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Salt of the Dead Sea

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Last reviewed: 19.06.2018

Healing properties of the Dead Sea - the result of centuries of natural activity. Salt of the dead sea is an ecological complex with a mineral and microelemental composition.

The concentration of salt in the dead sea is 30%, and it is not only sodium chloride, as in any other sea water. These compounds are chlorine, bromine, magnesium, potassium, calcium.

It is interesting that more salt does not drop out in crystals in any of the seas. And in the dead sea it happens in the most natural way.

The richest natural composition makes it possible to use both water and salt of the dead sea to treat a variety of diseases.

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Dead sea salt application

How can salt of the dead sea be applied?

  • In the form of therapeutic baths (about 200 grams of salt per 150 liters of water).
  • In the form of trays for skin diseases or acne eruptions.
  • In the form of rubbing to improve microcirculation and skin cleansing.
  • In the form of compresses for the removal of puffiness and tissue repair.
  • For saline lotions in inflammatory processes.
  • As inhalation for inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.
  • In the form of rinses for colds and diseases of the mouth.
  • In the form of scrubs to improve the condition of the skin and get rid of dead cells of the epidermis.
  • For lubricating the skin with dermatological pathologies.
  • In the form of a salt massage to strengthen hair and fight cellulite.
  • As a mask for the hair.
  • In the form of procedures for strengthening the nails.

Let's consider the use of salt in more detail.


Indications for the use of salt dead sea

The use of dead sea salt is so multifaceted that the list of diseases and indications for its use can be huge. Let's try to list the main of the testimony:

  • skin diseases (diathesis, urticaria, dermatitis, eczematous rashes, psoriasis, acne eruptions);
  • joint diseases (arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, osteomyelitis, bursitis, etc.);
  • insomnia;
  • excess weight and cellulite;
  • the appearance of wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin;
  • fatigue of legs, vegetovascular dystonia;
  • muscular pain after overload (shaking);
  • condition after fractures of limbs;
  • paralysis;
  • cold, runny nose, sinusitis, sore throat, hypothermia;
  • toothache, stomatitis, periodontitis;
  • heel spur;
  • gynecological problems (vaginitis, adnexitis, salpingo-oophoritis);
  • closed wounds, bruises, sprains;
  • nervous overstrain, stress, depressive state;
  • osteoporosis;
  • Vascular pathology (varicose veins, hemorrhoids);
  • state after poisoning with toxic substances, including post-alcohol syndrome;
  • pathology of the respiratory tract (tracheitis, bronchitis);
  • low pressure (in the form of baths);
  • prevention of diseases and general improvement of the skin and the body as a whole.

Dead Sea salt composition

The uniqueness of the composition of the natural salt of the dead sea - the uniqueness of the combination of a large number of minerals and trace elements. A large proportion of salt composition is represented by:

  • chlorine compounds - regulate water and electrolyte metabolism in the body;
  • magnesium compounds - strengthen cells, protect the body from stress, eliminate allergic manifestations, inhibit the aging of tissues;
  • sodium salts - stabilizes the amount of fluid in the tissues, provides energy potential;
  • calcium compounds - stabilize metabolic processes in the skin, heal wounds and prevent the penetration of the infection into the body;
  • potassium salts - facilitate the nutrition of cells;
  • bromide compounds - have a bactericidal and anti-stress action.

The properties of sea salt are actively used as a therapy of a number of pathologies, as well as in the form of prevention or for cosmetic purposes.

Useful properties of dead sea salt

Any kind of salt produced in the sea can be of use. In particular, this refers to the salt of the dead sea, which has a unique effect on the body. Baths with salt soothe the nerves, stabilize the work of the heart and blood vessels, treat diseases of the joint apparatus. Pouring water with salt is a wonderful tonic treatment. Salt can be used to prepare masks and means for peeling procedures: if using salt against cellulite at the same time as salt, the result will be simply stunning!

We specify some useful properties of dead sea salt:

  • cleanses the body and increases the number of red blood cells of blood. Getting through the skin barrier inside the body, dissolved salts stimulate the function of the thymus gland and blood-forming organs, which serves as an excellent prophylaxis for anemia;
  • stabilizes metabolic processes and thyroid function. In the water of the dead sea contains a unique complex of catalyzing substances, which stimulate the processes of metabolism and put the hormonal system in order;
  • normalizes the state of the nervous system, due to the large number of bromide substances that act soothingly. In addition, magnesium compounds contribute to the removal of excess fluid, which to some extent lowers the intracranial pressure;
  • renews the skin, and with it the entire body. Strengthens the effect of renewing peeling massage using salt crystals;
  • activates mental activity, invigorates, eliminates the effects of stress and long-lasting diseases;
  • enriches the body with the necessary trace elements, the intake of which into blood is limited in daily life;
  • strengthens the immune system, serves as an excellent prophylaxis for colds, asthma, allergic and inflammatory processes.

Contraindications to the use of dead sea salt

Contraindications to the use of salt dead sea, fortunately, much less than the indications. However, they do exist, and they must be paid attention.

So, in which cases the use of salt is not recommended:

  • Parkinson's disease (neurodegenerative disease of the brain);
  • all forms and types of tuberculosis;
  • sunburn;
  • a severe stage of renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • HIV;
  • epilepsy;
  • a fresh myocardial infarction or cerebral ischemia;
  • severe mental disorders, schizophrenia;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • acute period of infectious and inflammatory pathologies;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • fever;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

The rationality of using dead sea salt in these conditions must necessarily be agreed with the doctor.


Dead Sea salt therapy

Many tourists visit Israel to undergo treatment with dead sea salt. Currently, salt can be purchased, and being in their home country: such treatment will be no less effective if you know the basic therapeutic principles. We will tell you about them now.

  • Methods of wrapping dead sea salts: a cotton or linen nightgown (the sleeve is necessarily long) or a sheet moisten in salt water. For its preparation, take 1 tablespoon of dead sea salt per 1 liter of clean warm water. We put on a soaked shirt or turn around a sheet and cover ourselves with a warm blanket. Then we lie down and rest for 1-2 hours. After the procedure, always put on a dry and clean clothes. The sheet after use should be washed and ironed with a hot iron.
  • Dead sea salt from acne: use lotions of salt three times a week, or every other day. Prepare the lotion: take 1 tsp. Salt and diluted in a tablespoon of warm clean water. We apply by means of a cotton disc or ear wand to the skin with acne. After 20 minutes, wash the skin with clean water. The best effect is achieved with a combination of lotions with mud applications. Be careful: in the first days of use, redness of the pimples is possible. This is normal and should not be feared. If this is observed, do not stop the procedure: thus, the skin cleanses. If the areas with pimples are extensive, you can additionally sprinkle the surface of a powdered streptocid tablet.
  • Mineral tonic salt dead sea: to maintain the elasticity of the skin and a healthy complexion, you can prepare a salt tonic. How to do it? Take 50 g of sea salt and add 5-7 drops of essential oil, depending on the type of skin. Mix and let stand for 1-2 hours, after which add 100 ml of pure, you can melt water. We use it for wetting or light rubbing of the skin before applying the cream. Which essential oils should be used:
    • to increase the elasticity of the skin - mint oil, sage, tea tree;
    • for a gentle and sensitive person - lavender, chamomile, rose oil;
    • for irritated and inflamed skin - clove, cedar, coniferous oil;
    • for oily skin - yarrow oil, juniper, naioli;
    • for dry flaccid skin - honey, pink, fennel oil;
    • from cellulite - cinnamon, citrus, majorana oil;
    • to strengthen the vessels - eucalyptus, cypress, lavender and myrtle oil;
    • from puffiness - dill, fennel, coffee oil.

Oils for tonic can be combined, using three or more options.

  • Salt of dead sea for baths: it is used for diseases of joints, polyarthritis, psoriasis, rheumatism, neurodermatitis, eczema. In order to prepare a bath, it is necessary to use a proportion - from 0.5 to 1 kg of salt per 100 liters of water. The water in the bathroom should be about 38 ° C (no more than 45 ° C), the duration of the procedure is 25 minutes. After taking the bath, you need to rinse the body under the shower without using detergents, and then lie down and rest for at least half an hour. Baths can be taken 3 times a week, the duration of treatment - up to 15 sessions. It is not recommended to take saline baths during pregnancy, high blood pressure, cancer.

Salt of the dead sea in cosmetology

The use of dead sea salt in cosmetology is multifaceted: it is used for various procedures to restore and maintain the health of the skin, hair, nails, to combat cellulite and acne eruptions, and also as preventive measures. Let's try to describe most of the known cosmetic procedures using dead sea salt.

  1. Cryomassage procedure: the mineral salt of the dead sea (1 tbsp.) Is diluted in 500 ml of water, poured into ice containers and placed in a freezer. In the morning after waking up for five minutes, wipe the face with a cube of such mineral ice. This procedure with daily use eliminates fine wrinkles and renews the skin of the face.
  2. Mask with salts of the dead sea from acne (inflammation of the sebaceous glands, acne): mix 3 tbsp. L. Salt with 1 tbsp. L. Pure water and 3-4 drops of essential oil. Apply the mixture on the face, avoiding the area around the eyes and oral cavity for 20 minutes. Then wash off the salt with warm water. If you do this procedure every day, then soon the problem skin will be cleared, and acne will disappear.
  3. Salt of dead sea for the face: used for deep cleansing of pores, drying of inflammatory elements. The procedure is carried out approximately three times a week. A tablespoon of salt is dissolved in 0.5 liters of clean warm water, we moisten in a resulting solution a cotton napkin or a terry towel and apply it on the face, previously cleansed from cosmetics. It is recommended to lie down about 20 minutes, then remove the towel, and rinse your face with cool water. This application of salt produces a visible positive effect: the facial swelling disappears, the skin becomes smoother and milder, the inflammatory phenomena pass.
  4. Salt of dead sea for hair: used for dandruff, weakness of hair follicles, to improve the condition of dull and split ends. To achieve the effect, you can simply rub the dry salt into the pre-washed hair and scalp. After rubbing salt, leave it to soak for 10 minutes, then rinse hair with running water and pat dry with a towel. Forced to dry hair after the procedure is not recommended. The course of hair restoration can be long, up to 2 months, but the effect will surpass such a long wait.
  5. If you want to speed up hair growth, you can use the following life-giving mask: take 1 tsp. Salts of the dead sea, 1 tbsp. L. Natural honey and 80 ml of aloe juice. All the ingredients are mixed, slightly diluted with warm water (depending on the volume of hair) and applied to the hair (especially the root area). Then we put on the hat, turn the head with a towel and rest for 1 hour. By the way, this mask should be applied to unwashed hair. After the procedure, you should wash your hair with shampoo.

For cosmetic purposes, you can use not only salt of the dead sea itself, but also ready-made products that are produced on its basis. They can be bought at pharmacies, beauty shops, eco-shops and salons.

Finished cosmetics based on dead sea salt

  • Soap with salts of the dead sea: it is produced by many cosmetic companies, it can contain oils (palm, olive, coconut) and extracts from all kinds of plants, fruits or nuts. Such soap does not cause allergy, since it has a natural composition. Restores the natural balance of skin, stabilizes the fluid in the tissues, not allowing both excessive dryness and waterlogging of the skin. Slows down the course of age-related changes in cells. Soap with dead sea salts can be used daily and for all skin types. Recommended for use in place of shampoo to improve hair condition.
  • Shampoo with salts of the dead sea has a delicate texture, thoroughly cleans and nourishes the hair, which, after applying the shampoo, becomes fresh, softer and healthier. Shampoos on the basis of salt are usually additionally enriched with plant extracts and vitamin supplements. Such detergents are hypoallergenic and suitable for any type of hair. Shampoo is shaken before use and applied to wet hair. Then a little mass, slightly rubbing the product into the skin, and then rinse with running water.
  • Planeta Organica salt of the dead sea is one hundred percent natural salt from the coast of the dead sea. It can be used for all kinds of procedures: for wraps, douches, massages, scrubs, etc. Salt has all the properties of fresh sea salt from the dead sea. It stimulates cell renewal, facilitates the process of getting rid of extra pounds and cellulite, eliminates irritation and inflammation on the skin, slows the aging of tissues. On the basis of this salt, you can effectively do the peeling procedures, and also heal joints and muscle diseases. Salt Planeta Organica is produced in plastic containers of 1 kg.
  • The salt of the dead sea Dr. Nona is a biological organic-mineral complex that includes salt of the dead sea and a mixture of aromatic oils (lavender, jasmine, chamomile, anise, eucalyptus, patchouli, ylang ylang, etc.). Salt Dr. Nona can be used in dry form (for massage procedures), in the form of a solution for wiping, baths, douches or for making tonic, in the form of a thick mixture for masks, as well as in the form of inhalation procedures.
  • Ahava salt of the dead sea is an effective remedy, it is produced in the form of a natural salt for baths, in the form of scrub, soap, and also in a new version - in the form of liquid salt. Natural salt is a natural salt crystal, which gives the skin an energy stimulus for renewal, relaxing muscular and joint tissues and giving the skin an exceptionally healthy appearance.

Liquid salt of the dead sea is a new mineral complex that allows you to feel the effect of staying on the coast of the dead sea without leaving home. Liquid salt has a gel texture and a large number of useful minerals. What are the properties of the liquid salt:

  • provides moisturizing of the skin;
  • strengthens the skin;
  • helps to update damaged cells;
  • does not contain chemical flavors and dyes, as well as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, derivatives of petroleum products and other aggressive substances.

Dead sea salt dead sea can be applied as a mask on certain areas of the body (for 2-5 minutes), or add to the bath instead of dry sea salt. Do not apply undiluted liquid salt to the face and external genitalia.

Manufacturer: Israeli firm Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories.

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The price of dead sea salt

The cost of salt of the dead sea can differ depending on the manufacturer, as well as on exactly where you buy it: at a pharmacy, salon or cosmetic store.

We will bring to your attention only approximate prices collected for general acquaintance:

  • salt of the dead sea Salon Spa 200 g - about 2 $;
  • salt Doctor Si 600 g - from 12 to 13 $;
  • salt Planeta Organica 450 ml - from 5 to 7 $;
  • Naomi salt 350 ml - from 7 to 8 $;
  • salt of the dead sea Sea of Spa Israeli cosmetics 500 ml - 8 $;
  • Salt Spa Pro 25 kg - $ 145.

Reviews of Dead Sea salt

Rereading reviews of dead sea salt, we can conclude about the tremendous benefits of this natural product, which is used for both therapeutic and preventive purposes.

Procedures with sea salt always guarantee a good effect, whether it is spa treatments in the salon, on the seashore or at home.

Very popular is the use of sea salt for soothing baths: it's a great way to relax, relieve fatigue and at the same time improve the condition of the skin and blood vessels. After the application of salts, the working capacity and mood significantly increase, the consequences of stress and overwork disappear. The effect of the procedures is enhanced if a few drops of essential oil are added to the salt solution under the mood. Creams of citrus will cheer and help relieve the burden of fatigue, and the smell of peppermint or jasmine, on the contrary, will calm and adjust for rest.

Recently, the salt of the dead sea is very popular. And this is a good sign that people care about their own health, because the use of salts and mud of the dead sea, even at home, is of great benefit to the human body at any age.


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