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Fish oil and psoriasis

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

If a person is diagnosed with "psoriasis," this can mean only one thing: the patient will have to struggle with this unpleasant disease covering the upper layers of the skin all his life. It would seem that there is no harm to health, is it necessary to treat it, constantly spiking the organism with different "chemistry"? But what about the aesthetic side of the problem? And physical discomfort, which significantly reduces the quality of life, is it not worth it to get rid of it? In addition, the problem of "chemistry" is quickly and easily solved with the help of alternative means, one of which is fish oil, which is widely used in psoriasis.

Many people have heard about the benefits of fish oil in treating rickets, but it's not everyone who suspects that this peculiar food additive helps effectively combat manifestations of an incurable disease of a controversial nature called psoriasis. Nevertheless, this tool as an auxiliary stimulant of the immune system is recommended not only by alternative healers, but also by qualified doctors.

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ATC classification

D05 Препараты для лечения псориаза

Active ingredients

Рыбий жир из печени тресковых рыб

Indications of the fish oil for psoriasis

In order to understand how the fish oil affects psoriasis plaques, you need to familiarize yourself with the chemical composition of this valuable product. His study made it possible to detect vitamins A and D, useful for the immune system and skin, in fish oil. The shortage of these vitamins is the frequent reason that the skin becomes dry and rough, and the nails begin to separate. After all, vitamin D, in the content of which cod liver oil occupies a leading place, in addition to maintaining the optimal ratio of phosphorus and calcium in the body, stimulates the immune and nervous system, and also actively participates in the process of skin regeneration and exfoliation of "dead" and mutated cells in psoriasis. And retinol, which is also vitamin A, stimulates the growth and reproduction of healthy skin cells.

The most valuable components of fish oil are polyunsaturated fatty acids, known to us under the names Omega-3 and Omega-6. They prevent the development of atherosclerosis and the formation of blood clots in the vessels, reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. They also normalize the nutrition of cells of tissues and organs, and also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The greatest amount of fatty acids, in particular Omega-3, can be found in expensive delicacy fish such as trout, salmon, salmon, etc. Regular consumption of fish of these breeds is an excellent prevention of many diseases, but not everyone can afford to purchase fish so valuable for human health . In addition, it is more useful to use fish in a fresh, not frozen form, which is not always possible. Frost is the cause of the destruction of certain nutrients and vitamins in the fish. All these nuances were taken into account when developing a preparation of fish oil, which at an affordable price can be purchased at the pharmacy, and in a convenient form of release: in the form of capsules or a solution.

Having studied the composition of fish oil, you understand that such a product can not but bring benefits in the treatment of skin diseases. It is its composition and effect on the human body that determines the effectiveness of fish oil in psoriasis both as part of the complex therapy of exacerbations of the disease, and as a restorative and prophylactic agent during remission.

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Dosing and administration

Treatment of psoriasis is a complex and lengthy process, with a large role in local treatment with topical preparations, among which cod liver oil occupies an honorable place. And it can be used both in pure form, and in the composition of home masks and ointments.

External application of fish oil in psoriasis is shown both during the exacerbation of the disease and for some time after the removal of symptoms to improve the condition of the skin.

During an exacerbation of a pathology and increase in the affected areas of the skin, it is recommended to lubricate them with a warm fish oil heated on a water bath, leaving it for 45-50 minutes. After that, the remaining fat is removed by wiping the skin with warm water through a sterile bandage or cotton wool. For the procedure, you can use both a solution of fish oil, and capsules, pre-pierced them with a needle to release the contents.

Effective curative ointment for psoriasis is obtained from fish oil and eggs. For its preparation, you will need hard-boiled, crushed and fried in a dry frying pan until the oily liquid appears in the yolks of domestic eggs. It is this gruel that is combined with fish oil and applied to plaques of psoriasis until the skin clears.

As an improving skin condition and preventative for psoriasis, it is recommended to apply an external mask based on fish oil and honey. Apply it regularly for half an hour, washing off later with warm water or a decoction of chamomile. This procedure has an antimicrobial effect, removes inflammatory processes and equates the impaired pigmentation.

Psoriasis is a disease that, although manifested only in the superficial layers of the skin, has deeper roots. Therefore, his therapy is not limited to local withdrawal of symptoms, by external application of drugs. So the fish oil in psoriasis doctors advise not only to smear on the skin, but also to take inside. The usual dose of maintenance therapy is 500 mg or 3 capsules of fish oil. The daily norm is recommended to be divided into 3 doses, which are combined in time with food intake.

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Reviews on the treatment of fish oil

I must say that there are no such drugs that equally help all patients. And what can we say about food additives, which, moreover, are not a panacea for diseases in which they are recommended for use.

So, fish oil, it can alleviate the condition of many patients, but there is no way to cure an incurable disease. The opinions of the doctors speak about the effective effectiveness of the remedy, both for the relief of the symptoms of psoriasis and for the general improvement of the body, in particular the normalization of the nervous and immune systems. But the use of fish oil doctors recommend in the complex therapy, then the result will be longer and more noticeable.

Do not forget that as a medicine, fish oil has its contraindications for use. It can cause allergic manifestations and reactions of drug intolerance. It is not worth risking and with increased content of calcium or vitamin D. Ingestion of fish oil is prohibited in case of acute liver and kidney diseases, as well as in disorders of the thyroid gland.

Sometimes it is the non-observance of recommendations on the use of fish oil that leads to the appearance of unwanted symptoms, and, consequently, negative feedback from patients.

Many patients simply do not understand that one fish oil can not cure psoriasis. To remove symptoms and increase the remission time of the disease, in addition to complex therapy, it is also necessary to observe a certain diet. And if in light cases of psoriasis, when small parts of the body are affected, the use of fish oil gives tangible results even without additional medications, then in severe cases without medicamental therapy it is simply impossible to do.

It should be understood that fish oil in psoriasis is a kind of auxiliary tool that facilitates the patient's condition and improves the effectiveness of other drugs by stimulating the body to fight the disease. Waiting for a miracle from its use is not worth it, because to cure such an insidious disease, like psoriasis, even medical preparations can not even be effective. But here to alleviate the patient's condition, giving him hope for a normal, full life without peeling skin, itching and ugly plaques on the skin for some time, fish oil may well. And no "chemistry"!

Pharmacological group

Регенеранты и репаранты

Pharmachologic effect

Регенерирующие и репаративные препараты


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