calendula, oak bark, nettle. It is also good to take a vikasol tablet which will stop any bleeding.

Severe itching in the anus is removed with the help of warm baths, in which herbs are involved, soda can be used. [2]

Treatment methods for external hemorrhoids

There are several treatments for external hemorrhoids, including:

  • conservative, using an integrated approach, including local medications, alternative means, a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition; [3]
  • minimally invasive surgical - photocoagulation using a beam of infrared rays (effective at stages 1-2 of the disease); sclerosis (a special substance is injected into the nodal lumen, as a result of which the walls of the hemorrhoids stick together, the blood stops flowing and it dies); ligation with latex rings (the knot is placed in a hollow tip and a ring is put on it);
  • surgical - thrombectomy is used when there are signs of tissue necrosis, the development of an abscess. After anesthesia, an incision is made in the node and the thrombus is removed.

How many days are external hemorrhoids treated? Symptoms of the disease disappear on average after 7-10 days. [4]

Conservative treatment of external hemorrhoids

Conservative treatment of external hemorrhoids is possible at home. In addition to ointments, gels, suppositories, drugs for pain relief, alternative means are successfully used. You can use the recipes below.

  • Baths for external hemorrhoids - there are several options for the procedure. The most popular are warm, with a temperature close to the state of the body, with the use of medicinal decoctions, potassium permanganate. They relax well, relieve itching, reduce pain, disinfect and heal cracks, strengthen blood vessels.

A hotter bath, but not higher than 40ºС, will be useful in a mild form of chronic pathology in remission. There are also steam and smoke, but it is rarely used due to the complexity of the organization.

A cold bath (boiled water up to 20º is used) will help in the acute stage of the disease, stop bleeding, increase blood microcirculation;

  • Lotions for external hemorrhoids are a kind of compresses that relieve acute symptoms of the disease: pain subsides, swelling decreases, skin elasticity increases, burning and itching disappear. It is not superfluous to do them during remission to prevent the formation of nodes. Gauze or bandage is used as a material, and moistened in a pre-prepared solution, for which healing infusions are taken.
  • Treatment of external hemorrhoids with ice - in this case, the effect of blocking the sensitivity of nerve endings is triggered, freezing occurs, the pain stops. Cold also stops bleeding if the knot bursts, because the vessels and veins narrow, and blood flow to the pelvis also decreases.

How is cold applied? It is best to make candles using paper cones, into which pour decoctions of herbs and freeze. After taking them out of the freezer, they put them in the anus for a couple of minutes. You can also use an ice cube wrapped in a cloth to wipe.

  • Treatment of external hemorrhoids with honey - apiproduct has an excellent softening, healing, disinfecting effect. You need to use it as an ointment, lubricating the affected area at night. You can form candles from thick candied and freeze them, put them before going to bed after washing and thoroughly drying the anus area. The addition of butter will enhance the therapeutic effect of the suppository.
  • Treatment of external hemorrhoids with potatoes is a tried and tested remedy. A cone 3-4 cm long and 1.5 cm in diameter is cut out of a peeled potato. Put it after a bowel movement. Starch has an analgesic effect, relieves itching, inflammation. The vitamins present in it (C, groups B, E strengthen blood vessels, regenerate damaged tissues), silicon, together with ascorbic acid, exhibit an antibacterial effect.
  • Treatment with sea buckthorn oil - the berries of this plant are a unique product for their medicinal properties. Its rich chemical composition allows it to be used in various areas of medicine, including the treatment of hemorrhoids, since it increases the elasticity of blood vessels, promotes cell regeneration, prevents the formation of blood clots, and strengthens the immune system.

The most useful are raw berries, from which you can extract the juice yourself, add vegetable oil, let it brew for a week in a warm place, then apply. But not everyone has a sea buckthorn bush and a desire to mess around. It is best to buy it at a pharmacy and lubricate the problem area several times a day. It is even better to use ready-made suppositories with sea buckthorn.

  • Aloe with external hemorrhoids is another name for it "agave" and a few decades ago it was considered a universal alternative remedy that could help in the treatment of many diseases. It is indeed classified as a biogenic stimulant. It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, heals quickly, improves local immunity, relieves pain.

The juice from the plant is easy to obtain. The cut leaves are washed, dried, crushed and squeezed out the liquid. Used for lotions, compresses. The jelly-like inside of the leaves is used as part of suppositories and ointments.

  • An enema for external hemorrhoids is a common method of its treatment, especially microclysters. With the help of this procedure, irritation, inflammation, swelling are removed, and mucous membranes are disinfected.

For the composition of enemas for hemorrhoids, decoctions of medicinal herbs, oil solutions, vitamin complexes, starchy mixtures are used. No more than 50 ml is injected at a time, a pear is selected according to this volume. The liquid must be warm. You can make it yourself at home and lying down. [5]

Treatment of external hemorrhoids in women

Therapy for external hemorrhoids in women depends on the stage of the disease (there are four in total), most often it is conservative and includes an integrated approach (diet, the use of external and internal drugs, alternative medicine prescriptions).

Surgical intervention is rarely resorted to, only if previous methods have failed.

Often the disease affects women during pregnancy. This is facilitated by hormonal changes, uterine pressure on the pelvic organs, decreased mobility. It is impossible to leave treatment for the postpartum period, just abandon some procedures, such as baths, and select ointments and suppositories more carefully, choosing those that have no contraindications for such patients (candles with sea buckthorn, posterizan, natalsid).

Not less often, exacerbations occur after childbirth, because a woman had to bear weight for half the term and even push during childbirth. Breastfeeding should not be an obstacle to treatment, but not all drugs will work, despite topical application.

At the site of the anal sphincter, there is a vascular ring, so the medications applied to it quickly enter the bloodstream. Treatment should be prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the "status" of the woman. [6]

Treatment of external hemorrhoids in men

According to statistics, hemorrhoids affect men more often than women. This is facilitated by a sedentary lifestyle (driving a car, at a computer), frequent constipation from hearty, meaty foods, drinking alcohol, lifting weights (the specifics of work, gyms or weightlifting), diseases of the bladder and prostate gland.

If symptoms such as pain that occurs while sitting and walking, emptying the intestines, heaviness, a feeling of fullness in the anus, you need to contact a proctologist. Timely treatment in the early stages is more effective, has fewer consequences and does not differ in any way from the treatment of women. The only difference is that men are more difficult to get to see a doctor and they have to treat a more complicated pathology.

Alternative Treatment

The alternative medicine recipes that are used to treat external hemorrhoids have already been cited above. It's time to name the herbs that you need to use for the preparation of healing potions.

Calendula, chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, raspberry leaves will help reduce the symptoms of the inflammatory process of hemorrhoids, reduce the intensity of pain.

The tone of the vessels will increase the tincture of horse chestnut, a decoction of wild rose, hazel, taken orally.

Stop bleeding under the power of decoctions of nettle, cucumber lashes, beet juice.


Among homeopathic preparations, one of the most used for hemorrhoids without complications is Fleming's ointment. A complex remedy containing extracts of calendula, witch hazel, horse chestnut, zinc oxide, menthol. With the help of a cotton swab, it is applied to the affected area three times a day. Indicated for use from 2 years.

Other preparations can also be used, which include sulfuric, nitrous, hydrochloric acid; minerals: antimony, arsenic; snake poison; plants, except for the mentioned flax, peony, thistle, etc.

Aesculus compositum, carbo vegetabilis, witch hazel, nux vomica are taken orally. The dosage is determined by the homeopath. On average, the recommended dose for drops is 10 drops. Three times a day a quarter of an hour before meals, granules - 8 pcs. Under the tongue 3-4 times.


They are necessary to increase immunity, strengthen blood vessels. The list includes vitamins C, E, A, groups B, K, PP. When choosing food, you need to focus on their availability. They will help to saturate the body and vitamin-mineral complexes.

Diet and nutrition for external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids do not require a strict diet, but certain dietary rules still need to be followed. What can not be eaten with external hemorrhoids? Banned spicy, spicy, salty, smoked, alcohol, fast carbohydrates. The menu should be dominated by raw vegetables, fruits, dietary meals, low-fat meat and fish, cereals other than rice, sour-milk and dairy products, bread with bran. A plentiful drinking regime is also required.

Colonoscopy for external hemorrhoids

In the initial stages of hemorrhoids, the clinical picture of the disease may be unclear and require clarification. Unpleasant symptoms sometimes indicate the presence of neoplasms, Crohn's disease, colitis, etc.

For this, a colonoscopy is used - a procedure in which a tube with optics and a light bulb at the end is involved to examine the condition of the colon. It requires preparation in the form of bowel cleansing, where air is then injected. In the presence of pain, local anesthesia is used. [7]

Massage of external hemorrhoids

Massage is used to eliminate venous congestion in the lower rectum. Before the procedure, the bladder and intestines are emptied, the knee-elbow position is taken. In the presence of cracks in the walls of the rectum, a candle with belladonna is preliminarily placed.

The specialist puts on gloves and inserts the index finger into the anus. Stroking, pressing movements are made, external nodes are tucked inward. Such techniques are repeated 3-4 times. Further, the massage is continued with the help of a vibrator, and completed with physical exercises.

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