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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

Hepilor is an analgesic, disinfectant, which is used to treat throat diseases. The therapeutic effect is provided by the properties of the three active substances that are part of the drug.

ATC classification

R02AA20 Прочие препараты

Active ingredients

Хлорбутанола гемигидрат
Холина салицилат

Indications Hepilor

The drug is prescribed to treat infections in the mouth and throat in diseases such as pharyngitis or laryngitis, as well as tonsillitis in acute or chronic form, gingivitis, stomatitis or aphthae.


Release form

The preparation is produced in the form of a spray, as well as a solution. Spray in 50 ml vials additionally with a sprayer. The package contains 1 such bottle. The solution is also available in vials - a volume of 100 ml. One package contains 1 bottle, as well as a measuring cup.


The preparation contains 3 main active components.

Hexetidine has bactericidal as well as antifungal properties. This substance effectively affects both aerobes and anaerobes, as well as gram-positive bacteria with gram-negative bacteria. In this case, the pronounced antibacterial effect is on strains of anaerobes, but on aerobic strains this effect is much weaker - in this case there is a bacteriostatic effect. The chemical structure of hexiethidine is similar to that of thiamine (it promotes microbial growth). Thus, the antimicrobial effect of hexiethidine is based on the competitive replacement of thiamine - thereby disrupting the development and reproduction of microbes.

Salicyalat choline has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, as well as analgesic properties.

Chlorobutanol has analgesic effect, therefore it is used as an anesthetic for rinses, compresses and irrigation.


The active substances of Hepilor fall on the mucosa of the mouth, lingering on it. Further sequential release of these drugs allows the drug to have a prolonged therapeutic effect.

Use Hepilor during pregnancy

Pregnant women are allowed to apply Hepilor only with the permission of the doctor and only in those cases when the benefits of using the drug exceed the risk of possible complications for the fetus.


Among the contraindications to Hepilor's reception:

  • The patient has hypersensitivity to individual elements of the solution or spray;
  • The solution should not be taken to children under 6 years of age;
  • Spray is prohibited for children under 12 years of age.

Side effects Hepilor

Reception Hepilora can cause in patients some adverse reactions. In some cases, an allergy develops with mild irritation of the oral mucosa, as well as rashes on the skin. Sometimes, the taste is disturbed in the patients, as well as the sense of smell. With prolonged use of the drug, a disturbance in the balance of the flora in the mouth and throat is possible.

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Dosing and administration

Do not allow the medication to penetrate into the eyes, and after a spray / rinse procedure, you should refrain from water and food for about half an hour. Treatment schedule, as well as the duration of the course are determined by the doctor.

The solution used for rinsing should be measured with a special measuring cup to 10 ml (about 2 tsp), and then dissolved in warm water (50 ml). For the day you need to do 2-4 rinses. Do not swallow the medicine. Therapeutic course lasts 5 days.

Spray is prescribed for adults in dosage 1 spraying at 4-6 r. / Day. For children from 12 years the dose is 1 spraying 2-3 r. / Day. The duration of the treatment course should not exceed 5 days.

If signs of the disease continue to manifest after a 5-day course of therapy or a temperature increase occurs, you need to choose another medicine.

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Interactions with other drugs

Do not take Hepilor in combination with other antiseptic medicines.

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Storage conditions

The medicine should be stored in conditions of temperature not exceeding 25 ˚С. Also it should not be frozen.

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Shelf life

Hepilor in both forms of release is allowed to be used for 2 years from the date of manufacture.


Pharmacological group

Антисептические средства

Pharmachologic effect

Антисептические препараты


Фармак, ОАО, г.Киев, Украина


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