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Immunal is a solution of drops for oral administration. The drug is an immunostimulant.

ATC classification

L03AX Прочие цитокины и иммуномодуляторы

Active ingredients

Эхинацеи пурпурной травы сок

Indications of the immunala

It is indicated for short-term treatment or prevention of colds.

Release form

It is available in the form of a solution in 50 ml vials. The pack contains 1 bottle of solution, and in the kit contains a special piston pipette.


Immunal is a herbal remedy. The purple echinacea contained in it promotes an increase in the activity of the function of the nonspecific immune system (phagocytic action of macrophages, and with it the work of killer cells of natural origin).

Use of the immunala during pregnancy

It is forbidden to appoint women who are breastfeeding, and also pregnant.


Among the main contraindications of drugs:

  • intolerance to Echinacea or other plants that are included in the category of Compositae (such as calendula, dandelion, and in addition chamomile with yarrow and arnica), as well as any of the additional components of the medication;
  • progressive forms of systemic pathologies: among these are diseases of the leukocyte blood system (agranulocytosis or leukemia), tuberculosis, oncological pathologies, and besides this, collagenoses and rheumatism with multiple sclerosis, as well as other autoimmune pathologies. Along with this, also HIV, AIDS, SLE, leukemia, sarcoidosis, chronic forms of viral pathologies, diabetes mellitus, and in addition immunodeficiency of any origin or immunosuppression;
  • it is forbidden to appoint children under 12 years of age.

Side effects of the immunala

Use of the solution can sometimes cause the following side effects:

  • organs of the immune system: manifestations of hypersensitivity (among them pruritus, rashes, edema Quinck, urticaria, dyspnoea, hyperemia, and in addition a sharp drop in blood pressure, dizziness, anaphylaxis and Stevens-Johnson syndrome). Drugs that contain Echinacea, are capable of provoking allergy manifestations in people with a hereditary predisposition to such a reaction (people suffering from atopic pathologies);
  • there are indications that the use of echinacea can cause symptoms of autoimmune diseases (disseminated encephalomyelitis, nodosa erythema, immunotrombocytopenia, Fisher-Evans syndrome, and also dryness syndrome with disorder in the kidney tubules);
  • sternum, mediastinum and respiratory system: manifestations of intolerance in the form of bronchial spasm with asthma and obstruction;
  • lymph and hematopoietic system: prolonged use of the solution (more than 8 weeks) can cause leukopenia;
  • Gastrointestinal organs: there is information about the occurrence of gastrointestinal disorders, including vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and nausea;
  • organs of the National Assembly: there are data on sleep disorders, as well as the development of the state of excitation.

Dosing and administration

For the elderly, adults and children from 12 years, the dosage of the solution is 2.5 ml three times a day.

For short-term therapy or prevention of catarrhal disease, it is required to drink the solution for 10 days. A repeat therapeutic course using Immunal is allowed at least 2 weeks after the end of the previous one.

The course of treatment is required to begin immediately when the first signs of a cold appear.

If after 10 days there is no improvement in the disease or there is a worsening of the manifestations of the pathology, it is necessary to consult the treating doctor.

Method of application - using the supplied piston pipette, you need to measure the required amount of the drug, then dilute the solution with warm water, and then drink. It is also permitted to drink the solution undiluted. It can be consumed regardless of the reception of food.


Overdose can cause such manifestations: constipation or diarrhea, vomiting along with nausea, disorders in the area of the digestive system, sleep problems, severe excitability of the NS.

To eliminate these disorders requires symptomatic treatment, the reception of enterosorbents, and also gastric lavage.

Interactions with other drugs

There is no information on the interaction with other drugs. Immunal should not be combined with immunosuppressors (among them cyclosporine with methotrexate), and in addition with drugs that have hepatotoxic properties (such drugs as ketoconazole, amiodarone, and methotrexate and steroid drugs).

There is a possibility of decreasing or vice versa, an increase in efficacy when combined with drugs, the elimination of which is dependent on the activity of the hemoprotein P450, and in addition isomers such as CYP3A or CYPIA2.

Storage conditions

The medicine is stored in a place closed from children's access, in conditions suitable for medicines. The temperature is not more than 25 ° C.

Shelf life

Immunol is allowed to be used for 2 years from the moment of release of the solution. But after the vial was opened, the shelf life of the drug is 2 months.

Pharmacological group


Pharmachologic effect

Иммуностимулирующие препараты


Лек, предприятие комп. "Сандоз", Польша/Словения


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