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Gynecology is a division of medicine, whose activity is aimed at preserving the health of women. To do this, both generic drugs and specific medicines are used, the scope of which is limited. To such drugs, which are strictly applied in gynecology, and refers to "Tazalok". It should be mentioned immediately that this drug refers to natural, herbal remedies and does not contain biological or synthetic hormones, although its action is aimed at restoring the balance of gonadotropic hormones estrogen and progesterone in the female body.

ATC classification

G02CX Другие препараты для применения в гинекологии

Active ingredients

Корни лабазника шестипелюсткового
Корни петрушки кудрявой
Корни сельдерея
Трава подмаринника настоящего
Трава ленка обычного
Календулы лекарственной цветки

Indications Tazalok

Indications for the use of "Tazalok" are associated with violations in the female sexual sphere, as well as the development of pathological processes in the internal genital organs. The drug is a safe regulator of the menstrual cycle and its accompanying symptoms, which makes it effective for reducing the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

The drug is indispensable for painful periods (dysmenorrhea), accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms, such as general weakness and weakness of muscles, increased fatigue, nausea, vomiting, head and dizziness pain, fainting.

Effective "Tazalok" and algodismenore, when severe menstrual pains occur against the background of violations of the position of the uterus, inflammatory processes, endometriosis (pathological proliferation of cells of the uterine mucosa) and even with excessive excitability of the central nervous system.

"Tazalok" has found its application in the therapy of such serious pathologies that arise against the background of hormonal imbalance, like fibrocystic breast disease (changes in breast cells) and retention cyst of the ovary with the formation of a benign tumor filled with liquid.

The use of "Tazalok" as part of the complex treatment of uterine pathologies, such as the proliferation of the mucous uterus inside and outside the body (endometrial hyperplasia and endometriosis), the occurrence of benign tumors in the uterus (fibroma), as well as in ovarian disorders (polycystic ovary syndrome) .

Release form

"Tazalok" can be found in pharmacies in one form of release - in the form of an alcohol solution that has a brown tint and placed in a dark glass bottle of 50 or 100 ml.

The solution has a specific odor, which is due to the presence of herbal extracts, which constitute 10% of the total volume of the drug. The remaining 90% is ethyl alcohol with a strength of 40%.

In the composition of plant raw materials, we can find both plants familiar to us used in cooking and cosmetics (marigold flowers, or in the traditional marigold, as well as fresh celery root and parsley curls), and specific components (the root of the six-petalled labrador, the grass of the present, or in a different way honey grass, and lenok ordinary).

It is the complex effect of various medicinal herbs that provides the drug with high efficiency.

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"Tazalok" - a drug that has a complex effect on the woman's body. In this case, its composition is selected in such a way that each component of the drug enhances the effect of others, i.e. A synergistic effect is observed.

Flavonoids of biologically active substances in the composition of a plant preparation are similar in their structure to a hormone estrogen, but do not exhibit a characteristic effect. By replacing estrogens, flavonoids inhibit the conversion of androgens to estrogens if there is a surplus. Thus, the ratio of sex hormones in women is optimized.

Due to the ability of the drug to control the production of gonadotropic hormones that regulate the sexual glands, "Tazalok" is able to quickly and effectively normalize the menstrual cycle in women, stabilizing its second phase. A sedative and restorative effect of the drug helps actively combat the painful manifestations of premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

The drug has a sufficient analgesic and antispasmodic effect. Its reception helps to remove painful and simply unpleasant sensations accompanying menstrual bleeding.

Positive effect of components of "Tazalok" on the tissues of internal genital organs and mammary glands, in particular uterus and ovaries, was noted. The use of the drug prevents the development of processes caused by dysplasia, or otherwise disorders in the formation of tissues of female organs.

Due to anti-inflammatory, antitumor and antiproliferative action, "Tazalok" prevents the growth of tumors, not allowing cells of neoplasms to spread. It effectively prevents too much growth of tissues, which makes the drug useful in endometriosis. With polycystic ovaries, "Tazalok" helps soften the cystic capsule and relieve tension in it. In this case, the drug helps to perform its functions normally to a healthy ovary or part of it.

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Spreading along with body fluids in various tissues, "Tazalok" gets the opportunity to influence the painful compaction in the mammary glands, contributing to their reduction or complete resorption.

Another useful property of the drug is a decrease in the sensitivity of the mammary glands to fluctuations in the hormonal background, which are observed the day before, during and after menstruation.

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Use Tazalok during pregnancy

The use of "Tazalok" during pregnancy can have certain complications. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is better to find safer means that do not adversely affect the course of pregnancy and fetal development.

Do not start treatment with the gynecological drug "Tazalok", if the patient has previously experienced hypersensitivity reactions to various components of the drug and their combinations.

Reception of the drug is indicated in the presence of only benign neoplasms, if a cancer is diagnosed, treatment is performed by other medications and methods.


Has a herbal preparation and its contraindications for use. "Tazalok" is not intended for the treatment of children, so its use is advisable to begin no earlier than 14 years. Pregnancy and lactation are also not the best time for therapy with this drug.

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Dosing and administration

Apply the drug "Tazalok" in the form of a mixture of water and alcohol solution, while the amount of the drug is calculated in drops. How many drops to use at one time determines the attending physician.



The risk of overdose is very small, if you take the drug as directed by your doctor. If, for some reason, the dose was too high (much more than recommended), there is a possibility of cardiovascular disorders.

In this case, the first aid will be gastric lavage, as well as taking enterosorbents, for example, activated carbon or Sorbeks. Sometimes you may need symptomatic therapy, which does not require the patient to be hospitalized.

Storage conditions

In this case, the storage conditions of "Tazalok" are the most common. It is better to store it in its original packaging (bottle plus cardboard box), protect from direct sunlight. The temperature in the room where the drug is stored should not be above 25 degrees. Exposure to too high or low temperatures can adversely affect the effectiveness and safety of the "Tazalok" preparation during the shelf life.

Shelf life

Doctors insist that the drug should be taken before the expiration date, which according to the instruction is 2 and a half years from the date of release. 

Pharmacological group

Средства, применяемые в гинекологии

Pharmachologic effect

Гомеопатические препараты


Лубныфарм, ПАО для "ПРО-Фарма, УА, ООО", Украина


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