Injuries and poisonings

Bites of mites that cause dermatitis

There are many kinds of biting ticks. Trombicula irritans is probably the most common. Larvae of this species are common in nature everywhere, except for arid regions.

Bites of marine animals

Shark bites form jagged ragged wounds, with partial or complete amputation of the limbs, which require the same treatment as in other major injuries.

Bites of bees, wasps and ants

The bees usually sting one time and leave in the wound a serrated sting that emits a poison and kills an insect.

Bites of man and animals

In the United States, as a result of animal and insect bites, about 100 people die each year, in addition,> 90,000 cases of poisoning centers are registered, and many cases are not registered at all.