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Dead Sea Cosmetics

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea are the most popular and popular means for caring for any type of skin. Israeli cosmetics has proved itself in the whole world, its high quality and natural composition. Consider the popular cosmetic brands of the Dead Sea and the features of marine cosmetics.

Every woman wants to have a fresh healthy and young look, beautiful, well-groomed skin. Help in this can make the Dead Sea cosmetics, which is made from minerals and other substances that have healing properties of the sea and have proven themselves throughout the world. The prices for body care products are different, therefore a piece of beauty of the Dead Sea is available to everyone. Cosmetics are made with salt, mud or mineral substances. The most popular and demanded marine cosmetic products:

  • Mineral salt - used for bathing, peeling, compresses, rubbing, face masks and hair, wraps.
  • Sea mud - used for wraps, masks, compresses, applications. Dirt can be bought both in pure form, and enriched with various components.

It is on the basis of these two components that hundreds of different products are developed: creams, tonics, shampoos, scrubs, soaps, decorative cosmetics. In any case, the cosmetics of the Dead Sea have a beneficial effect on the skin and on the body as a whole. The rich mineral composition improves blood circulation and metabolism, slows down the aging process, cleanses the skin and increases its elasticity, soothes irritations and inflammation, positively affects the nervous system.

Cosmetics of Israel has a healing effect that helps in the treatment of many skin diseases (allergy, eczema, psoriasis, fungus, vitiligo, etc.). Sea water has a high concentration of chloride salts: bromine, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium. The sea contains about 35% salt, which is 10 times higher than in other seas. Manufacturers supplement the natural mineral make-up of cosmetics, various vegetable and essential oils, which significantly improves the properties of cosmetics and makes it pleasant to use. In the cosmetic products are added and vitamins, and a number of additional components.

Such a diverse composition raises the cost of cosmetics, but does not significantly improve the utility of the product. This is due to the fact that if you take, for example, sea mud, then it is in itself as an initial product is very useful. And various additions improve its consumer, but not qualitative properties. Dirt changes the consistency, acquires a pleasant aroma and a beautiful package.

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea is made in Israel and every year the number of companies producing beauty products is growing. The most popular manufacturers are: Dead Sea, Ahava, Crystalline Health & Beauty, Premier, Sea of SPA and many others.


Israeli Dead Sea Cosmetics

Israeli Dead Sea Cosmetics is a popular line of products that has proved itself in the whole world. Means for face and body care are valued for their natural mineral composition and medicinal properties. Cosmetic medicine is very developed in Israel, every year thousands of tourists come for rejuvenation and recovery in medical clinics and spa centers of the country. But the most important thing is that the result from using the products will be noticeable from the first day of application.

The given production positively influences also on state of health, creates unique mood and perfectly tones up. The natural makeup makes cosmetics safe for people with any type of skin. The products are tested and supplemented with various plant extracts that enhance the effective properties of marine products. The popularity and relevance of cosmetics is explained by the fact that the Dead Sea is a source of vegetable raw materials, minerals, aroma blends and a number of other ingredients that are attractive and unique to consumers.

Israeli professional cosmetics for the Dead Sea

These are cosmetic products that are not intended for home use, but for use in spa centers and beauty salons in combination with modern techniques for hardware care of the body and face. The products are unique in their composition, rich in minerals, micro and macro elements, has no synthetic additives and is hypoallergenic. This makes it possible to apply the properties of the Dead Sea to care for any type of person and for consumers of any age and sex.

To date, the cosmetic market provides a wide range of professional products for face and body care from Israel. The product has medicinal properties, it is used for full-fledged care not only for the face and body, but also for the hair and for the prevention of skin diseases.

  • Natural components do not cause habituation and allergic reactions to the skin. Such cosmetics are shown to people with sensitive and problem skin, since the products do not contain preservatives and perfumes. The waters of the sea, which are part of many means, pass through many layers of soil, enriched with ions of bromine and silver. In addition, the Dead Sea water has the highest concentration of salt.
  • One of the popular ingredients of the means - sea mud, is used to fight cellulite. On its basis, professional mask for wrapping and cream are made, which help to get the skin a beautiful elastic and healthy appearance.
  • A rich mineral composition tones up, improves blood circulation, removes toxins, restores the chemical balance of the skin and strengthens its tissues. Israeli cosmetics are effective in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, allergic rash and other skin lesions.

Manufacturers produce funds not only for skin care, but also for emphasizing natural beauty, that is, decorative cosmetics. Such products do not clog pores, evenly lie on the face, smooth out the color and does not cause allergic reactions.


This is the leading Israeli manufacturer of quality body care products with minerals and useful elements of the sea. Premier has gathered in itself the therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea, vitamin and plant components, beneficial to the skin.

The company Premier is part of the cosmetic group Hadan, which was founded in 1979. Cosmetic laboratory Premier produces high-quality products of a wide range. This allows you to export goods to more than 70 countries. Success and fame for the company came after Premier released cosmetics for astronauts based on the minerals of the Dead Sea. The line retained the freshness of the skin under conditions of weightlessness and prevented the appearance of flabbiness. Studies in the field of improving skin care products are ongoing today.

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea Premier helps the skin to recover, stimulates the growth and regeneration of epidermal cells, restores its natural balance. Premier creams for the body and face are quickly absorbed, do not leave a fat trace on the skin and do not violate its respiratory functions. Shampoos restore hair growth, making the hair silky and thick. The composition includes 21 minerals, vitamins, plant extracts and microelements, which are indispensable for maintaining beauty.


This is a line of mineral cosmetics. The name Seacret is an abbreviation, which translates as the secrets of the sea. In its work, the company uses the latest technologies that generate mud and Dead Sea salts into unique ingredients of cosmetics. Seacret is non-toxic, does not cause exacerbation of skin diseases or allergic reactions. At all stages of production, cosmetics undergo strict control, which is a guarantee of quality.

Seacret is an excellent product for spa treatments. The brand represents several lines of products that provide quality full-fledged care for the skin of the body and face.

  • One of the important stages of skin care is its cleansing. Seacret produces gels for washing, lotions and scrubs based on the ingredients of the Dead Sea. The products gently cleans the skin of dirt, decorative cosmetics and excess sebum. Applying such remedies, the skin rests and is prepared for thorough maintenance procedures.
  • The main care from Seacret is a cream. The company produces nutritious, moisturizing, regenerating and toning creams that perfectly moisturize the skin, give it elasticity and activate metabolic processes. There are creams for night and day use. After such cosmetics the skin looks more fresh, tightened and healthy.
  • Another line of Seacret cosmetics is designed for intensive care. These are serums for skin, masks and remedies for rejuvenation and recovery. For masks use Dead Sea mud, which saturates the skin with useful trace elements, smoothes it, improves the color and makes it elastic. The effect of using the Dead Sea Cosmetics Seacret is visible after the first application.

Health and Beauty

This is a complex of beauty products for the care of any type of skin. Cosmetics are represented by lotions, mud masks, face and body creams, shampoos, gels and other cosmetic products enriched with Dead Sea minerals. Health and Beauty is a high-quality cosmetic product made on the basis of sea minerals, vitamins and additional ingredients, with aromatic oils and herbal extracts that take care of the skin carefully, preserving its youth.

The company's products meet all standards and requirements. Cosmetics are repeatedly tested and tested before they reach the buyer. Cosmetics are made from natural ingredients and comply with the rules of kashrut. The slogan "Health and Beauty" is "Excellence Above All" and it fully corresponds to the quality of their products. To date, the company produces about 100 beauty products with Dead Sea ingredients, which are exported to many countries around the world. Health and Beauty differs not only in a wide range of cosmetics, but also at affordable prices.

Premier Cosmetics

This is an Israeli manufacturer of beauty products. Feature of cosmetics is the process of its production. The company uses advanced technologies to preserve the properties of the Dead Sea minerals and pass them to cosmetics. Premier produces a wide range of cosmetic products that provide full-fledged care, both for the body, and for the face, hair and hands.

  • Cosmetics Premier refers to professional means. It combines a complex of minerals, vitamins, plant extracts and beneficial microelements, which are irreplaceable for the skin.
  • The prime minister issues a special line of funds for women over 30 years of age. Such products have rejuvenating properties, support the skin in a tone and protect against the adverse effects of external factors.
  • Since the products consist entirely of natural ingredients, it is ideal not only for the aging, but also for the young skin.
  • The prime minister perfectly copes with the problem and sensitive skin, eliminating minor defects and acting as a preventative for skin diseases.
  • Cream Premier has in its composition filters that carefully protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, preventing its aging and wilting.

Cosmetics is unique not only in its composition, but also in packaging, which is produced in Japan from the Murano glass analog. Premier is popular all over the world, as a means for home care and beauty maintenance, and as a professional cosmetic brand that is in demand among make-up artists and cosmetologists around the world.

Da Vita

It is represented by a wide assortment of decorative means and means for body care. Like all Israeli cosmetics, Da Vita is made only from natural ingredients. Cosmetics are hypoallergenic and are excellent for any type of skin. Consider the most popular cosmetic products from Da Vita:

  • Face cream is especially popular. The company produces day and night creams that are suitable for both young and aging skin. The cream has a light texture, so it quickly absorbs and does not clog pores. Regular use of the product tones up, saturates and moisturizes the skin.
  • Serum with water saturated with minerals of the Dead Sea is great for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The use of cosmetic products restores water balance, gives radiance and healthy shine.
  • Face masks from Da Vita are popular with professional cosmetologists. Most of all, mud masks are appreciated, since they are multifunctional. There are masks for the body and for the face. Such products help to get rid of skin defects and extra inches at the waist, makes the skin smooth and the figure feminine.
  • Da Vita is represented by powder, lipstick, nail polish and blush. Despite the fact that the range of decorative products is not large, it is still in demand. Such cosmetics perfectly lies on the skin and has medicinal properties.


This is a novelty in the cosmetic market. To make cosmetic products use the beauty recipes that have been used for hundreds of years. That is Naomi is cosmetics, which is created according to the best recipes and traditions and possesses all useful properties of the Dead Sea. The composition of the funds includes both marine ingredients and plant components, which enrich and improve the action of creams, shampoos, gels and tonics.

The natural composition gently cares for any type of skin, eliminates defects and restores natural beauty. A wide range of cosmetics for body and face care from Naomi makes it possible to choose the most suitable means. The company constantly improves its products, saturating it with essential microelements, vitamins and minerals.


This combination of the healing power of marine components, irreplaceable plant extracts and modern technology. Cosmetic products are manufactured using the latest technologies, which significantly improves their effectiveness, formulation and composition. DSM uses in its cosmetics natural essential oils and herbal ingredients, which in combination with marine components have a pronounced bactericidal and antiseptic effect.

Harmonious combination of components of cosmetics DSM provides the most effective care for skin of the body and face. The product is suitable for any type of skin, protects it from increased environmental aggression and has a rejuvenating effect.

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It is represented by a wide assortment of various preparations based on minerals for skin care. The peculiarity of the products is that in its development only curative natural and marine resources are used, which make it possible to create unique means.

Ahava is valued for its line of Dead Sea anti-aging cosmetics, which effectively fights aging, speeds up the regeneration processes of the epidermis, gives the skin elasticity and radiant color. Cosmetic complexes based on mud, salt and other marine components provide valuable skin care of any type. The company lets out cosmetics for a body and the person, we will consider each of lines of cosmetic means.

  • Body care

To maintain the beauty and health of the body, Ahava offers a number of means. Full-fledged care begins with cleansing. For this, there are special tonics and lotions that do not contain alcohol, gently and gently cleanse the skin. After moistening, use nourishing and moisturizing cream. This allows you to prevent dehydration of the skin and restore its hydration.

Dead Sea Cosmetics for body care from Ahava is shown to be used to restore youth and skin elasticity. The company has developed a line of special products based on extracts of seaweed and mud, which improve the skin tone, and prevent its aging.

  • Skin Care

Cosmetics Ahava for the face is divided into 4 lines. The first series - a means based on dirt, to remove toxins and eliminate small skin defects. The second series of products are products with sea salt (cream, whey, lotions) to relax and restore the skin. Useful properties of sea water is the basis of the third line of cosmetics for facial skin care. Ahava produces a variety of lotions, facial cleansers and tonics that contain sea water ions that support skin hydration. The last line is a means of extracting algae with plant extracts. Cosmetics are used to nourish and regenerate the skin.

Ahava produces shampoos for all types of hair, natural shower gels, hand and foot creams. The products are hypoallergenic, natural and perfectly suited for supersensitive skin.


Dr. Nona

The most popular cosmetic brand. The product is in demand by millions of customers around the world. Despite its popularity, the company is quite young, constantly improving its products and expanding its sales markets. Dr. Nona has a wide range of cosmetic products, which are used both for skin care, and for creating makeup and emphasizing natural beauty. Let's consider it:

  • Unique bath products are used to strengthen and relax the nervous system and body. Dr. Nona produces marine salts, which consist of 21 minerals from the Dead Sea, gels, shampoos and soaps.
  • For face and body care, the company has developed mud masks that make the skin supple and smooth. To combat aging skin use nutrient and regenerating cream, rich in minerals and vitamin A. To care for the body, Dr. Nona offers a series of tonics, lotions and milk to renew the skin cells, maintaining its elasticity and matte color.
  • The company produces perfume and body lotions with charming fragrances. The advantage of such products in a natural composition that envelops the body with the healing properties of the minerals of the Dead Sea.
  • For hair care Dr. Nona offers shampoos and conditioners for daily use, balms and masks. Also, in the cosmetic line there are toothpastes, deodorants and other cosmetics that help maintain freshness and beauty every day.

Modern life requires careful but full-fledged care of oneself. Dead Sea Cosmetics Dr. Nona is perfect for these purposes, as it allows you to preserve youth and beauty for many years.

Black Pearl

Represents modern cosmetic products with unique ingredients that heal the skin and slow its aging. The composition of the products includes mineral ingredients, protein and pearl powder containing calcium carbonate. Such components brighten the skin of the face, make it smooth, radiant and velvety. Cosmetics Black pearls have bactericidal properties, since it contains antioxidants that moisturize, nourish and restore even the most problematic skin.

The composition of many agents includes seaweed. They make the skin supple, renew cells and nourish it. Products slows down the aging process, restores the natural color of the skin and helps to fight pigmentation. To date, Black Pearl is the only cosmetics that includes pearl powder, which makes it elite and in demand.

The company's specialists have developed products that are ideal for any type of skin and a certain age period. This is due to the fact that every ten years the properties of the skin change so much that the usual means become ineffective. The products are designed for several age categories: under 25 years, 25-35 years, 35-45 years, 45-55 and over 55 years. Means for each age category are represented by a wide range of various cosmetics, the use of which allows you to refuse to visit a cosmetologist and take care of the skin yourself.

Dr. Sea

These are the products created on the basis of minerals of the Dead Sea, which perfectly tone, refresh and cleanse the skin. A unique composition nourishes the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin with all the necessary trace elements and minerals. Cosmetics Dr. Sea is developed on the territory of Israel. For its production, modern equipment and constant quality control are used. Unique natural mineral cosmetics does not contain synthetic substances and artificial compounds, therefore the products are hypoallergenic and do not have side effects on the body.

A wide range of products from Dr. Sea is represented by cosmetics for the care of hair, face and body, decorative means and a line for men. The company works without intermediaries, and this is a guarantee that each buyer will receive real, natural cosmetics of the Dead Sea.


This line of exclusive medical cosmetics. Products consist of minerals, salts and sea mud. Aroma supports the beauty, youth and health of the body, slows down the aging process. Means are effective in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases, with dandruff and hair loss, brittle, layered nails and dry skin.

Aroma derives its name from an effective combination of medicinal marine ingredients and herbal extracts of lavender, patchouli, coconut and many other ingredients. Aroma produces two product lines: Aroma Dead Sea and Beauty Life. The funds were developed taking into account the wishes of foreign and regular customers.

  • Beauty Life from Aroma - a wide selection of cosmetics at an affordable price. A variety of oils and peels for the body and face are popular.
  • Aroma Dead Sea - represents more than 250 different care products for the body and face. Natural products, consists of sea minerals and has medicinal properties. Aroma cares not only about beauty, but also about skin health, it is an excellent means of preventing psoriasis, eczema and other diseases.


These are unique products created on the basis of biotechnologies from active marine minerals and plant components. The product has rejuvenating properties, slows down the aging process and protects from aggressive environmental influences. The entire line of Talia cosmetics is created by a group of experts from phytocosmetologists who develop new formulas for products for body, face and hair care.

Cosmetic products Talia is absolutely safe for the skin and hypoallergenic. Talia produces the most effective means for restoring and healing any type of skin and reducing the number of wrinkles. You can buy Dead Sea products in branded brand stores in Israel or order on their official website on the Internet.


It is a means of natural natural ingredients to maintain natural beauty. Cosmetics are made from crystallized minerals, salts and mud of the Dead Sea. Mineral composition is supplemented with extracts from the roots of herbs and plants, to make cosmetics more effective and a broad spectrum of action. NevO is represented by a wide range of products for regenerating the skin of the body (oils, peelings, lotions, tonics, scrubs). After such care, the skin becomes soft, silky and most importantly healthy.

The company produces shower and bath products: salt, foam, soap, conditioner, shampoo and hair cream. Means make hair healthy, give them shine and beauty. NevO also produces products for the care of hands and nails. These are oils for softening the cuticles, nutritious mud masks, scrubs and polish for nails. Regular application of the cosmetics of the Dead Sea NevO, allows you to arrange spa procedures without leaving home.

Nefesh SPA

This is a line of Israeli products to maintain and restore natural beauty. Cosmetics are made in modern factories, only from natural ingredients and plant extracts. Healing sea salts are used for wraps, peelings for the body and face, compresses and as the main component of creams, lotions, masks, soaps and shampoos. Similar means are made from sea mud. Minerals and microelements effectively remove inflammation and irritation, tone up the skin, increase its elasticity and improve color.

Consider the most popular cosmetic products from Nefesh SPA:

  • Lotion for removing make-up and skin care - contains an extract of algae, gently eliminates remnants of funds. The lotion penetrates deep into the pores, cleans them, which allows the skin to breathe.
  • Rejuvenating day cream - suitable for the skin after 30 years, carefully smoothes wrinkles, speeds up the regeneration of tissues, fights pigmentation and smooths complexion. The composition of the cream includes β-carotene, which is a natural antioxidant.
  • Moisturizing face cream - have a light consistency, quickly absorbed and suitable for all skin types. The cream does not weight the skin and relieves the feeling of tightness, can be used as a basis for creating makeup. The composition of the cream includes organic UV filters of the Dead Sea salts, which keep the skin hydro-balance throughout the day.

Sea Beauty

This is a product of mineral components for full-fledged care of face and body skin. Dead Sea substances participate in the process of cellular metabolism, penetrate deep layers of the skin, improving it and making young. Sea Beauty products consist of natural ingredients that have healing, moisturizing, nourishing and toning properties.

Sea Beauty presents several cosmetic lines that produce on the basis of minerals, mud and salt from the Dead Sea.

  • Minerial FRESH - this series of cosmetic products is used to cleanse the face. The complex for skin care includes creams, lotions, tonics, milk for washing and masks. Active components of cosmetics, return the skin freshness and beauty, create a protective barrier that reliably protects from the adverse effects of the environment.
  • Minerial AQUA - is a facial care product, namely for its moisturizing. The product provides cells with energy, nourishes moisture and speeds up metabolic processes. Sea Beauty protects the skin from dehydration and preserves its natural beauty.
  • Minerial ACTIVE Anti-Aging - anti-aging skin care products 40+. These products stimulate cells and significantly increase skin elasticity, improve complexion, fight pigmentation, fill wrinkles, make skin smooth and radiant.
  • Minerial BODY - cosmetics for body care. Sea Beauty produces products enriched with minerals that purify, moisturize and nourish the skin of the body. Regular application of the make-up cosmetics makes the skin more elastic and eliminates minor cosmetic defects.

Black pearl

This is a unique line of elite Israeli cosmetics designed for skin care 35+. The product includes substances that nourish the skin, smooth wrinkles, tighten, tone and slow the aging process. Black Pearl is considered to be the most effective anti-aging cosmetics, which is used for professional care and spa procedures in beauty salons. But cosmetics can be used at home, saving time and money on visiting beauty salons.

It is unique in its composition. Black Pearl includes pearl powder and healing sea minerals. Pearl powder consists of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. The substance is a real biostimulator for the skin, updating it. The active substance Black Pearl effectively smooths the complexion, saturates the skin with minerals, has an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect.


This is the company's products, which pleases buyers for more than 30 years. Christina products are used for both home and professional skin care for the face, body, hair and nails. There is a line of funds for men and women, as well as age series of cosmetics that support the beauty and youth of the skin.

  • Comodex series for problem skin

The funds of this cosmetic line are used to care for combination and oily skin of the face. The products help in the treatment of acne and acne, restore the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands and prevent them from clogging. This series is represented by such means: cleansing soap, scrubs, peelings, antiseptic lotions, masks, cream. Means fight with bacteria that cause acne and acne, smooth post acne, lighten pigmentation, perfectly soothe the skin.

  • BioPhyto for sensitive skin

Cosmetics for skin prone to redness, sensitive to sudden temperature changes. The drugs have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect on the skin, give it smoothness, velvety and healthy shine.

  • Forever Young, Silk and Wish anti-aging cosmetic lines

Rejuvenating agents, developed on the basis of marine and plant components. Perfectly protect, strengthen, tonify and restore the skin. Also included in the composition are natural silk fibers, which have the effect of lifting. The use of such cosmetics protects the skin from an aggressive environment.

In addition to skin care products, the Cosmetic of the Dead Sea Christina is represented by decorative means that help to emphasize beauty and elegance. The brand produces various accessories and spa sets for full-fledged skin care at home.

Jordanian Dead Sea Cosmetics

The funds are valued for their natural composition, effective operation and reasonable price. Unlike Israeli cosmetics, the Jordanian is less known, but no less qualitative. Cosmetics are produced in ecologically clean area. For example, the sea mud in Jordan is mined at great depth, which makes the funds, in which they are more effective and unique.

Sea salt and mud, which come in many ways, perfectly tone and moisturize the skin, saturating it with all the necessary trace elements. Cosmetics have therapeutic properties and preventive effect. The line of professional Jordanian cosmetics is used in the most famous spa resorts in the world. The most popular cosmetics brands of the Dead Sea from Jordan are Fouf and Dolmen. The products are not inferior in quality to the Israeli, but it costs an order of magnitude lower, which makes it affordable and in demand.


This Jordanian cosmetics, is a representative of a number of popular companies in Jordan - FOUF and Dolmen Dead Sea. Venmare has a wide range of products that allow full-fledged skin care for the body, face and hair. Consider the most popular care products for Venmare:

  • A special place among all the company's products is cream. Their main advantage is a natural composition, fast absorbency, nutritious, regenerating and rejuvenating properties. Cream can be used to care for any type of skin, and most importantly in both summer and winter seasons. The curative composition will take care of the health and beauty of the skin, regardless of weather and temperature outside the window.
  • In addition to creams, Venmare produces unique Dead Sea shampoos. Shampoos are used to treat and care for any type of hair. Means suitable for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis), which appear on the scalp. Shampoos contain mineral and vegetable extracts that restore the natural strength and beauty of hair, give them a healthy shine, well-groomed appearance and a pleasant aroma.


It is popular with women of all ages. Means are made from minerals and nutrients from the Dead Sea, which are unique in their composition and are indispensable for skin care. Dolmen products are based on mud and sea salt, which moisturize, nourish, purify and protect the skin of the face and body. Consider the most popular tools from Dolmen:

  • Protective waterproof cream SPF 45 - sunscreen products that protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Perfectly moisturize the skin, accelerate metabolic processes, maintain the epidermis in a healthy state.
  • Soap for all skin types - the Dolmen brand produces products for soft cleaning of the face and body skin in the form of soap. Soap is made from minerals, salts and mud of the Dead Sea. It effectively restores tired skin, nourishes it with valuable microelements and minerals.
  • Shampoo - has healing properties, strengthens and restores hair growth. Shampoo perfectly cleanses the hair and scalp from dirt, maintains the fat balance at a normal level, gives the hair a healthy shine. The use of shampoo can strengthen the roots of hair and prevent the appearance of dandruff.

Dead Sea

This is a mineral for body care. Dead Sea produces several lines: face, body, bath and shower cosmetics and nail care products. Let's consider each line in more detail:

  • Facial care

Dead Sea produces cosmetics for care, both for young and aging skin. The company offers mud masks and deep cleansing masks, after which the skin will breathe freshness and beauty. In this series is a peeling for the face with minerals and sea salt, which helps to remove dead skin particles and accelerate the process of its recovery. Facial care includes cream: night, day, anti-aging, stimulating, nutritious, restoring and rejuvenating. In addition to creams, Dead Sea offers emulsions, whey and soaps for facial skin care.

  • Body care

For body care, Dead Sea produces peeling scrubs, massage soaps with minerals, mineral oils with herbal ingredients, moisturizing creams and sets for mud and salt wraps.

  • Bath and shower products

In this category are shampoos, conditioners, balms, creams and hair masks. Dead Sea produces gels and scrubs for showering, sea bath salts and various soaps with Dead Sea mud.

  • Nail care

The unique composition of the Dead Sea is ideal for nail care. Dead Sea offers kits that consist of special salt baths, mineral peeling, mud wraps and various varnishes to restore, strengthen and accelerate the growth of the nail plate.

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Belarusian cosmetics of the Dead Sea

It is represented by a line of drugs and care products for the body, hair and face. The peculiarity of the means is that they have no age restrictions. Many popular brands produce a series of cosmetics Dead sea, which includes natural ingredients of the Dead Sea.

The most famous Belarusian manufacturer of cosmetics of the Dead Sea, the company Belita Viteks. The company has launched the Dead Sea Cosmetics line, which is represented by various means for full-fledged care of the body. In addition to the components of the Dead Sea, vegetable extracts and additional ingredients are added to the products, which improve the consumer characteristics of the products.

Luxurious cosmetics of the Dead Sea

This means premium class, high quality and 100% natural composition. Today in Israel and Jordan there are many companies that produce elite cosmetics with marine medicinal components. Consider the most popular and sought-after elite brands of the Dead Sea.

  • Ahava is Israeli elite cosmetics used for spa treatments. The company produces male and female lines. The specialty of the products is a unique combination of plant and marine components. Elite cosmetics has a healing effect on the entire body, improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, moisturizes the skin and promotes its regeneration.
  • Premier - another elite series of cosmetics of the Dead Sea. The company produces products for the care of hair, face and body. All products are manufactured by combining marine components.
  • Jericho - elite cosmetics of the Dead Sea, popular in more than 42 countries. It produces products for face, hair, body, decorative cosmetics and therapeutic aids for men. All products of the company are certified and meet international quality standards.
  • Sea of SPA - Israeli professional cosmetics. Used for home skin care, body, hair and nails, and for salon spa care. Especially popular is the elite series of mud products, which return the skin to youth and beauty.
  • Christina - elite cosmetics for professional cosmetologists and spa centers. Represents a wide range of products for deep skin care and regeneration. Produces a series of products for women and men, providing comprehensive care for the body.

The elite cosmetics of the Dead Sea is distinguished by its cost, which is an order of magnitude higher than conventional means with marine components. The increased cost is explained by natural composition, wide assortment and professional use. Buy elite cosmetics can be in a store in Israel or order on the official website of the company. Elite cosmetics are very rare in ordinary cosmetic stores, and even more so in retail.

Cosmetics with Dead Sea salts

Used to care for the skin of the body and face, to care for hair and nails. Of salt, peelings and scrubs are made, which effectively remove dead skin particles, nourishing face masks and anti-cellulite body wraps. Salt is the main component in shampoos and balms for hair, tonics and rejuvenating serums.

Mineral cosmetics of the Dead Sea, that is, with sea salts, is rich in bromine, iodine, fluorine and other elements that are indispensable for the human body. Products based on salt improves blood circulation, supplies the skin with oxygen, is effective in treating acne and acne, tones up, tightens the skin. Salt creams help with varicose veins and remove excess fluid from the body.

But when using salt cosmetics, you must follow the rules of use and caution. With frequent use, salt can cause allergic reactions, despite the fact that cosmetics are hypoallergenic. Therefore, before using salt cosmetics it is recommended to consult a beautician. Among the cosmetics of the Dead Sea with salts, you can identify the funds of Dr. Nona, Sea of Spa, GUAM, NevO and Doctor Nature. Each of the brands has a line of salt products for full-fledged care of the skin, body and hair.


Dead Sea Cosmetics for Hair

This is a line of remedies, nutrition and hair treatment. Means are suitable for the care of any type of hair and are effective in the prevention of skin diseases and allergic reactions. To care for hair use masks of mud, salt and minerals of the Dead Sea, balms, tonics, lotions, conditioners, shampoos, sprays and much more.

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea for hair, carefully cares for both hair and scalp, promotes healing, stimulates growth, gives shine and a healthy appearance. The composition of the drugs include useful acids, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. In a complex all these components favorably influence hair, normalize a fatty exchange and restore their natural beauty.

The peculiarity of the Dead Sea cosmetics for hair is that all the means can be combined with each other. So, masks, conditioners, shampoos, tonics and balms are well compatible with each other and each of the means allows to fix the effect of using the other. Among the manufacturers of hair care products, there are: Manufaktura, Health and Beauty, Aroma, Sea of spa, Dead Sea. Particular attention should be given to the rules for the application of products and follow the recommendations.

Therapeutic cosmetics of the Dead Sea

These kinds of products carefully care for the skin and are an excellent prevention of various skin lesions and cosmetic defects. Cosmetics are effective in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea and other skin diseases, greatly facilitates their symptoms and reduces discomfort.

Medical cosmetics can not hide behind the layers of makeup defects, and treat them. The composition of the remedies includes Dead Sea minerals, various plant extracts, vitamins, trace elements and other substances that effectively heal, relieve inflammation and prevent acne, acne and any other skin rashes.

The use of medicinal cosmetics for skin healing is the first step to a flowering healthy appearance. A harmonious combination of scientific research and natural components is an ideal option for the treatment and care of the skin. The product promotes the rejuvenation of skin cells, accelerates regeneration processes, nourishes, tones and protects. Means improve blood circulation in the skin, warms the tissues, relieves dryness, irritation.

Therapeutic cosmetics improve the condition of the skin, nails, hair due to the mineralization of the body and saturation with the necessary microelements for normal functioning. Cosmetics are made on the basis of salts, mud, seawater, algae and other components of the Dead Sea. The most popular manufacturers of therapeutic cosmetics of the Dead Sea: Dr. Nona, Dr. Sea, Health and Beauty, Dead Sea and others. Medical cosmetics are used for spa procedures, wraps, rubbing, baths, compresses, massages and other procedures.

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea from psoriasis

Dead Sea Cosmetics from psoriasis is an excellent tool for the treatment and prevention of this chronic skin disease. Eruptions in psoriasis look unaesthetic, give unpleasant sensations in the form of itching and can lead to serious complications. Cosmetics for psoriasis are used for complex care of a sick skin. The means of the Dead Sea help in the treatment of skin lesions in the case when the classical therapy has proved ineffective.

To date, mineral cosmetics of the Dead Sea is gaining more and more fans. And all thanks to the medicinal properties of the active ingredients of cosmetics. Means from psoriasis are made on the basis of sea salt, mud and water of the Dead Sea.

  • The most famous cosmetics for psoriasis, the company Herbs of Kedem. The brand offers its customers a line of medicinal oils, creams and masks that help to get rid of psoriasis, fungal skin lesions and other diseases.
  • If cosmetics are used as a preventive measure of psoriasis, Ahava and Canaan are suitable for these purposes. Means are made from natural components based on salt and mud of the Dead Sea. Trademarks produce a wide range of products from psoriasis: shampoos, soaps, creams, lotions. Regular use of such products effectively eliminates discomfort, irritation, itching, accelerates the healing process.
  • Cosmetics of the Dead Sea Skin Relief company Sea of SPA - this is another series of medicinal products. Creams and shampoos restore even deeply damaged layers of the skin and support its healthy functioning. Especially popular is soap from psoriasis, the effect of which can be seen after the first application.

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Cosmetics for nails

Mineral cosmetics protects the nails from the negative effects of the environment and ultraviolet radiation. Nutrients that are part of creams, masks and peeling for nails and hands, supply them with the necessary trace elements and minerals. Thanks to this, the nails grow evenly, do not fray and do not break.

For the beauty of nails used decorative and therapeutic cosmetics of the Dead Sea, these are various varnishes and fortifying compounds that restore the health of the nail plate. Cosmetics for nails are useful for girls, after building up their nails or using resistant varnishes that damage their natural growth. To care for nails use a variety of grinding bars and nail files, which have a mineral spraying. All this allows you to achieve smooth nails, provide them with adequate nutrition and healthy shine.

  • Among the means for nail care, it is possible to allocate sets Premier. The set includes a cream for nourishment and strengthening of nails, cuticle oil, polishing beam and nail file. A gentle lotion for hands and nails levels the color of the skin of the hands and prevents the formation of tubercles on the nails. Mineral components and natural extracts reduce brittleness and delamination, enrich with useful microelements and minerals.
  • Sea of Spa also offers an effective set for the care of nails and hands. The set includes a nourishing cream with restorative properties, a cuticle softening cream, a varnish for strengthening and accelerating the growth of nails and a polishing bar with mineral spraying.

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Cosmetics of the Dead Sea in Moscow

The demand for products with minerals from the Dead Sea is explained by their effectiveness, therapeutic effect and a wide range of applications. In Moscow, there are several branded stores of famous brands, where you can buy cosmetics.

As a rule, means for the care of the body and face of the Dead Sea can be bought in elite stores or shops with professional cosmetics. If the necessary cosmetics were not on sale, then you can always order the product you liked on the official website of the company. Many brands send their customers catalogs with sample products, as well as gift items.

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea in St. Petersburg

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea in St. Petersburg is on sale at the Premier's trading house. There you can buy quality and popular both Israeli and Jordanian cosmetics of the Dead Sea. Popular brands are such as: Ahava, Sea of Spa, Absolute Organic, Premier, Jericho and others.

In St. Petersburg there is a chain of shops, which are called Dead Sea Cosmetics. Shops offer their customers a wide range of products for body care, face, hair and decorative cosmetics with minerals from the Dead Sea. Do not forget about ordering cosmetics online. Products are delivered straight from Israel in the shortest time and in perfect condition.

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea in Kiev

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea in Kiev not for the first year pleases admirers and fans of natural, mineral-rich products for caring for the body, hair and nails, and quality products. Cosmetics are used in the capital's beauty salons and spa centers for various procedures for skin care of the body. Israeli cosmetics are popular in medical centers, as an additional natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of skin diseases.

To date, Dead Sea cosmetics in Kiev are presented in elite goods stores and salons of professional cosmetics. Dead Sea products can be ordered not only on the Internet, but also from companies of representatives who are engaged in direct deliveries of cosmetics of the Dead Sea to Kiev.

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea in Minsk

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea in Minsk is sold in branded shops and salons that specialize in selling professional and elite cosmetics from around the world. In Belarus, namely in Minsk there are also their brands, which are engaged in the production of cosmetics of the Dead Sea. Demand is taken by Belita Viteks and the line of Dead Sea Cosmetics.

Buy products can be directly in the shops or order with delivery to the house. In Minsk, there are many representative offices of the most popular brands of Israel and Jordan. In such salons you can study the assortment of products in detail, try the product you like and of course get it.

Factories of cosmetics of the Dead Sea

Factories of cosmetics of the Dead Sea are located in many cities of Israel. As a rule, a shop operates on the basis of the factory, which sells the manufactured cosmetics. The largest factories are located throughout the coast of the Dead Sea, between the village of En Bocken, where there are elite hotels and medical centers and the national reserve of En Gedi. The route, along which the factories are located, lies in the direction of Nazareth and Jerusalem.

Tourists are attracted to factories with Dead Sea cosmetics, where shops operate. As a rule, in such stores, the cost of funds is much lower than in official salons. At Ben Gurion Airport there is a shop with duty-free cosmetics from the Dead Sea at the lowest prices. The factories organize excursions and offer to see the whole process of creating medical marine cosmetics.

The most popular among the tourists is a cosmetics factory, owned by Ahava. Products are created on the basis of medicinal salts, waters and mud of the sea. At the factory there is a store that offers a wide range of products and professional consultants who are ready to choose the ideal treatment or treatment for face and body skin, hair and nails.

The best cosmetics of the Dead Sea

The best cosmetics of the Dead Sea - that's how you can call any products that are made from medicinal marine components. All Dead Sea cosmetics are based on mineral mud, salt or sea water. The most popular is dirt for peeling, compresses and rubbing, as well as salts for masks and wraps. It is on the basis of these components that various means are created for complete care: creams, tonics, lotions, whey, masks, scrubs, shampoos. The best is considered and decorative cosmetics of the Dead Sea, as it has medicinal properties and carefully cares for the skin.

Means have a beneficial effect on the skin, natural active ingredients improve blood circulation and metabolism, help to deeply cleanse the skin of contaminants, slow the aging process, increase the elasticity of the skin and act as an excellent prevention of skin diseases. Cosmetics of the Dead Sea is ideal for the treatment of allergies, fungal skin lesions, vitiligo, psoriasis, depriving. Mineral cosmetics supplemented with plant extracts, essential oils, algae and extracts from plants.

In Israel, the number of factories and companies that manufacture and sell natural cosmetics is constantly growing. The most famous brands are: Ahava, Health & Beauty, Premier, Dead Sea SPA, Dr.Fisher, Biotherm, Dr. Nona and others. Cosmetics of the Dead Sea are produced not only in Israel, but also in other countries that develop the newest formulas of products. To date, many popular brands produce a series of Dead Sea or Sea of Life, which has in its composition means of sea mud or salt of the Dead Sea.

Contraindications to use

Any remedy has contraindications to use. Dead Sea Cosmetics also has a number of contraindications, which are based on the action of its active ingredients, that is, salts and mud of the Dead Sea. Means with a high content of dirt is not recommended for use in pregnancy, in the presence of malignant tumors, as well as during lactation. Contraindications are any mental disorders, chronic diseases in the acute stage and age over 65 years. Mud cosmetics should not be used with open and wet wounds.

If we talk about contraindications to cosmetics of the Dead Sea with salt, it is not recommended to use funds for diseases of blood and blood-forming organs (this concerns a bath with sea salt and salt wraps). Some gynecological diseases that are prone to bleeding are also contraindications to the use of salt treatments. Cosmetics are not recommended for varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases, epileptic seizures and when the body is depleted.

Before buying any product and its use, it is recommended to consult a beautician. Many professional shops selling Dead Sea cosmetics employ professional consultants and cosmetologists-dermatologists who will help with the choice of cosmetics for skin care or its treatment.

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Price list

Prices for cosmetics of the Dead Sea are very diverse. The cost depends on the popularity of the brand, the composition of the product, the indications for use and its volume. For example, elite Israeli products Black Pearl, which consists of marine components and pearl powder, slowing down the aging process, is expensive. A tube of eye care cream will cost $ 50, and even more expensive. This applies to other brands of elite cosmetics of the Dead Sea, as well as professional means.

If to speak about cheaper, but natural cosmetics of the Dead Sea, it is Ahava, Dead Sea, Sea of SPA, Health and Beauty, NevO and others. The cost of creams for the care of hands and nails from 20-30 UAH., The price of shampoo from 50 UAH., The same price for cosmetic masks. If these are skin care products with a high content of sea salt or mineral components of mud, the price rises from 200 UAH. For a tube of cream. For example, the cosmetics Dr. Nona, which produces therapeutic saline products, produces a popular cream Solaris, the cost of which is almost 700 UAH. Because of its natural composition, high prices hold on to the decorative cosmetics of the sea, which makes the skin not only beautiful, but also healthy.

In order not to overpay extra money for mineral cosmetics, it is recommended to buy them directly in Israel or Jordan or order on official websites. But this same cosmetics, but in stores-partners and representative offices will cost more. But in any case, the unique natural composition, the lack of synthetic components, therapeutic and hypoallergenic properties, justify the high prices for cosmetics of the Dead Sea.


Numerous positive reviews about the cosmetics of the Dead Sea confirm the effectiveness of the products. And this is not surprising, since the Dead Sea is unique in its composition, like cosmetics, which is made from its components. Practical all tourists who come to Israel bring cosmetics with them as a valuable souvenir, as it has medicinal properties and carefully cares for the skin. The peculiarity of Israeli cosmetics is a natural composition that perfectly tones up, improves blood circulation, gives the skin a natural matte color, treats skin diseases, relieves acne, acne, acne and other defects.

Cosmetics of the Dead Sea is popular all over the world. It is in Israel that factories are operating to produce elite and professional cosmetics used in the most expensive spa centers and salons. A wide range of products allows you to choose products for any purse and for any purpose. Regular use of sea products gives the skin a second youth, preserves its beauty, health and radiant appearance.


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