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Feeling of a coma in the throat

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Last reviewed: 31.05.2018

The feeling of a "coma in the throat" (synonyms: discinegia of the upper esophageal sphincter, functional globe, globus pharyngis, globus hystericus).

The sensation of a "coma in the throat" is a feeling of raspiraniya or compression in the pharynx. As a rule, discomfort is felt along the middle line above the thyroid cartilage. In 1/3 of the patients manifestations of this symptom are registered in other areas on the front surface of the neck. Dysphagia (violation of swallowing) or lonely phage (painful swallowing) is absent. However, swallowing solid or liquid food can provoke unpleasant sensations.

At the heart of the feeling "coma in the throat" lies the increase in the tone and reactivity of the upper esophageal sphincter. With the exception of pathology of the distal esophagus, gastroesophageal reflux, or other causes (esophageal or extra-oesophageal) that lead to a change in the structure of the esophagus, we can speak of the functional nature of suffering - a functional globe.

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