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Sexology occupies an important place among the sciences dealing with the relationship between the opposite sexes. Among the areas that sexology deals with, it is necessary to attribute not only violations in "normal" sexual life, but also in sexual deviations. The representative of this scientific discipline is the sexologist. Sexologist is a doctor who struggles with sexual disorders of people and tries to save them from many problems.

Sexology is a discipline that can characterize the normal sexual life of a person, as well as study sexual habits. In fact, a sexologist can not only understand the problems of a sexual nature, but also help people feel the taste of life.

In order to become a good specialist in this matter, attention should be paid to such related disciplines as biology, pedagogy, statistics, sociology, psychology and, in some cases, to forensic science.

The sexologist has knowledge about the relationship of a man and a woman, their sexuality and intimate life. In addition, he must be well-oriented in sexual pathology, which can manifest as an obsession with sex, an attraction to same-sex contacts or harassment of children.

It is the duty and task of a sexologist not to impose certain stereotypes or norms, but to find the cause of the development of deviations in human behavior. In the future, it is necessary to make a plan for correcting sexual pathology and gradually remove a person from a pathological condition.

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Who is a sexologist?

Do you know who such a sexologist is? This is a specialist who deals with the treatment of diseases from the sexual sphere. In addition, he corrects sexual behavior, and also tries to deal with many basic problems. Thus, sex education is an important part of every person's life. If there are any problems in this issue, you have to correct them. This issue is also handled by an experienced sexologist. It happens that people have problems with the relationship of the sexes. And all this happens on a psychological level. Naturally, this entails a series of unpleasant consequences, which must be combated. With all these questions and seek help from a sexologist. He, in turn, tries to determine the cause of such behavior or phenomenon and then to appoint "treatment".

A sexologist can be considered even a kind of psychologist, but only in a specific issue. In general, the science of sexology is very broad, and every year it gradually includes new concepts and directions. The sexologist, in turn, tries to solve all this, and to help people, to achieve harmony in their sexual life.

To ensure full-fledged assistance, they use not only the principles of sexology, but also other sciences that help to look at the problem from different angles. These include sociology, sexopathology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychosomatics, family psychology and psychological correction.

Before determining the amount of necessary care, a sexologist needs to find out the direction of work. This can be normal sexology, medical, ethno-cultural and even criminal.

Normal sexology brings the desired result in the absence of pathological abnormalities in humans from a medical point of view. Medical or clinical - is able to identify violations that provoke problems in the sexual health of both sexes, and also struggles with them and takes attempts to prevent their re-emergence.

Ethnocultural sexology studies the historically educated cultural differences between men and women. As for the criminal direction of sexology, the sexologist assists in the investigation of a crime or even is able to prevent sexual violence.

When should I go to a sexologist?

Do you realize when to go to a sexologist and do you need it? So, it should be understood that this specialist deals with a number of issues related to the sexual life of people. He is able to solve many issues related to both psychology and medicine. In fact, this is a specialist of a wide profile. So, when do you need to contact him?

In fact, the reasons for him to come to the reception can be a lot. The first issue is related to the disappearance of sexual desire, in this case, the expert is trying to find out the reason and on the basis of this deals with the problem. In addition, teenagers are not rare guests of a sexologist. After all, the younger generation needs to intelligently explain all the subtleties of the sexuality of life, so that in the future there were no problems.

Men should pay attention to the appearance of some clinical manifestations, which indicate the onset of the development of violations in their sexual sphere. So, if there is no desire to have sexual intercourse and attraction to the opposite sex, if there is a violation or delay in ejaculation, absence of emission or the appearance of sluggish erection, it is necessary to seek help from a sexologist.

In addition, orgasmic agedonia, post-coital headaches or dysphoria, priapism or discomfort during masturbation are possible.

When should I go to a sexologist in the female part of the population? They may have no excitement or pleasure, which is most common in women who have underdeveloped the reproductive apparatus, after infectious diseases in the past or abortions.

Also, do not forget about the congenital pathology, resulting in an obstacle in the genital tract. Spasm of the entrance of the vagina, which provokes tonic contractions of the uterus in the process of sexual intercourse, convulsive twitching of the muscles of the vagina and thighs accompanied by pain, can impede full relaxation and satisfaction. Most often this condition is observed at a young age in the absence of sexual experience.

Painful sensations can disturb throughout the whole sexual intercourse in the presence of chronic or acute pathology of inflammatory nature in the cervix, vagina, as well as in tumorous neoplasms of appendages.

In addition, the expert is competent to understand the issues of sexual relations between a man and a woman. Frigidity, problems with potency, erection and even lack of orgasm, all this is able to solve the sexologist. In all these cases, and sent for help to this specialist.

What tests do you need to pass to a sexologist?

Do you know what tests you need to pass when addressing a sexologist, and is it necessary at all? In fact, a sexologist can be considered in some way a psychologist, so no tests to take it is not necessary. As a rule, at the primary admission the doctor examines the complaints of a person, what worries him and tries in every possible way to understand the cause of the occurrence of this or that phenomenon. In addition, the main is to assess the overall emotional state of a person. After all, in most cases everything is in a psychological state, and all problems arise at this level.

After the conversation is completed, the sexologist gives the main recommendations regarding this or that situation. As a rule, these are tips on how to adjust the way of life, as well as the main ways to solve the problem that has arisen. If the problem is very difficult, then sometimes you have to take a course of psychological help. It is not at all complicated, but effective. In some cases, an additional examination is carried out. For this purpose, laboratory and instrumental methods are used to diagnose pathological conditions.

What tests do you need to pass to a sexologist? To determine the overall level of health, it is necessary to conduct a clinical analysis, in which the blood is examined. With the help of its biochemical analysis, it is possible to determine the amount of creatinine, nitrogenous bases, bilirubin and liver enzymes.

In addition, the blood should be examined by bacterial culture, PCR, or ELISA.

Also, urine should be analyzed using a general analysis. With regard to the hormonal background, then for its diagnosis requires a quantitative determination of thyroid hormones and sex hormones (testosterone and estrogens).

In men, you need to analyze the ejaculate and the secretion of the prostate, take a smear from the urethra. Women need to do a smear test with the vaginal mucosa.

What diagnostic methods does a sexologist use?

It is necessary to understand what diagnostic methods the sexologist uses? It should be noted that there are no special diagnostic methods. First of all, a specialist tries to listen to a person, to understand the cause of the occurrence of the phenomenon and only, then assigns ways of solving.

In some cases, a specialist may require some tests. So, the first thing is a clinical and biochemical blood test. On the basis of it you can understand whether everything is normal in the human body. After all, in fact, many problems can arise on the basis of the presence of any disease or disorder. In addition, the thyroid gland is being examined. Naturally, you also need to determine the level of testosterone in the body of a man. In the female body, the level of estrogen is checked.

If the problem does not lie in psychology, then in this case a person is sent to a specialized specialist. After all, sometimes some questions the sexologist simply can not solve. Therefore, you have to contact a competent doctor.

When identifying the cause of the disorders, consisting in the presence of a chronic inflammatory focus, then it is necessary to use medicamentous treatment. If the disorders are associated with the reproductive system, it is recommended to use reflexotherapy, vibrodrenage or intimate plastics.

A tremendous step on the way to solving the problem is considered to be the confidential contact of the sexologist and the patient, as well as the awareness of the last causes of pathology and the desire to defeat it.

In addition, treatment should concern both partners, since it is important to support a loved one and cooperate in solving the problem. This requires regular visits to the doctor and careful implementation of his advice.

For a more detailed study of the causes of the pathology in the intimate sphere of life, the sexologist performs an analysis of the spermogram, a study with the help of Doppler vessels of genital organs, as well as prostate diagnosis by ultrasound through the rectum.

Ultrasound of hormone producing organs, analysis of the level of hormones and microscopy of smears in turn help to assess the extent of the problem.

What does a sexologist do?

It is necessary to understand what a sexologist is doing and when to contact him. The main task of a sexologist is to help those people who experience any discomfort or changes in their sexual life. Very often in practice, one doctor assumes the duties of a sexologist and sex therapist.

In fact, the problems in both cases are almost the same nature of development. Possessing deep knowledge in most related sciences, the sexologist is able to identify the true cause of sexual pathology and gradually get rid of it. Problems can concern intimate life, family relationships between people, and the influence of surrounding factors on sexual activity.

The tasks of the sexologist are to treat existing disorders in the sexual sphere, renewal of harmony and correction of relations between partners in intimate and daily life. Also, the sexologist plays an auxiliary role in the formation of a young couple as a unit of society. This applies even to couples who are willing to again try to build a serious relationship after an unsuccessful attempt in the past.

This specialist deals with all the sexological problems that can arise between a man and a woman. So, he approaches to some questions from the side of psychology, after all, in fact, similar phenomena do not arise just like that. Naturally, there are also problems that need to be treated and they do not apply to psychology at all. In addition to understanding the problems, this specialist should be able to competently help people. He should understand such disciplines as sociology, psychology and even medicine.

The sexologist is a specialist in a wide field, many sciences should yield to him. It is not so easy to help people in the sexual issue. He must correctly diagnose and know the ways of solving the situation. After all, thanks to such specialists you can even save the family. Therefore, such a doctor must have all the qualities of a psychologist. But in addition to solving psychological problems, he is engaged in a number of other issues, which will be discussed in the next paragraph.

What diseases are treated by a sexologist?

So, what diseases are treated by a sexologist and when to treat him? First of all, this specialist is addressed when the sexual desire disappears. And it can disappear as to its constant partner, and in general. This question can solve the sexologist. In addition, the specialist is approached on issues of homosexuality, erectile dysfunction, lack of orgasm and frigidity. It's all about non-psychological problems.

In addition, the sexologist considers issues related to the constant winding of the situation. So, often people have problems because of anxiety that everything will go wrong. In this case, it is just necessary to consider the issue from the point of view of psychology. It also happens that people can not lead a sexual life during pregnancy. In this issue helps to understand this specialist. Often, a man has problems on this background, so it is wise to explain to the person the entire situation and to assure him that everything is normal. In addition, adolescents require certain counseling before they begin their sexual life. Naturally, it is difficult to persuade the children to visit a sexologist, but this is really able to get rid of many problems. In general, the scope of the sexologist's work is very broad.

The female and male part of the population can be a patient of a sexologist because of his wide field of activity, which covers both psychological disorders and organ pathology. What diseases are treated by a sexologist?

In women, it is often possible to observe painful sensations in the beginning or process of sexual intercourse, which are caused by inflammatory foci in the organs of the reproductive system in the chronic stage. It is also possible to reduce sexual attraction to the opposite sex due to hormonal changes in the body.

What diseases are treated by a sexologist in men? From the pathology of the reproductive organs, inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, urethra, colliculitis, orchitis and epididymitis should be distinguished. As a result of a violation of the local circulation, gangrene of the penis or scrotum may develop.

In the case of an infection that is sexually transmitted, the disease can be detected in both partners. For example, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, AIDS, trichomoniasis and fungal infection of the urino-genital organs.

In the case of long-term inflammatory diseases, there may be problems in the sexual sphere, such as decreased potency or rapid ejaculation.

Advices of a sexologist

What advice a sexologist should bear in mind and listen to them. The majority of family problems begin just the same with sexual disorders. When quarrels begin, mutual misunderstanding, as well as more serious problems, one should always think about sexual life. After all, in most cases, it all starts because of this.

If a man does not like his sex life, there are some problems with erection, but there are no painful sensations? In this case, you need to seek help from an experienced sexologist. If at night excruciates frequent urination, and thus your age has not passed for 40? All is obvious, most likely, it is a question of sexual dysfunction. This problem is easily solved by a sexologist. Therefore, do not ignore the visit of this specialist.

Women sometimes do not feel confident and because of this there are problems of a sexual nature. With this you need to fight, not independently, but under the guidance of an experienced sexologist. Many of the fair sex do not realize how you can use their feminine beauty, as well as attractiveness. Discover and feel welcome and loved will help an experienced specialist.

If the sex life does not deliver so much pleasure, how much earlier, then it is worth listening to the following recommendations: 

  1. Both partners should relax as much as possible. This can be achieved with the help of a certain situation. In addition, it is necessary for a man to take into account that to prepare a woman for sexual intercourse, he should prepare it. This requires attention to caresses and words, after which it will be "tuned" to the right wave. 
  2. Women need to love their body, so they will be more relaxed and ready to get an orgasm. You can also use for this purpose sex toys, with which a woman can relax and understand what she needs for pleasure. 
  3. The advice of a sexologist doctor recommends that you devote more time to the sexual part of life, because more often than not there is not enough time for it. Also it is worthwhile to diversify it with your imagination, perhaps the selection of another pose will be a solution to frigidity. 
  4. The most important thing is to listen to your body and talk with your partner about the topic of intimate life. Thus, you can learn more about the preferences of your half and not only to give maximum pleasure to your partner, but also to learn new sensations yourself. 

Sexologist - this is the doctor who is able to remove the complexes and again to give the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

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