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Last reviewed: 13.03.2019

Hygiene is a quality quick-acting anti-nit drug, as well as head lice and head lice.


ATC classification

P03AC04 Permethrin

Active ingredients


Indications Hycia

Head and pubic pediculosis (lice).

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Release form

The medicine is available in 120 ml vials.


The main components of permethrin are synthetic pyrethroids, which have a weak toxicity and effective insecticidal properties. Therefore, acting as a neuromuscular toxin, it does not affect the body's toxic effects. The duration of the insecticidal action of permethrin is rather short, because under the influence of air it soon disappears - this avoids the risk of accumulation of this substance.

The detergent acts as a combination of sodium alkyl lefosulfate, as well as fatty acid alkyl amides - this gives the preparation foam-forming leaching properties. It should be noted that this substance does not have an irritant effect on the skin.

Acceleration of the process of detachment of nits from the hair occurs under the influence of acetic acid. This substance combines insecticidal and detergent properties.


Permethrin is not absorbed into the circulatory system.

Use Hycia during pregnancy

It is forbidden to apply it during pregnancy.


Among the contraindications to the use of medication:

  • Hypersensitivity to elements of drugs;
  • Inflammations, wounds, scratches, and secondary infections on the skin;
  • Lactation period;
  • Children younger than 3 years.

Side effects Hycia

Among the adverse reactions is an allergy that manifests itself in the form of itching, as well as the appearance of rashes on the skin.

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Dosing and administration

The drug is intended for external topical use. The vial should be shaken before application. It should be wet the hair with warm water, then apply to it 15-20 grams of LS and rub it into the skin. Then you need to wait 10-15 minutes, and rinse the preparation with warm water. Dry hair must be combed with a special comb for combing the nits and lice. A week later, a re-treatment procedure is required. During the treatment course, it is allowed to conduct a maximum of 3 times.


Overdose can increase the manifestations of an adverse reaction. If this happens, you should cancel the use of the medicine and rinse the skin with warm water. Sometimes antihistamines are also used.

Storage conditions

The medicine should be stored in a place closed from children and light access in conditions of temperature not exceeding 25 ° С.


Shelf life

Chigiya can be used for 2 years from the date of manufacture.


Pharmacological group

Противопаразитарные средства

Pharmachologic effect

Дезинфицирующие препараты


Медика АО, Болгария


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