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Dead Sea Mud

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Last reviewed: 04.06.2019

The unique healing natural product that has been known for several hundred years is the mud of the dead sea.

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of therapeutic mud - it is their use, an excellent cosmetic and rejuvenating effect. Perhaps the positive action of dirt no longer requires proof. However, knowing the details of this product is not only useful, but also interesting.


Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

On the beneficial properties of the dirt of the dead sea can talk endlessly. It has such a wide range of therapeutic action that it can be compared only with the complex use of complex drug regimens. But here, too, the dirt wins considerably: after all, it is created by nature itself, which means that it is natural and has no side effects.

The use of dead sea mud has a multifaceted effect on the body:

  • dilates blood vessels;
  • activates blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • accelerates metabolic processes;
  • facilitates the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue;
  • cleanses the body of toxic substances and metabolic products;
  • stimulates the autonomic nervous system;
  • improves turgor and tone of the skin;
  • activates neuroendocrine activity;
  • inhibits the growth and development of pathogenic microbes;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • stimulates tissue repair;
  • renews cells and fills them with life-giving energy.

Such healing properties of dead sea mud contribute to the successful healing of skin, nerve and vascular pathologies, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, joints. Dirt copes even with the problems of gynecology and reproduction, stabilizes the endocrine system.

Natural Dead Sea Mud

Organic natural mud is extracted from bottom sediments of the dead sea. Dirt looks like a dark gray thick paste-like mass. Why, for the sake of this incomprehensible substance, do people massively go to the coast in Israel?

The fact is that the mineral mud of the dead sea has a rich and unique composition. It contains a lot of bentonite, quartz particles, white clay, mica, potassium and bromide salts, feldspar, iodine and magnesium compounds, iron, manganic acid and cobalt salts, as well as gaseous substances: hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen compounds, etc. Many the healing properties are due to the presence of bromide and sulphate compounds of electrolytes in the mud, which are found in a certain amount in the serum of human blood and lymphatic fluid. Such compounds, being absorbed into the blood, saturate it with necessary substances.

Of course, in the world there are many other useful mud sources, but the healing mud of the dead sea from Israel is leading in the list of healing natural resources.

The uniqueness of the mud is also in its consistency: the smallest mud particles allow the beneficial substances to penetrate the skin deeply into the tissues of the body through the skin. In addition, the mass is perfectly applied and washed off the skin, without causing discomfort to the patient.

Dead Sea Mud Treatment

If any Israeli is asked a question about what can be treated with mud masses from the dead sea, his answer will be unequivocal: everything. Indeed, in addition to excellent cosmetological qualities, which allow the use of mud as ointments, detergents, masks, etc., the use of mud is recommended for the treatment of many pathological conditions.

Indications for the use of dead sea mud:

  • neurological pathologies (inflammation, complications after injuries or surgical interventions on the central nervous system);
  • diseases of the osteo-articular apparatus (arthrosis, arthritis, articular pathologies of an infectious and inflammatory nature);
  • pathologies of the respiratory system (chronic diseases outside the acute stage, rehabilitation after the inflammatory process or surgery in the lungs and bronchi);
  • pathologies of all parts of the digestive tract, including the effects of operations on the abdominal organs;
  • diseases of the urinary and genital tracts, both in women and men;
  • dermatological diseases (dermatitis, hyperkeratosis, ulcerative and eczematous processes, etc.);
  • ENT diseases (sinusitis, runny nose, otitis media, pharyngitis, etc.);
  • pathologies of the cardiovascular system (IHD, vegetative dystonia, etc.).

Contraindications to the use of the dead sea mud:

  • any inflammation in the acute stage;
  • tumors of benign and malignant nature;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • increased blood pressure, significant atherosclerotic changes in the vessels;
  • severe pathologies of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism);
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • psychopathology, epilepsy;
  • children up to 12 years old and adults over 65 years old without a prescription.


Dead Sea Naomi

Naomi Dead Sea Mud is a natural cosmetic product from Israel that can be used at any age. The mud contains a large amount of useful mineral components, renews and soothes the skin.

Naomi mud has the mineral components of the dead sea, a lot of organic ingredients and vegetable extracts, water, kelp, vegetable oil. Available in 350 ml jars.

Dead Sea Naomi mud is ready to use. A sufficient layer of mud mass is applied to the desired area of the body and left for 20-25 minutes. After that, the application is washed under the shower, without using detergent. After the procedure, it is desirable to use milk or body cream.

Regular use of mud will solve many skin problems: cellulite, irritation, acne, etc.

Dead Sea Mud Planeta Organica

The gift of nature - the dirt of the Dead Sea Planeta Organica - is applicable as a means to restore youth and elasticity of the skin, as well as to eliminate excess weight and cellulite. Dirt can be used to apply to hair, making it stronger and healthier.

As part of the tool - only the dirt of the dead sea in its natural form. Available in 450 ml jars. Manufacturer - Planet Organic, LLC, Russia.

Dirt is distributed throughout the body or in a certain area, left for 20-30 minutes and washed with running water.

Possible use as:

  • masks for the prevention and treatment of dandruff;
  • skin or skin recovery procedure;
  • facial applications for skin rejuvenation;
  • anti-cellulite wraps.

Dead Sea Mud Ahava

Real one hundred percent dirt of the dead sea Ahava from Israel. The use of this mud eliminates the effects of stress, reduces pain caused by inflammation or injury, relieves spasms. Effectively cleans the skin surface and adds shine and freshness to it.

Ahava mud can be used in the form of applications for joint diseases, as well as a therapeutic and cosmetic preparation for lightening and rejuvenating the skin.

Ahava dirt in packaged form is produced, the packing weight is 400 g.

The product is applied to the body in a sufficiently thick layer, left for 10-15 minutes and washed off.

In order to eliminate the soreness of the joints, the package is preheated in warm water or in the sun and mud is applied in a warm form. At the end of the procedure, the skin is smeared with a nourishing cream.


Dead Sea Mud Health Beauty

Natural beauty of the natural beauty of the mud helps to get rid of extra pounds, moisturizes and restores the skin, eliminates stretch marks and cellulite.

Before using the Beauty Beauty mud, you should take a shower and rub it thoroughly with a washcloth. We distribute warm dirt to the wet body, paying particular attention to problematic skin areas. Then you can wrap the body with cellophane, or just wait until half an hour, then wash the body with warm water.

After the procedure, it is imperative to lubricate the skin with a nourishing or any other cream.

The duration of the treatment course is up to 10 procedures, the frequency is once every 2-3 days. Treatment can be repeated no more than 2 times a year.

Dr Sea Dead Sea Mud

Dr. Sea consists of a natural mud complex that improves skin elasticity, promotes weight loss, destroys pathogenic bacteria on the surface of the skin. Dirt Dr. Sea has a plastic consistency, soft texture, so it is quite easily distributed on the surface of the skin, absorbed into the tissue and restoring them.

As a part of mud means: dirt of the dead sea, sea salt, seaweed extract, vitamin E, ascorbic acid, dehydroacetic acid, phenoxyethanol, xanthan gum.

The product is distributed over the whole body or its parts for 20 minutes, then washed with water and smeared with cream.

Do not apply dirt on open wound surfaces and use it inside.

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How to use the dirt of the dead sea?

Dead Sea mud can be used topically or as a systemic remedy. Method of application depends mainly on the disease that the patient wants to cure: the organic substance is distributed over the entire surface of the body, or strictly on problematic areas, as well as on the face and hair.

The most common zone is the use of dirt. Consider the basic methods of mud therapy for individual indications.

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Dead Sea Mud for Joints

Dead sea mud for joints should be used every day for 14-15 days on the affected area. Heated up to 40 ° C, the dirt is distributed by a significant layer on the painful area, covered with cellophane and wrapped with a scarf. Additionally, it is possible to use external heating of the compress with the help of a heat reflector.

Mud compress can be removed after 20-30 minutes, and the skin on the site of the compress lubricate with nourishing cream.

The mud of the Dead Sea during arthrosis of the joints is heated to 42 ° C and is applied for 20 minutes. The duration of such treatment is from 10 to 20 sessions every other day. The greatest effect is expected from a combination of different treatment methods. For example, mud therapy can be used in combination with anti-inflammatory treatment: such an integrated approach strengthens the defense system, improves trophic processes in the tissues, and facilitates the function of the adrenal cortex.

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Dead Sea mud in gynecology

Dead Sea mud in gynecology is used in the following cases:

  • for the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes;
  • for resorption of adhesions in the pelvis;
  • with menstrual disorders;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • to relieve menopause symptoms;
  • for the treatment of infertility;
  • for the treatment of cervical erosion.

The treatment of gynecological diseases is a very popular and effective procedure, for which many women go to Israel for treatment. Self-treatment of the reproductive system with the help of mud is not recommended: the doctor will prescribe such procedures after conducting a comprehensive examination.

The most common procedure is to use dirt at t ° from +38 to + 44 ° C. The water temperature for flushing dirt should be about the same.

Intravaginal application is often used along with applicator application of dirt to the abdominal and pelvic area. Intravaginal mud tampons are used 3-4 times a week, but not every day. The session duration is from half an hour to 40 minutes. A full course of treatment is about 15 procedures.

Dirt for vaginal procedures is rarely used in its pure form in order to avoid burns, so before use, always consult a good specialist.


Treatment of periodontal disease with mud of the dead sea

Periodontal disease is an unpleasant chronic disease, usually requiring long-term treatment. However, the treatment of periodontal disease with mud from the dead sea greatly facilitates and accelerates healing. In case of a disease, a warm mud compress consisting of a gauze cloth soaked in a mud mass is applied to the area of the affected gums. Immediately before applying the compress is heated with the help of a water bath or simply put in the sun. After applying a therapeutic agent, the jaw should be closed and left for 10-15 minutes. After the procedure, the compress should be discarded, and the mouth cavity rinsed with warm clean, preferably boiled water. The duration of treatment is about a week, subject to daily procedures.

If necessary, a few months later, the course can be repeated.

Dead Sea Mud from Psoriasis

Of course, it would be wrong to say that the dirt of the dead sea from psoriasis helps by 100%. All this is because the etiology of psoriasis has not yet been thoroughly studied. However, there are numerous facts proving that such treatment can often be successful.

How to use the dirt of the dead sea in psoriasis?

Mud mass should be distributed over the area affected by the disease, at least 2 times a day, leaving for about one hour. The course of such treatment - from 3 weeks to a month. If desired, a bandage can be applied over the mud application.

As a rule, the results will be noticeable after a week from the onset of mud therapy, however, this fact largely depends on the general condition of the body and the degree of neglect of the disease.

Of course, a great positive point of mud can be called the absence of adverse events, which are almost always present during drug therapy of the disease.

Dead Sea mud from cellulite

Mud is massively used in preventive and therapeutic purposes to affect the subcutaneous fatty tissue, remove toxic substances from it and relieve puffiness. In order to enhance the effect of the use of dirt, aroma oils, ground dry herbs and other means can be added to the mass.

Immediately before the mud procedure you should clean the skin, make a peeling. You can use a ready-made scrub, or you can make it yourself from ground coffee or large sea salt. Removing the keratinous particles of the skin, we will facilitate the absorption of dirt into the fabric.

Apply the mud heated to 40-42 ° C on clean skin of cellulite areas, cover or wrap with cellophane on top (like a compress). Leave for 20-30 minutes, then remove and wash well with warm water.

Such regular application of dead sea mud stimulates blood circulation in the skin, removes toxins and nourishes the tissues. Over time, the bumps on the skin become smoother, and the skin becomes elastic and healthy.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

Wrapping the mud of the dead sea is used to stimulate the metabolism, eliminate toxins, get rid of extra pounds, renew the skin and heal the body as a whole.

Mud therapy has a calming effect on the nervous system. This is a pleasant procedure for relieving stress, over-exertion, for getting rid of constant fatigue syndrome.

The mud stabilizes the process of sweating, strengthens the protective functions of the skin, cleanses the pores and improves tissue trophism.

For wraps use mud mass, heated to 40 ° C.

How is the wrapping procedure:

  • We put a warm blanket on the couch and on top of it - cellophane;
  • immediately before the session should take a shower, preferably with the use of scrub or peeling gel;
  • heat the mud mass to t ° from +40 to +42 ° C;
  • We put a lot on the lower limbs, back (you can ask someone to help you), upper limbs. Mud should not be applied on the mammary glands and on the projection of the heart;
  • we wrap in cellophane, wrap in a blanket on top;
  • relax for 20-30 minutes;
  • we remove cellophane and wash off the dirt with warm water, without using soap or other means for washing;
  • wipe and massage the body with a special oil or regular cream or milk.

Dead Sea Mud Shampoo

For any type of hair shampoo is also available with mud from the dead sea. This hair cleanser has a delicate texture, rich composition. The black mud of the Dead Sea is supplemented with various extracts of plant origin: sea buckthorn oil, extract from Aloe or chamomile. Thanks to an effectively selected composition, hair follicles are strengthened, and hair becomes soft, silky and fresh after the first use.

Before applying the shampoo must be mixed well, take a small amount of the product and distribute it with massage movements to the hair and scalp. Rinse the hair with clean water.

Shampoos with mud from the Dead Sea are produced by many cosmetic companies, including Dr. Sea and Sea of Spa.

Dead Sea Mud Soap

Soap with dead sea mud is enriched with minerals, supplemented with a small amount of olive oil and aloe, which improves the penetration of nutrients into the skin.

Gentle soap gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin, effectively washes away dust, fat, sweat, dead skin particles from the skin surface, and also restores the natural environment on the body surface. Thanks to this soap, a constant level of hydration of the skin is maintained: it becomes younger and fresher.

Mud soap is even suitable for sensitive skin.

Dead Sea Mud Cream

All sorts of creams, which include the mud of the dead sea, promise to give the skin a freshness and well-groomed. Mud component of creams stimulates blood circulation, promotes rejuvenation and renewal of the skin. The cream will help to preserve the natural moisture in the layers of the epidermis, make it gentle and healthy. Regular use of the cream eliminates itching, hyperemia and irritation on the surface of the skin, cure cracks and abrasions, and relieve dry skin.

The cream should be rubbed with massaging movements until complete suction. On the palm and foot cream can be applied at night with a thick layer, wearing socks or gloves after the procedure.

Creams based on mud, as a rule, are hypoallergenic and suitable for use on sensitive skin.


Salt and mud of the dead sea

Salt and mud of the Dead Sea are considered the richest sources of minerals in the world, and the best preparations for treatments and renewal of the body.

Salt can heal purulent wounds, strengthen hair follicles, relieve dandruff. The salt solution of the Dead Sea is close in elemental composition to blood serum.

Salt, like dirt, can be successfully used to restore the mineral balance in the body. How to apply a solution of salts and dirt:

  • as a makeup remover;
  • as a medical bath for the limbs;
  • in the form of compresses on the hair;
  • for rinsing the mouth and throat in inflammatory processes;
  • for rubbing the skin of the face with acne;
  • as liquids for douching and washing-up in gynecological diseases.

Antioxidant dirt from the dead sea not only improves the appearance of the skin, but also destroys pathogenic bacteria: staphylococcal, streptococcal flora, Escherichia coli, etc. On this basis, experts recommend taking baths with the addition of mud and dead sea salt. Baths will be useful both for the prevention of diseases and for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, migraine and depression. Baths with radiculitis, polyarthritis, osteomyelitis are useful. Of course, in order for the bath effect to be noticeable, more than 10 kg of dirt and 2 kilograms of salt per 200 liters of water should be used.

Dead Sea mud for face

The skin on the face is much more sensitive and tender than on the rest of the body. For this reason, dirt for the face should be diluted and not used in its pure form. For breeding, you can use various oils (olive, sea buckthorn, sesame), including essential oils (oil of fir, peppermint, citrus), as well as honey, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, milk, cream, sour cream, or just any moisturizer for faces. If there is none of the above, you should dilute the dirt with plain clean water, it can be mineral.

The mask from the mud of the dead sea is an excellent remedy against early aging and skin aging. In order to apply a mask, we dilute the dirt and distribute it on a clean moist surface of the face, without affecting the area around the eyes and mouth. After 20 minutes, the mask is washed off, without using soap or other means of washing. What gives such a mask:

  • stimulates blood circulation and local metabolic processes;
  • tissues receive more oxygen and nutrition, which contributes to the renewal of skin cells;
  • toxic substances accumulated in the skin dissolve and are removed.

As a result - clean, refreshed skin, healthy complexion, lack of oily shine, reducing wrinkles.

Dead Sea mud for hair

Everywhere apply the dirt of the dead sea and hair. This remedy effectively relieves hair loss and dandruff, eliminates headaches and even helps in getting rid of depression. In addition, additional nutrition in the form of useful minerals is delivered to the hair follicles, which makes the hair stronger and thicker.

Dirt is used in a warm form, starting the distribution from the scalp, gradually moving to the entire length of the hair. Hair should be moistened before the procedure.

Massaging hair for about 2 minutes, then put on a shower cap, and on top - a towel. After 20 minutes, rinse with clean running water, using shampoo until complete leaching of residual dirt.

How to store the dirt of the dead sea?

Regarding the duration and conditions for the preservation of the dirt of the dead sea, there are many opinions. We carefully studied all the options and came to the conclusion:

  • real “clean” dirt has no shelf life, provided it is properly stored;
  • proper storage is the absence of direct ultraviolet rays;
  • one should also not put dirt in a refrigerator, and even more so in a freezer or cellar: in such conditions it will lose all its beneficial properties;
  • usually put the dirt in a plastic bag or glass jar and store it in the shower room.

Store-bought dirt sometimes contains universal preservatives (for example, phenoxyethanol). Thus, the manufacturer is trying to protect themselves from possible damage to the product under improper storage conditions. Essentially, the presence of preservatives does not affect the quality of dirt.

How to keep the mud from the Dead Sea?

Regarding the duration and conditions for the preservation of the mud of the Dead Sea has a lot of opinions. We have carefully studied all the options, and concluded:

  • a real "clean" dirt has no expiry date when properly stored it;
  • correct storage - is the lack of direct ultraviolet rays;
  • It is also impossible to put dirt in the refrigerator and even more so in the freezer or the cellar: in such circumstances, it will lose all its useful properties;
  • dirt usually put in a plastic bag or glass jar and store in the shower room.

Mud, bought in a store, sometimes contain universal preservatives (for example, phenoxyethanol). Thus, the manufacturer is trying to protect itself from possible damage when the wrong product storage conditions. Basically as dirt on the presence of preservatives is not reflected.

Dead Sea Mud Reviews

On the Internet, you can easily find a lot of admiring reviews about the mud of the dead sea. We analyzed them and made certain conclusions that we want to share with you.

  1. Dirt is a homogeneous dark gray butter-like mass that does not contain grains, salt crystals and algae elements. If what you purchased in the store does not match this description, it may be a fake. For example, powder for breeding is not dirt.
  2. Dirt must be tightly packed.
  3. Before applying the mud mass, it is necessary to warm up to a temperature of 40-42 ° C. It is more convenient to do this by lowering the package with the contents into warm water. If you are going to reheat the package in the microwave, pre-open it (if you do not plan to buy a new microwave).
  4. For face use only diluted (!) Dirt.
  5. You can not use the dirt inside or smear it open wounds.
  6. If after applying the mud mass you cover it with cellophane, thereby greatly enhance the effectiveness of the procedure.
  7. Dirt is laid out in a layer of ½-1 cm.
  8. The same dirt should not be used twice.
  9. Wear rubber gloves when handling dirt to prevent mass from falling under the nail plate.
  10. Mud procedures can be accompanied by tingling and tingling on the skin: this is considered normal. If the sensation is unpleasant and unbearable - immediately wash off the mass.

Of course, the mud will bring great benefits directly to the resorts and hospitals on the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel. However, if you do not have the opportunity to visit this country, do not worry. Arrange a SPA-salon at home, since the healing mud of the Dead Sea, as well as all sorts of cosmetic products based on them, can be purchased at many pharmacies and cosmetic stores.


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