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How and where are the mustard plasters used for osteochondrosis?

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Last reviewed: 22.11.2021

Usually the pain accompanying such a pathology of intervertebral discs, like osteochondrosis, is removed with ointments. Is it possible to use mustard plasters for osteochondrosis instead of ointments? It turns out that it is possible and necessary.

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Indications for the treatment of this disease of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue with the help of mustard plasters are due to the fact that osteochondrosis refers to dorsopathies, that is, degenerative-dystrophic diseases.

Osteochondrosis develops due to disruption of the trophism of the cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral discs, and pain (in fact, neuralgic) results from the gradual destruction of discs that begin to squeeze nearby nerve fibers and infringe on the nerve roots.

In osteochondrosis, the inflammatory process is absent, and the use of non - steroidal anti - inflammatory drugs  and ointments only relieves pain, but does not affect the nutrition of cartilage tissues.

A nutrient and oxygen cartilage tissue gets from the arterial blood circulating in the vascular system of the spine. Therefore, to combat pain and simultaneously activate blood circulation in the area of the affected intervertebral disc, not every anesthetic ointment can, but only exerts a local irritant effect. Such external means - due to the content of turpentine, camphor, bee venom or extract of pomegranate pepper - provide a reflex dilatation of the blood vessels and a rush of blood, which contributes to the improvement of trophic tissue.

Mustards with cervical osteochondrosis, with osteochondrosis of the thoracic region and with lumbar osteochondrosis act in the same way - improving blood supply. And this is due to the irritation of the skin receptors in the composition of the mustard powder thioglycoside synigrin, which, when combined with water, splits to form an irritant substance, allyl isothiocyanate.

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Treatment of osteochondrosis with mustard plasters

If you ever put a mustard for colds, then you know exactly what is the preparation for this procedure and the technique of carrying out.

Dry mustard must be moistened in warm water and put the working side on the right place - directly on the skin; top cover with a towel and something to insulate. The standard duration of one procedure is up to 15 minutes.

With cervical osteochondrosis, the mustard is placed on the back of the neck; at an osteochondrosis of a thoracal department - on a back (deviating on two centimeters from a backbone); at an osteochondrosis of a lumbar department - on the most morbid area of a loin.


Contraindications to the treatment of osteochondrosis with mustard plasters include dermatological diseases (inflammatory, allergic, autoimmune), abrasions or other skin lesions at the place of application of mustard plaque, elevated body temperature, and the presence of oncological diseases.

Do not put mustard for cervical osteochondrosis, if increased arterial and / or intraocular pressure, enlarged bovine and submandibular lymph nodes, history of thyroid hypertrophy.

Gorciniks with osteochondrosis of the thoracic region are not used in cases of severe heart failure and angina, as well as with pulmonary tuberculosis and lymph nodes of the chest and mediastinum.

Contraindicated mustard for lumbar osteochondrosis people with inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, women with endometriosis, polycystosis and ovarian inflammation, with menstruation and pregnancy.


Complications after the procedure

With an increase in the time of exposure to mustard plasters, complications can occur after the procedure in the form of a skin burn, which is considered to be chemical and can be accompanied by blisters. But this can happen if you fall asleep with a set mustard, so do not lose your vigilance and control the time.

And so, and the opinion of neuropathologists, and patients' reviews suffering from osteochondrosis pain, testify to the effectiveness and ease of treatment of osteochondrosis with mustard plasters.



Care after the procedure is to remove the mustard and skin cleansing with a wet wipe.

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