Pain in the left hand

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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The causes that cause pain in the left hand can be many. Painful sensations can spread all over the hand or concentrate in a certain place. Depending on the disease, the pain can be pulsating or monotonous, constant or periodic, shooting or piercing, blunt or acute, with a burning sensation and without it, paroxysmal and entails numbness.

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Diseases that cause pain in the left hand

The most common causes of pain in the left arm may be any injuries: sprains, bruises, bone fractures, dislocations, etc. No less frequent is the excessive tension of the muscle fibers, arising, for example, due to prolonged physical labor in an uncomfortable position. In all these cases, the hand needs to provide complete peace, not to bother it strongly and without the need.

Another cause of pain in the left arm is the physical disabilities of the musculoskeletal system, problems with the vessels, nervous system. The development of these ailments, if ignored or attempted to get rid of them on their own, at home, may well lead to rather deplorable consequences, so if the pain does not disappear within a few days, you should immediately seek advice from the doctor.

If the patient suspects physical injuries that lead to pain in his left hand, then he needs to undergo an X-ray examination. If there is no correlation between these factors, the condition of the cervical vertebral department should be checked in order to confirm or deny the presence of herniation or protrusion of the intervertebral disc.

Arbitrary occurrence of pain in the hand without the fact of overexertion or various injuries can serve as a clue about the onset of arthritis or any inflammation, because the pain in the hand never appears simply in a healthy organ.

The bone fracture acquired a while ago and taken for an ordinary bruise, which did not immediately lead to special painful consequences, can suddenly "show up," especially if the organ that has been broken is subjected to excessive physical stress. The consequence of such a "hiding" defect is pain in the left hand.

The physical trauma of any part of the left arm can irradiate into the most diverse areas of this organ. Damaged tendons of the shoulder muscles can also provoke pain, accompanied by a feeling of burning and tingling. The presence of fluid in the tissues will only exacerbate the situation. Find the source of pain can only the doctor by diagnostic tests.

Myocardial infarction or heart attack - quite serious circumstances that can immediately lead to a painful syndrome in the left side of the trunk. Occurred in this situation of chest pain or pain in the left arm may be accompanied by factors such as cold sweat, shortness of breath, nausea, pale skin, an unreasonable sense of fear. These cases, exactly, like swollen, badly bent joints, a modified shape of the hand require immediate medical attention.

Other causes of pain may include:

  • neuralgic amyotrophy;
  • destruction of the brachial plexus;
  • "shoulder-brush" syndrome;
  • plechelopatochny pererarthrosis;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • "Tunnel syndrome" (long sitting at the computer);
  • syndrome of the left anterior staircase.

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What if you have pain in your left arm?

Any pain in the left hand, even appearing as if from nowhere - it's a sign of some unfavorable physical process taking place in the body. To establish the reason of morbid sensations can only doctors - the neurologist, the traumatologist, the cardiologist, therefore it is necessary to address as soon as possible in medical institution for delivery of analyzes and carrying out of diagnostic and other researches.

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