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Moles: what can you do, and what can not?

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Last reviewed: 22.11.2021

Moles are called limited clusters in the upper layer of the skin of melanocytes - special cells containing a protective pigment melanin. In connection with the birthmarks that every person has, a lot of questions arise. If they are combined into one big topic, then it will have the formulation given in the title of this publication. And the main specialists in this field - dermatologists - answer questions about what can be done and what can not be done with moles.

Can I remove moles?

Removal of moles is resorted to for medical reasons, in particular, if it is "in the wrong place", is subjected to friction (there is a risk of violation of its integrity, bleeding and infection) and is the cause of discomfort. But especially if the dermatologist has doubts about the benign nature of the nevus, which changes color and shape, or increases rapidly in size, that is, the process of active proliferation of melanocytes.

With all the problems related to alterations and removal of moles, you should contact a dermatologist (or oncodermatologist) who will accurately determine if you need to remove moles, and choose the best way for this. For more information, see - Removing moles: an overview of the main methods

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Can I remove moles during pregnancy?

During pregnancy - under the influence of hormones of the adrenal glands - the synthesis of melanin rises, so the pregnant women darken the areola of the nipples of the mammary glands, there are characteristic pigment spots on the face (melanosis of pregnant women), and new birthmarks may appear. Remember that neither old nor new birthmarks can be removed during pregnancy. Also read the article - Birthmarks during pregnancy.

The answer of specialists to the questions, whether it is possible to remove moles when breastfeeding, and whether it is possible to remove moles during the menstruation - is similar.

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Is it possible to remove moles for children?

In childhood there is a more intensive process of formation of melanocytic nevi in connection with the high activity of somatropin (pituitary growth hormone) and the hormone of the adrenal cortex of melonocortin, which ensures the exchange of fats in the body and the production of skin pigment. That's why it is not recommended to remove birthmarks for children, but in this, as a rule, there is no need.

But there is an exception, and it concerns moles on the soles of the feet, for which the probability of injury is very high. In addition, children can be removed a birthmark for the same reasons as adults, since even in childhood there are dangerous birthmarks.

By the way, they ask, can a mole appear in one day? No, even in childhood this process lasts a certain time, which is much more than a day or a day.

Can I remove moles with celandine?

Among the names of celandine there is one more - a warthog, and the folk way of reducing warts with the fresh juice of this plant is widely used today. By the way, helps with warts (in particular, genital warts) juice of buttercup, onion and garlic. True, there is no reliable evidence that these funds are effective for this purpose. But here to remove moles celandine, even alternative healers are not recommended, because the wart is an education caused by papillomavirus (HPV), that is, the etiology is contagious. While moles even refer to skin abnormalities, but it's just a kind of dermal cells with a significant amount of melanin.

Perhaps the advice on the removal of moles celibacy appeared due to the fact that outwardly some nevuses are very similar to warts, and the difference between them - if you are not a dermatologist - you can not see. In general, the experts are unanimous: it is not worth to remove birthmarks with celandine.

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Whether it is possible to wet a birthmark after removal?

Each patient, after removing the birthmark, the doctor gives detailed instructions how and how to treat the skin at the site of the removed nevus. You can hardly "wet the mole after removal" (because there are no more moles), but the scrub (crust) can not be wetted or ripped off. Doctors recommend not to get involved in water procedures and sunbathing before the fall of the scab.

Is it possible to smear moles?

So, the next question is, can I smear something with a mole? More precisely, everyone wants to know whether it is possible to smear a birthmark with iodine and whether it is possible to smear a birthmark with a green leaf? That is, in fact, people are interested in professional opinion as to whether it is possible to cure moles.

Doctors and the answer to this question in the negative, arguing their answer that antiseptic alcohol solutions of iodine and diamond green when applied to the mole cause an expansion of the vessels of the skin and a rush of blood. Cells of a mole are thus stimulated, and its size can increase. In addition, the top layer of the birthmark of iodine and zelenka is simply burned.

Is it possible to tear down, tear off or tear off a mole?

Indeed, unsuccessfully scratching the skin, the unintentional can hamper the birthmark, greatly protruding above the surface of the skin, and the hanging mole or birthmark on the foot can be torn off by carelessness, for example, wiping off after a shower. Learn more - What happens if you tear off a mole?

We hope, now you will give an answer to the question whether it is possible to rip off moles. And more: the question of whether it is possible to do tattoos on moles, doctors give a categorical negative answer, because the skin during the tattoo is severely injured.

Can I pull my hair out of a mole or shave my birthmark?

If you have a birthmark on which hairs grow, then you can not pull hair out of the mole - again because of the risk of injuring it. It is advised that these hairs be carefully trimmed with manicure scissors.

Shaving a birthmark is also dangerous: you can injure it and get a bleeding.


Can I sunbathe with moles or go to a solarium?

Some experts say that it is possible to sunbathe with birthmarks: in the morning - only up to 10 hours, and in the afternoon - after 17 hours and under the condition of putting on the places of accumulation of sunblock moles (with SPF).

However, most oncodermatologists refer ultraviolet to negative factors affecting the skin and believe that a strong tan is harmful. The fact is that UV radiation activates the production of melanin, which protects the DNA of skin cells (which is also our body). And, since there are many melanin moles, its additional production by melanocytes can cause darkening of moles and their proliferation, which can take a malignant character. For the same reason, you should not go to a solarium with moles.

In addition, the sun dehydrates skin cells, and the tender surface of the mole can crack and begin to bleed.

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Whether it is possible to clarify birthmarks?

According to dermatologists, it is impossible to lighten birthmarks, as the UV-absorbing melanin, which gives birth to color to moles, is concentrated in melanosomes and cytoplasm of melanocytes, and its "reserve" - due to constant replenishment (melanogenesis) - is difficult to reduce. Of course, you can use some kind of clarifying cream, but the effect of such funds is short-lived. In addition, the products with hydroquinone (the most common component of clarifying creams) cause a lot of side effects in the form of redness of the skin, dermatitis with itching and flaking, increased pigmentation and even the appearance of acne.

Whether it is possible to tie a birthmark?

Strange question, probably, again birthmarks with warts confused ...

Can a pimple jump up on a mole?

Pimple can appear; how and why, for more details read here - Pimple on the mole

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Can a birthmark fall off itself?

According to experts, the mole can fall off itself, if it died off. This happens when the birth of a mole is due to changes in the level of hormones, and once everything is adjusted with hormones, the mole shrinks and disappears. To, as they say, sleep peacefully, go to the dermatologist, so that he examines the place where she was, and advised what to do, or rather, what not to do (not to sunbathe, not to rip off the scab, etc.).

Can removal of a mole cause melanoma?

The most serious question: can the removal of a birthmark provoke cancer, in particular, a skin cancer like melanoma?

To provoke the development of melanoma can professionally irresponsible removal of the dysplastic nevus - without carrying out a histological examination of the remote mole.

When melanocytes of a substandard mole remain in the skin, melanoma can develop. And although in the early stages of this aggressive form of skin cancer can be cured in almost all cases, every year in the world more than 3% of cases of melanoma terminate lethal. So, when oncologists are asked if it is possible to die from a mole, they nod their heads affirmatively and recommend paying attention to congenital nevuses, among which malignant moles may lurk .

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